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Another 2 years on, and I'm back!

17thMay 7, 2017 by NathBentley
imageI write to mark my return, for the final time, from joining in 2012! I have only played 20 games, to date, and currently in a survivor game against a team full of merged players. Best of luck to me (not) haha!

My previous blog was 16th! How awesome, and I'm now a Dark Green level player. My profile is finally updated, my avatar is looking on fleek with some new purchases and how cute is this MICRO PIG! I need snuggles with this rn, where can I get one from??! :D

It has been just under 2 years since my last blog post, and everyday I have still checked Tengaged to vote on stars, star members into the Brits frat and place bets. However I am now returning as an active member. I had started with a casting game, and now in my second survivor.

I now aim to get 120 karma (28 more), and advance to Blue level! I would like in the long term to: make designs, reach auctions, start a shop, release a successful group game series, reach the HOF with high karma levels, join a stars game, have a 1st top blog and win the advert bidding.

My new profile song is Bruno Mars', That's What I Like. The current billboard US number 1, which I only saw after googling, since I'm UK based. This song is my current jam, very summery and I'm ready to rock the sunglasses and look swag in my car dancing to this.

I'm thinking of launching Ultimate Big Brother on my group, so please join if you're interested, or even if you're not, to show support! Apps will reopen soon, I need to sort the forum out and post some adverts -

Thank you for reading and showing support! :-)

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Hey man welcome back!
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Hey there
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Love you more!!!!!!!!!! <3 Cornelia #Cornelia :D
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Happy 2 years. :)
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welcome back
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