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// EVICT FOR 14TH //

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


Well I have had this house on my neck the entire game! I cannot avoid the block if my life had depended on it. The game is just starting to heat up, I hope you can continue to save me so my fate changes. Gl Folks.


Hell no the advantages in this game are extremely robbery, they're basically "you give me your points, I'll buy them and escape the block" fuck it, I can't with being nominated so many times because of them, END THE ADVANTAGES! SAVE ME


I am being EXTREMELY targeted this game and I guess ppl are scared. I am legit doing my best at comps&being social but it's HARD! I would absolutely love the chance to stay because I am actually enjoying the game a lot, so PLSSS save me <33


  1. danioDid not evict pavaneli
  2. survivorfan12Did not evict pavaneli
  3. KopycatMy three icons are nommed together so early
  4. WorkBitchEvicted Pavaneli
  5. adamgrantSaved Damian and thii
  6. UsernameThatWasFreeI voted Pava. Nothing against him, but petty in regards to the creeper drafting him. Good luck to you three
  7. lBriceBAD SET BAD
  8. Scooby69What owen said
  9. DalvinThis nom :(
  10. PenguinOwen126saved Thiii and Pav
  11. YonakaVoted anon. Love u all These renoms are just gonna garner support
  12. Almeida008silvio santos pic got me 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
  13. daveycoolmy twoo
  14. FarManudone
  15. A_La_FacThii is cute but I have to save my two bottoms
  16. Jengagedonce again saving bbdamian and thiii
  17. Harleyevicted

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