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Idk why

0 Yandereboy12, Sep 13, 2020

But i feel like Nicole Z and Nany is gonna be Kaycee and Nany from last season #TheChallenge



0 Yandereboy12, Sep 6, 2020

*eats popcorn faster after hearing Theresa Gonzalez will be on season 36 #TheChallenge



0 Yandereboy12, Sep 4, 2020

Did i need to know Nicole Z had to be on again... Welp Here comes Nany and Nicole Z calling it already cause their both horny sluts #TheChallenge



4 mysterygame2, Jul 31, 2020

CBS added like 20 seasons of MTV the challenge to it. If you have CBS all access you can watch them. I've been waiting for so long to be able to find some episodes. This is FANTASTIC #thechallenge


Jenny took out Dee

0 Matthew09, Jul 11, 2020

I’m elimination as fast as producers were editing her out, OOP. #TheChallenge 7 seconds each round lasted.


Jenny vs Laurel (in her prime)

5 Matthew09, Jul 11, 2020

Hall Brawl 💪🏼 I wanna see it #TheChallenge who you got?


The Challenge Final Results I’d want

3 Matthew09, Jul 9, 2020

1. Bayleigh
2. Melissa
3. Jenny
4. Kaycee
1. Bananas
2. Cory
3. Kyle
4. Fessy
EDT: I know the plz don’t comment them lol #TheChallenge


Jenny is a complete BEAST

4 Matthew09, Jul 8, 2020

On #TheChallenge honestly I stanned her so hard on her debut season. Glad to see she’s still killing it 🔥🔥


I need help..

3 boysofsummer2005, Jul 5, 2020

I'm in a challenge and have to have every color tag themselves onto this blog starting from white up.. Can you help me?
#thechallenge #rainbowroad #fasting


How epic

0 Matthew09, Jun 30, 2020

Would it be on this season of #TheChallenge if they had a mens and women’s comeback challenge close to the final, and they got to pick one person to battle against that has a skull in purgatory and if they beat them they got back in the game and the person they beat loses their skull to them and went home.


The Challenge Racism

4 adamsel, Jun 25, 2020

So I'd say The Challenge is one of the most diverse reality shows, but the last black person to win the show is Nehemiah in 2008 on The Gauntlet 3... On Big Brother or Survivor black people rarely win but there are also one or two per season (which is a problem itself) so 1/20, 1/16 isn't great odds. On the challenge though there are 6 people this season, 8 last season, 7 the season before, etc. and no one has won in 12 years??? You could say that's a coincidence but the only non-white people to win in the past 10 years are Turbo and Dee (and Camila? I think she's white but not sure). 45 WINNERS IN 10 YEARS AND ONLY 2 OR 3 ARE MINORITIES. THAT IS A SYSTEMATIC ISSUE. #thechallenge


Bayleigh snapped tonight

8 Matthew09, Jun 24, 2020

It’s so satisfying to see someone finally call Nany out on her flirty and hoeing behavior. Legit that’s the only things she’s known for these days not even as a good competitor. Nia was the last one to call her out so it’s been a while 😂😂 and Kaycee, I’m starting to see Swaggy was being right about them not being able to trust her.
She started feeling guilty what she did to Bay and then she started making Bay seem irrational to condone what she did and that’s bs to me. Weak. Never really liked Kaycee. She’s just like Nany they will use people.
“Lying ass hoe” Bayleigh is a G 😂😂 Same thing happened to her on bb what happen to her on #thechallenge I was shook, she snapped.


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