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I've never been more excited for a Challenge

0 2388, Apr 20, 2019

episode since when Kayleigh was on the challenge
Georgia in elimination... queen lets hope she wins (I know what happens btw)


This episode was so boring

1 Russell11, Apr 18, 2019

Bring back Bear plz


I love you Nany

1 Matthew09, Apr 17, 2019

But Sis step up your social game. #TheChallenge


The Challenge: War of the Worlds - RANKINGS

0 survivornerd, Apr 17, 2019

In order of who has played the best in dailies and eliminations thus far. They get an amount of points based on the odds of losing challenges that they won. For example, if they win an elimination, I'll give them 0.5 points because there was a 50% chance of them losing. If they win a daily, let's say they made the first tribunal, there was a 13/16 chance that they would have been a team that wasn't in the tribunal, so they'd get 0.813 points. Everything is rounded to the thousandth.
Only ranking the players that still remain in the game.
13. Nany - 1.417
12. Mattie - 2.019
11. Turbo - 2.203
10. Kyle - 2.519
9. Da'Vonne - 2.575
7t. Georgia - 2.638
7t. Hunter - 2.638
6. Cara Maria - 2.855
4t. Dee - 3.394
4t. Wes - 3.394
3. Theo - 3.641
2. Natalie D. - 3.725
1. Paulie - 4.497
Thoughts on this method of finding out who the best Challengers are? I'll update these rankings as the season goes on.



8 Timster, Apr 15, 2019

Tagging all those that enjoyed last season. KING OSCAR HAS RETURNED AND HE DELIVERS IN THE FIRST EPISODE LMAO.

wannabeefriends austinrules6969 woeisme piddu
Previous blog for reference


I cant breathe....

2 2388, Apr 13, 2019

the three #TheChallenge queens... in one pic
i cant breathe help me please


Lmao @ ppl not wanting

0 Russell11, Apr 13, 2019

Bear back cuz of his behavior this season. This was nothing compared to cbb tbh


The Challenge: War Of Worlds

4 Matthew09, Apr 12, 2019

This season has been so good (to me). Like I’m hooked, if I’m not at home and miss it, I have to find a link and watch it that night or the next night at least!! Bear became my favorite honestly out of all the men, after Wes said what he did to Da’Vonne about her daughter it was wrap for me. He’s trying to be a villain like Bananas too hard. (I always root for Wes for his strategy) but nope.
Nany next episode about Paulie, Kyle and Cara “it’s boring” THANK U. Someone on T.V. Not afraid to keep it real about production milking a storyline. Oh and Mattie is my rookie of the year for the females, what a beast!! #TheChallenge Can’t wait for Cara vs Nany next ep.


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