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// EVICT FOR 13TH //

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


if you love me evict pavanelli. hes mean ;(


3rd time here, 3rd time in a row. The house doesnt want to give me a break, I cant rest a bit with these nomination cause they want me nominated every round! #EvictBeastBoy cause he's spamming me out.


Help me stay in the game longer. I still have a lot to add and deliver.


  1. Laura21Saved Jackson
  2. Scooby69Saved peculio leo
  3. GhostfacegangstaOh no not Thiago you bitches are so rude 馃槩馃槩
  4. ryanr36evicted Pavaneli
  5. BeastBoyAla is weird rofl
  6. MiiaaBoa sorte Pecu e Pav
  7. cheritaisdeliciousLmao why are my two fighting
  8. MusicGood luck
  9. A_La_FacAlthough Peculio is quite sexy so he may have my support moving forward. Hit me up daddy
  10. A_La_FacPav is a bottom and i have to support bottoms
  11. melissakhurryEsse pared茫o virou Manu x Prior
  12. lBriceSalvo a mis amores <3 PaPe <3
  13. UsernameThatWasFreeEvicting Pava
  14. BbDamianEvicted the spammer
  15. survivorfan12saved my two draft picks lol
  16. Erynnsaved Beastbaby
  17. A_La_FacI have to evict beast boy
  18. WorkBitchevicted pavaneli

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