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// EVICT FOR 15TH //

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


This game is 2x more stressful than stars, playing for a cash prize. Setting myself up for failure is a hinderance but I do believe in second chances so it is time for you to be saving me ❤️❤️ Gl boys!!


We went from me getting most of the votes to me only getting half the votes! There is still work to be done, but it will be an uphill battle and possibly more polls in the future. Please save me, appreciate every vote that is not for me! ♥️


After being exposed by my own ally, I managed to be nominated after an advantage is used out of nowhere (dumb). A certain group has control of the entire game, I want to go back and break this curse! Tengaged let me stay.


  1. looanadone
  2. ObscureSaved bdamian
  3. FarManuclick
  4. dalearielEvict damian
  5. TimberlieSaved Asuka
  6. ikaw0ngi vote damian
  7. Nuggzevict Asuka!
  8. eIudeIuSaved Jon and Pava
  9. daveycoolsaved jon & leo
  10. adamgrantEvict pavaneli
  11. Yoko_Homosaved my two loves
  12. Lex13579Evicted Pav
  13. A_La_FacI do have to say that I cannot evict Pav nor Damian. But if Asuka stays I am supporting them
  14. Jengagedbbdamian = the flavor
  15. Natrixbye asuka
  16. RebrandingI’m so mad I didn’t play.
  17. survivorfan12Pavaneli was one of my draft picks and asuka is my friend so I evicted bbdamian

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