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Open Poll. Anybody can vote


I've been trying to cause chaos here and there to improve my chances since apparently everybody who is in the majority believes they're in the best position ever 😂🤷🏻 but I don't wanna be a cult member, I wanna kill the cult leader


I bring sass, ass, and flair to this game. With your support, I promise to flip the script and make every moment unforgettable. Save me and let's make magic happen


5th time up :(( I am getting so close to winning a comp and just know that when I win it the things will start changing around here! At the moment the giant group is safe but I can 100% turn this around!! PLSS save me <33


  1. mmdd1996saved deena and aron
  2. KateN7766Saved Thii and Aron
  3. yswimmer96Bye Aron!
  4. BrianGonzalezEvicted Aron
  5. GeooSaved aron and thii
  6. Wyatt2001Evicted Aron since he booted me in vivor
  7. Wyatt2001Do they ever get tired of nomming the same 2 people every round
  8. IMonClik
  9. Miiaathi and aron
  10. bbfanuk_rebornSaved Aron & Thiii
  11. Harleyevicted thii
  12. DimitraSaved Thi and Aron
  13. PeculioSaved Thiii and Aaron
  14. Halleystay thi
  15. s73100Evicted thii!
  16. daveycoolevicted kfc
  17. JaylenSave my bebé deena❤️❤️❤️
  18. FendimaniaSaved thii and aron
  19. Scooby69Saved kentucky and thiii
  20. MurlySaved my boys ✌🏻
  21. adamgrantEvicted Kentucky saved thii and aron
  22. Philip13Who's behind on rent? That's who I'll save.
  23. Royaltyyevicted kentucky
  24. PavaneliEvicted Kentucky
  25. HarehereSaved Deena and Thii

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