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So I've just played a fasting!

Aug 3, 2013 by NathBentley
Love a good old fasting ( ), the results:

LiukBB - you were involved in 2 alliances, you had to go.

Ge99 - you wasn't even meant to be nomed, but you were against my ally so you were gone.

duckboy - you was in laurens 2nd alliance, so you had to go to make the alliance empty so Lauren could join ours

iambatman - you were brainy! you had to go, you guessed our whole alliance! if you thought about it, you probs could of come in on the action

jayjet & Survivor456 - iambatman kinda made it obvious you two were with him, you had to go next.

Waggamuffin - you was inactive, bye

BigGunn07 - tim's idea to remove you from our alliance, was a good choice although could of had you later on

bbsuperfan - tim's idea again haha, you were afk anyway, you was a threat to come back and get rid, even biggun wanted you out before him.

Deanojones92 - inactive

bubblegoose1195 - inactive

Markery - inactive

and then it leaves the f3, LaurenCurwen you are in my frat, good friends and we had the plan  all along tbh. Timmay, you made great decisions, didn't go against us, we should do this again sometime.

GG guys, no hate on anyone, you all played a fair game!

#shops #casting #survivor #rookies #frookies #designs #stars #fasting#bb15


was a great game, gl in future nath
Sent by LaurenCurwen,Aug 3, 2013

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