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// EVICT FOR 10TH //

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


I've played a brave game and thats why im here! Until this point i have been in the driver seat of some moves like forcing the use of the all mmaba's special powers 😌 save me pls 😳 its the 3rd time Pav fcks me over in a stars/org 💀 his slay ig.


5th time nominated and it's only final 10! The big group has control of the whole game and there's no space for outsiders. Save me, I want to win this game and Ill try to bring new faces for yall to evict. Sorry Aaron this time it was by accident


4th time up :(( I am doing my best trying to avoid the block and I would not have been up but sadly it was just by 1 vote.. I am also being Top 3 comp scorers in almost every comp so I am proving I am trying my HARDEST to stay alive! PLS save me <33


  1. bbfanuk_rebornSaved Thiii & Pavaneli here 😔❤️‍🩹
  2. WorkBitchEvicted Pavaneli
  3. GeooGl!
  4. A_La_FacI do want to say that I support Pav but the host of this game is a little pansy bitch xo
  5. daveycoolor yo mama don’t love you.
  6. daveycoolSAVE ARONJX
  7. Jengagedthiii ily
  8. jason_2_12Love all 3
  9. A_La_FacEvicted the fuck out of Leo. JK I evicted Aron teehee
  10. KateN7766Saved Pav and Thii
  11. yswimmer96Saved Leo and Thii happily
  12. lBriceBAD BAD BAD...
  13. Absolutelysaved Thiii and Pava
  14. adamgrantSaved Aron and thiii
  15. BrookeMaddoxSave Pava and thii <33

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