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Letting randomers win :/

Aug 4, 2013 by NathBentley
I  hate people who don't stick to their alliance, just had a game where I had a perfect alliance who then voted me out, which in turn got themselves voted out they weakened their alliance and now 2 randoms and a backstabber is in the f3, CONGRATS GUYS!

Oh well, hopefully they learn from their mistakes...



Hate when backstabbers and randoms make the f3 ... Brianna told me about this
Sent by Coffeybean94,Aug 4, 2013
i suppose thats the nature of the game, some people play both sides!
Sent by bibbles,Aug 4, 2013
Omg love you bibbles and yeah ikr Coffeybean94 :/
Sent by NathBentley,Aug 4, 2013
Did you think to consider that the two "randoms" where aligned with the backstabber the whole time?
Sent by ChelseaKween,Aug 4, 2013
That's what happened to me in a group game, it was cliques and then after it was everyone for themselves we said we'd be final four just for me to be out the next week, then the person who caused my eviction got out a couple weeks after #Karma +3
Sent by nick9811,Aug 4, 2013
Omg ChelseaKween idk, but if they did, they played me well haha!

Damn nick9811 :/
Sent by NathBentley,Aug 4, 2013
NathBentley I always check the frats and their friends list. It helps you see if they have a premade.
Sent by tdiloka,Aug 5, 2013
Yeah good tip, might start doing that tdiloka
Sent by NathBentley,Aug 5, 2013

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