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Yay! I'm level yellow!

Aug 3, 2013 by NathBentley
I finally leveled up to the Yellow colour! Now aiming for orange, quite a lot of T$ off that though. What exactly can yellow do? Just plus or minus 2, and bet? Oh and also play frookies and rookies! :D


Sent by alireza1373,Aug 3, 2013
Congrats! I'm almost there too!!"
Sent by RaverKid,Aug 3, 2013
Sent by survivorken23,Aug 3, 2013
Thanks guys, and gl RaverKid,
Sent by NathBentley,Aug 3, 2013
You can also message anyone u wanna
Sent by dilze2patel,Aug 3, 2013
Awesome cheers dilze2patel
Sent by NathBentley,Aug 3, 2013

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