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Open Poll. Anybody can vote


I've only gotten 3 points out of 12 at play today. I'm in the minority and even though it's being hard coming out of it, i rly am making moves to try to disamble this army. And I'm having lots of fun ❤️ kiki girl u nommed me too?! tf


Aron is a giant liar he gave thiii an advantage to win a 2nd time and didn't do the comp. He just is a ballsack and wanted to take the easy way by putting me up. Even though he will lose to anyone else except dylan!! I would say gl but u don't need it.


  1. FendimaniaBye BITXH!
  2. AbioticSandSaved Aron
  3. IanVivorWyatt2001Evicted that cunt kiki
  4. Mario23Ale
  5. ReisalinKiki and I are cool, but Aron is a ride or die. Saving Aron.
  6. Diva_Aron ❤️
  7. MiiaaSalvoo Aron
  8. adamgrantGotta save Kiki here known longer but supporting survivor xoxo
  9. PenguinOwen126Kiki spammed me
  10. PeculioSaved Aaron
  11. ryanr36evicted Aron
  12. mradamman12oh I saved kiki
  13. Travisk30Saved Kiki.
  14. UsernameThatWasFreeLater Kiki
  15. Royaltyyhiii mmmm cant vote
  16. boysofsummer2005One of you has been an amazing friend.. The other has not..
  17. Jessie_Saved Aron
  18. Wyatt2001Evicted that cunt kiki
  19. WannaBeeFriendsAll the comments being about Kiki is sending me. What a star!
  20. woeismeSaved Kiki
  21. yswimmer96Saved KiKi tbh?
  22. Fendimaniaevicted kiki
  23. joe001Saved Kiki
  24. abrogatedEvicting kiki
  25. MatthewAlvarezEvicting Kiki.
  26. BrianGonzalezSaved kiki

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