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[Fasting] Backstabbing...

Apr 2, 2013 by NathBentley
Any game involving backstabbing will be your worst game ever. I reached 7th on my previous round because I made an alliance with everyone, and then tried playing them off against eachother, they contacted eachother and got me out before. It's so simple to do, but will cost you a lower place in the rankings.

So what do you do?

Well I don't advise against backstabbing, as sometimes it's needed for you to get further on but I do advise that you don't contact everyone individually as they might be in there own alliances, try one at a time and if they reject, move along to the next person.

As always, be sneaky and happy fasting!


So so true!
Sent by LaurenCurwen,Apr 2, 2013

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