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[The Challenge: Vendettas] Damn

Aug 6, 2023 by Tester
I just watched Kailah, Jemmye and Britni dump Kayleigh's stuff off the ledge in Vendettas LMAO that was entertaining af 馃拃馃拃馃拃



that was hard to watch for me
str8 up bullying
Sent by Hash,Aug 6, 2023
Hash it's not even that bad when you realize just how fucked up some of the shit from earlier seasons was. Tonya legit threw Beth's clothes in the pool in The Inferno 2. Also, apparently Kayleigh outed Natalie on social media without her permission, which makes me feel way less bad for her.
Sent by Tester,Aug 6, 2023
Also apparently Kayleigh did similar stuff on her earlier shows so I don't feel too bad for her.
Sent by Tester,Aug 6, 2023
Tester oh no i totally get it. its funny because i can view two fights on the challenge completely differently depending on who is involved. i think its my blind dislike for kailah's piss pants. SHES A BULLY
Sent by Hash,Aug 6, 2023
Hash Yeah I can see it lol I do that sometimes too
Sent by Tester,Aug 6, 2023

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