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A few updates on me...

15thAug 12, 2013 by NathBentley
imageSo I reached 16th on my previous blog, I updated the song of the week on my profile, I'm in 2 group games and hoping to start another casting slow this weekend. And how cute is that baby tiger omg, I want one!

To begin I want to thank everyone who plussed my previous blog titled 'Please take a second and vote me..', as that got 16th on the top blogs of yesterday, I'm very happy about that and it's my biggest achievement yet!

Now I'm in 2 group games, RJ's big brother and Cinder's big brother. I'll probably be evicted in RJ's big brother as I knew it would happen, I got HOH in the first week and since the nominated have been against me, they gained HOH and got me up for nominations, the other person nominated probably won POV so that means I'm going to be evicted! Either way in Cinder's I'm getting a lot of votes on the poll, please click here: and vote me so I can become HOH and get my revenge on housemates.

I've tried doing what's called a Song of the Week, last week I did Zedd - Clarity (because it was a feel good song) and this week I have One Direction - Best Song Ever (because my friend said we can go to the Stadium tour next year), please give your comment on the song choices below and go to my profile to view this weeks video!

So that's it, I can't wait to start a casting slow later today so I can get enough Karma to level up. Thanks for plussing and voting and supporting, it means a lot.

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Plussed :) I love the baby tiger too
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I love tigers
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