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Open Poll. Anybody can vote


2 time supreme winner

Been making moves & improved my position in the game very well. I’d love to survive my first tengaged poll & go back and switch shit up !! Plus I’m poor &
$400 is big bucks


I came into this game fired up, cute, and behind on rent, and I have given these girls hell. People have tried and failed to take me out, but they were finally able to make the big move and get me up. Please save me and I’ll flip this house around! Gl!


  1. BigBrotherStan2022Ty saves sorry it’s rigged
  2. Typhlosion37evict mmbat sheep
  3. lBricesaved temp
  4. adamgrantSaved big brother stan
  5. MrBirdoh this is a crazy set
  6. pit0709Saved tempo
  7. bamold1999Bryce <3
  8. cmgorilla02Saved Josh
  9. cotbeyhad to save tempo
  10. Typhlosion37evict mmbat sheep
  11. yswimmer96Evicted Josh for evicting me x3
  12. SugarLoveSaved someone!
  13. yswimmer96Saved one of you but youre both scum
  14. iYBFsaved tempo!
  15. Royaltyysaved stan but was held at gunpoint
  16. Darbesaved bryce
  17. jojo_strawberreeSaved Stan
  18. Lemjam6saved bryce
  19. Tyler93Saved stan
  20. KentuckyyGood noms!
  21. BrookeMaddoxsaved my babe <3
  22. WorkBitchevict mmbat sheep

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