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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I finally watched Big Brother Reindeer Games.

Apr 9, 2024 by Tester
I found the show super corny and way too over-the-top for me.

- Cameron: Don't take care, hope to see you never, creep!
- Cody: Thank GOD this bore was out early!
- Danielle: The biggest robbery of the season. I wish she made it further :( fucking Xavier ruining her game was so upsetting. I did love Britney getting the fastest time in the hamster wheel maze, though.
- Josh: surprisingly, not as annoying as I was expecting.
- Britney: Another robbery. I wish she made it to finals instead of Frankie :(
- Xavier: probably the most boring person on the cast but very inoffensive. Blew up Danielle's game by telling Britney that he was trying to protect Danielle.
- Frankie: *insert vomit emoji here*
- Taylor: I wish she won :(
- Nicole: surprisingly, not as annoying as I was expecting. I guess I was okay with seeing her win.



Loves big brother fan fiction! +7
Sent by Alisowned,Apr 9, 2024

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