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TBH the only Rookies

1 babiicakes, Jan 23, 2018

On this season of #TheChallenge that I feel like forsure are returning as regulars are
1. Natalie - Her partnering with Bananas who is literally the face of the franchise is so smart bc she just earned her a couple of more seasons lmao. plus she already unintentionally stirred up conflict between her and a few others. She’s surprisingly competitive as well
2. Kyle - He’s def one of the breakout rookies amongst the guys. His triangle with CaraMaria & Marie def skyrocketed him into relevancy this season lmao
3. Kam - I think the producers know that the franchise is really lacking a feirce female competitor that is of color. She also has a super outspoken & outgoing personality not to mention she’s the cover of their facebook page lmao
4. Melissa - I think she has a lot of potential.. Her Romance with Nicole is kind of smart. I can possibly see her returning tbh
5. Victor - He isn’t really doing much but he’s receiving good airtime tbh and i feel like he’s targeting the right people that will cause waves which makes a good returnee imo
I just don’t really see any of them returning lmfao (Could be wrong ofc)


Def don’t understand why

3 babiicakes, Jan 21, 2018

Melissa was auto sent into elimination bc she couldn’t compete with her minor injury lmao.. #Thechallenge


Melissa & Kam

3 babiicakes, Jan 21, 2018

Are def my favorite girls on #TheChallenge this season so far😭


Congratulations to KILLA KAM

3 Timster, Jan 19, 2018

being the first ever rookie & black woman to ever be featured as #TheChallenge facebook page profile photo. 99% of the time it's Bananas, Cory, CT, or Cara. Also it's usually someone who makes final 4 but they they initially started with Cory this season who was first boot.


+ if you would liked to see Jessica Graf

1 Matthew09, Jan 19, 2018

on this season of #thechallenge instead of Natalie
neg if you think Natalie was a good pick



0 Russell11, Jan 19, 2018


Why extreme sports fans look crazy screaming..

7 Timster, Jan 18, 2018

but reality tv competition show fans don't!
I remember seeing a comment dragging people who are fans of the NFL for taking the games so seriously. I initially agreed with it because going crazy screaming @ your tv for strangers playing a game seems stupid. But then I remembered how I scream watching live HOH competitions or eliminations on #TheChallenge.
The difference is that no matter who loses the game in NFL. They're all going home millionaires. Nobody is a loser. Nobody's life is being changed. However the reality competition shows I watch do change lives. People are competing for life changing amount of money so of course I naturally get excited to see the person I root for succeed in winning the money to build the foundation for their real life.
So yes it's okay to scream at the tv when watching reality competition shows! But sports fans are just sheep losers who only like sports because their Dad forced them to like it! #WhoCaresThatTheyAreFromYourHomeTownThatYouWantToMoveAwayFromSoBadly#MostOfThemDontEvenLiveThere


Not gonna lie

1 MJFJUNE, Jan 18, 2018

I didn't care for Natalie on BBwhatever and thought she was overrated BUT she's definitely changed my perspective of her on #TheChallenge ... she just needs to chill with the BB style on the approach


Cody, Jessica, Josh, & Paulie

0 yummy, Jan 18, 2018

Have all been contacted for The Challenge Season 32
Also Taylor & Figgy from Survivor: Milenialls VS Gen X
Hope this happens
#TheChallenge #BB19


Vendettas Rankings

0 AlanDuncan, Jan 18, 2018

1. Melissa
2. Slyvia
3. Jemmye
4. Cara
5. Britni
6. Veronica
7. Natalie
8. Nicole
9. Kailah
10. Alicia
11. Kam
12. Marie
13. Kayleigh
1. Devin
2. Bananas
3. Shane
4. Victor
5. Joss
6. Brad
7. Nelson
8. Zach
9. Kyle
10. Tony
11. Leroy


Vendettas Ranks

2 tharealmike, Jan 18, 2018

1. Kailah
2. Kam
3. Natalie
4. Marie
5. Melissa
6. Sylvia
7. Nicole Z.
8. Veronica
9. Kayleigh
10. Alicia
11. Britni
12. Cara
13. Jemmye
1. Leroy
2. Shane
3. Brad
4. Joss
5. Bananas
6. Tony
7. Zach
8. Devin
9. Victor
10. Kyle
11. Nelson


Vendettas Rankings

6 BritishRomeo17, Jan 18, 2018

1) Marie
2) Kam
3) Melissa
4) Veronica
5) Kayleigh
6) Sylvia
7) Jemmye
8) Alicia
9) Kailah
10) Britni
11) Natalie
1) Devin
2) Shane
3) Joss
4) Nelson
5) Nicole Z
6) Leroy
7) Victor
8) Bananas
9) Zach
10) Tony
11) Brad
12) Kyle
13) Cara Maria


The Challenge: Vendettas - Rankings

2 SashaBaby2010, Jan 18, 2018

So, I haven't got to do a rankings of the players yet. So here is my rankings. This is a combination of personal liking as well as gameplay. It will be split by gender, b/c majority of females would be above the men anyways lol
1) Kam
2) Kayleigh
3) Natalie
4) Kailah
5) Jemmye
6) Cara Maria
7) Alicia
8) Veronica
9) Marie
10) Sylvia
11) Britni
12) Melissa
13) Nicole
1) Leroy
2) Brad
3) Shane
4) Bananas
5) Joss
6) Victor
7) Devin
8) Nelson
9) Zach
10) Kyle
11) Tony


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