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[PYN] Tengaged Update Blog

10thAug 29, 2013 by NathBentley
imageSo I reached 15th in my previous blog, I have a new song for my profile, I got evicted in a group game, and I'm still in another. Just finished my orange casting slow, and how cute is that rabbit! I really want a rabbit!

So in my previous update blog titled 'A few updates on me...' I reached 15th place, and I actually didn't do a casting so I thought I would post a blog after I finally did one and reached my orange level.

So as previously explained I joined my orange casting slow, meaning I am now an orange level! It was a weird game, a lot dropped out and I actually ended up being 2nd! Even though I only got my first key on the day before the final day. I only played one of the minigames also, so it was very fast and the people liked me, luckily.

Now I'd like to announce my new song of the week, it's Lady Gaga - Applause. I hated it at first, but that chorus is amazing! Play it a few times, and you will probably love it!

Now RJ's Big Brother actually ended, with Edu being the winner. She got all the votes, as I kinda made Ilikebugs get no votes, he messed with me in the current group game I'm in, Cinder's Big Brother. There's only a few of us left, and I don't think it'll last longer than this week to be honest!

So I'm now an ORANGE LEVEL! Nearly light green, it's amazing. Make sure you vote me here: and join my group for a group game which will be starting soon: more info on that in the next update blog! Also POST YOUR NAME for a comment on your most recent blog about my opinion on you :-)

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Omg a bunny!! Oh and congrats c: +3
Sent by Wonderdog,Aug 29, 2013
congrats to orange chap
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tl;dr +
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i love the bunny!! but not lady dodo
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