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Feb 21, 2024 by Matthew09
Sort of a weak final set and Colleen still beat Corey馃拃 but let鈥檚 talk about NURYS, she deserved that title champion bcuz she went thru the most this season. They should鈥檝e had a male/female winner two champs. Bcuz it was kinda individual at the end and male vs female is sort of unfair IMO. Should鈥檝e been more equal?

But Nurys second place still, sending home 5 contenders including Moriah in the end who is a well rounded female player. Nurys stays calm under pressure when it counts & I see that鈥檚 why she wins. A damn queen #TheChallenge


nurys was very robbed and the only one worthy of being the champion
Sent by Euchre,Feb 21, 2024
It sucks that they were so afraid of Emanuel for no reason all season and let the Europeans slide through while they did nothing
Sent by FlashWoods,Feb 21, 2024
Imma guess Eman won
Sent by spikedcurley,Feb 21, 2024
I鈥檓 kinda biased on that cuz the Europeans never do well so I was rooting for Berna most of the season (she鈥檚 cringe) but I still wanted give her a chance. But Emmanuel slid thru for sure. Annoying. Colleen annoyed me too with her decision making this season, ugh but I usually root for Berna, Emmanuel, Colleen as they鈥檝e been underdogs before. Rather than Jay!

But I鈥檇 still pick Nurys over them no doubt. She earned her spot! FlashWoods
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 21, 2024
Emmanuel 1st 250k
Nurys 2nd 60k
Colleen 3rd 30k
Corey 4th nothing
Berna 5th nothing
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 21, 2024
I hate nurys as a person and I still think she was robbed. I honestly wish jay and Michele made it to the end only to see how they would perform in a final. Emanuel winning sucks on a season made to add a high profile champion and we got a misogynistic pig instead
Sent by FlashWoods,Feb 21, 2024

Daaamn I was hoping Corey could at least make 3rd and obviously we allll wanted Nurys to win

She will one day
Sent by spikedcurley,Feb 21, 2024
Definitely saw a different side of Emmanuel this season and not a fan anymore flashwoods I think Michelle deserved to be in final more than Jay
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 21, 2024
She was close ! Emmanuel almost fumbled in a challenge at the end and Corey did too. Like it was embarrassing I think that she almost beat BOTH of them 馃槄 she鈥檚 already a legend for what she accomplished this season! She鈥檒l def be earning her spot in future seasons spikedcurley
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 21, 2024

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