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0 2388, Jun 23, 2019

shes in the top 10 girls rn they r currently filming and it started w like 20 girls


Me getting 3rd after slaying

0 2388, Jun 16, 2019

bitch after bitch in Pink box hosted by Coreyants
I feel like Kam and Kayleigh rn after they got purged right before the final in #TheChallenge


Don't watch the MTV movie awards or look

5 Timster, Jun 15, 2019

At The Challenge social media pages of you don't want to be spoiled on some of the boots this season 馃槀


Ninja natalie

1 2388, Jun 15, 2019

that chinese bitch needs to watch herself #TheChallenge
she stays coming for queen Zahida
first on WoW and now apparently shes taken her place on s34



2 2388, Jun 14, 2019


The next season of The Challenge's

2 2388, Jun 12, 2019

name is so bad....
if War of the Worlds was a terrible name wait till u hear the next one LOL



2 CalebDaBoss, Jun 11, 2019

I wish Cody Calafiorie was on the challenge instead of Paulie. He is so much hotter and has a way better personality then that grudge holding hag couple of Paulie and Cara Maria



2 Yandereboy12, Jun 4, 2019

So why is Georgia , aneesa , and Maddie not coming back but they bring back a ugly male who didn't even get to the house in vendettas? (Talking bout Rogan)
Also yaasss Laurels back!! Now maybe we can get the Laurel vs Maddie I'm pretty sure Laurel is back cause she saw MTV brought a girl aka Maddie that's like her in and maybe Laurel has competition besides Cara of course



3 Yandereboy12, Jun 3, 2019

Is invasion of the champions a good season of the challenge to watch because I've seen dirty 30-war of the worlds what about invasion of the champions is it good enough to watch??? #TheChallenge


-----LIVVIEBOO12 <3-----

12 Yonaka, Jun 3, 2019

So here's the truth tea.
I went to the reunion for The Challenge: War of the Worlds as it was in London!
It was really cool and we got to be in the studio and they gave us free drinks and food etc, we did Harry Potter world in London at the same time as it was so close.
As it had never been broadcast in the UK before and British people have NO CLUE what it is, there were like 10-12 people turn up and they expected like 50. So after the morning section (like 9am-12pm).. so 3 hours of sitting watching them argue...
They legitimately paid me and every other person there a 拢20 Amazon voucher to stay for the midday part as NOT ONE SINGLE person turned up for the midday slot. Obviously I took this because WHY NOT - I got paid to go!!
After this.. (I mean this was like 12:30-3) and we'd been there like 6 hours by this time.. we wanted to have an evening and get dinner and drinks out etc so we went to leave.. on the way out they informed us that literally FIVE people turned up for the evening slot - THEY OFFERED US 拢50 CASH EACH to stay... we actually declined because we had things planned and sometimes TIME is better than MONEY!
So bear in mind, they had no audience and had at this point offered 拢70 to every member of the audience... SO STRANGE.. i got paid to go haha.
Also, this means that they actually filmed it in 3, 3 hour parts. So 9 hours more or less cut down to like 1 hour!!!
It was hilarious as Zahida needed the toilet for about 3 hours and she kept asking to go and they said no so she was literally desperate, you can tell by her face! :L
Also Georgia was SO hungry and because they were filming all day they had to live off of like crisps ALL DAY and she was moaning so much.  She turned and said thanks to the audience for supporting the UK Alliance!
It was so nice to see them all.
Paulie and Cara-Maria are vile on and off camera. Just seem like such horrible people.
Da'Vonne literally starting throwing remarks out and started crying but it was emotional and i love her!
It was SO hard not to talk to the American Big Brother people after being a fan for so many years - such as Josh, Morgan and Natalie.
Bear was hilarious too!
Anyway yeah just thought I would share. I still haven't watched the whole series - I don't even know who won because we didn't know at that point haha!
#TheChallenge #TheChallenge33 #WarOfTheWorlds


Kayleigh's IMPACT.

1 2388, Jun 2, 2019

Remember that bitch that threw Kayleigh's suitcase on #TheChallenge
she now has a tattoo of a suitcase that her boyfriend gave her to let her know to calm tf down


Anyways, before i log out

4 2388, Jun 2, 2019

i want to make a statement or two.
Kayleigh would have won Final reckoning if it was individual.
Kam slowed her down.


I won't be watching

5 2388, Jun 2, 2019

#TheChallenge 34
I just read spoilers and one of my favs was just eliminated and that isn't okay with me.
she didn't exactly get the best of placements last season so this was her redemption season... and this happens.


*giggles in happy

2 2388, May 31, 2019

coz who just got eliminated from #TheChallenge s34 which theyre filming*
dont fuck w Kayleigh :).


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