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Stars vs Champs

2 Matthew09, Apr 18, 2018


I'm sooooooooo happy

2 M2thamax, Apr 17, 2018


The Challenge 32 pairs/teams

10 Timster, Apr 8, 2018

I was just sent this list. I wasn't aware of the format until Pinkrose from Vevmo told me. This is actually a really interesting twist. There isn't 1 stand out team that would obviously win unlike most pair seasons. This will be a topsy turvy season for sure. There's an awful person and a good person on almost every team. The best is probably Kyle/Brad but since Brad isn't liked and Kyle isn't that strong even they aren't huge stand outs. Maybe Amanda/Zach? Idk what a mess. I love it
Its uneven by productions pairs of exes and rivals
Shane & Nelson
Kyle & Brad
Bananas & Devin
Cara & Marie
Angela & Faith
Kayleigh & Kailah
Kam & Mellisa
Jenna & Jemmye
Amanda & Zach
Davonne & Jozea
Natalie & Paul
Veronica & CT
Brit & Chuck
Tori & Derrick h
Sylvia & Joss
Ashley & Hunter
finklestein123 splozojames50 tagging you fake fans cause maybe you'll actually watch this time to see Veronica make her first final in like a decade since CT makes the final 4 100% of the time.


Champs vs Stars 3

0 Cray, Apr 8, 2018

Cast looks way better than last season. Hopefully it’s better than season 2. Season 1 is still the best. #thechallenge


Anyone have links to

2 JonMcGillis, Apr 6, 2018

Duel II or Fresh Meat II #thechallenge


Tony Raines

1 Mickiejames22, Apr 4, 2018

has a big you know what and I want a piece of that action. #TheChallenge


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