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// EVICT FOR 16TH //

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


Nominated by the house, hopefully saved by the public! It is too early for me to go in this game, and now I have my target in mind. Please press somebody else's button to evict! Good luck Nebula and Thiii :)


Would love to get back into that Cage and play and win for everyone who saves me, I only broke out because I missed yall 馃グ (i just got ear surgery but me some slack)

Good luck BB and Thii!


I am here because Kiki4Ever is an awful player and doesn't even want to talk with others.. girls whenever you join a SOCIAL game please SOCIALIZE.. like this is basics.. so please help me by clicking one of the guys buttons <<<


  1. galoreEvicted nebula. Sorry
  2. Scooby69Saved thiii
  3. ryanr36evicted BbDamian
  4. KopycatEvicted nebula cuz I know and like the other 2
  5. Jengagedforever regretting i didnt apply for thisssss 馃拃 gotta save jonathan and thiii im sorry nebula :(
  6. daveycoolsaved jon
  7. Yonakaevicted Nebula for not submitting
  8. GeooSaved Thi and Jonathan
  9. jason_2_12Omg I love all 3
  10. Fendimaniashut the fuck up kiki thii is a queen
  11. Kiki4everI'm allowed to comment so the tea is I talk to a lot of folks... thiii is mad I didn't buy his bs to try to stay off the block after I won the comp. Sorry maybe try telling truths for once in your life
  12. Wade03evicted bbdam
  13. BrookeMaddoxSalvo thi <3
  14. WannaBeeFriendsSaved Damian and Nebula
  15. BoyToy4CatoSaved Damian and Nebula
  16. PenguinOwen126Kiki Bad
  17. PenguinOwen126give us Kiki
  18. Natrixsaved bbdamian and thiii <3
  19. Hyunathiii <3
  20. avenlysaved nebula and one other
  21. DimitraSaved Thii 鉂わ笍
  22. RoyaltyyEvicted one 馃き馃ぃ
  23. Wyatt2001And damian
  24. Wyatt2001Saved thiii
  25. ybbobSaved my guy Damian!
  26. adamgrantSaved thii so had to evict nebula
  27. adamgrantSaved Damian
  28. moup94saved Damian that's all i'm sharing

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