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PYN for REAL Opinions

9thJun 5, 2017 by 2Beastly
I don't need stars support anymore so the TEA will be spilt.

#DakotaCoons I don't know you very well, but thanks for supporting me in stars xoxo
#IceBeast Thanks for being one of my closest friends on the site :)
#chibideidara Know your place before speaking to me. Edgar lets see... delusional, narcissistic, in denial ;)
#spinfur Drake :) We had a lot of fun back in the days in our frat. You are a bit dramatic at times, but aren't we all sometimes :p
#Steven999 I don't know you, but my name is Steve too! Not Steven... STEVE
#Thumper91 Lauren! I remember the first time I got to talk to you and I thought you were a super celebrity on the site. I was just a noob back then. Your laughter is contagious and you are a confident person :)
#XxLoveWakizaxX Early on in my tengaged career I did not like you, I don't remember why.It was probably a game or maybe you were rude to me. However, you supported me in stars this week and I think your blogs are hilarious. Hopefully we can be friends someday!
#eliserose I only know you from that skype game you hosted. I think you are fun and very structured person :)
#Amanyaman I do not know you at all, you posted on my blogs today. If you supported me this week thank you!
#TayBear17 I keep trying to remember if I knew you back when I was active... but I don't. I think you're very dramatic, over the top, and hilarious. :)
#captainzacsparrow You seem really nice! But I saw that drama you had with vans today. No idea what was going on, but won't be nosy :)
#ClassiCaz5 Stuart! You are a good kid most of the time. You kind of get whiny and throw tantrums when things don't go your way. But that was 2 years ago? So maybe you grew up by now :p
#rawr25 I never really got close to you, or know you that well. But I heard rumors xoxo
#CalebDaBoss Caleb! Theres so many Calebs on the site I don't know if I know you though... Unless you can remind me lol.
#Piddu My league buddy! You are funny sometimes and weird. But who isn't weird?
#Qazwdxedc Qaz!! I remember our group game together! You were a good ally and loyal. Thanks for supporting me in stars this week :)
#Sam_Hamwich Evan? I think that is your name sorry! I'm really bad at names. I think we played multiple games together in the past, maybe a hunger. You are pretty chill :)
#LasVegas Bryce!! Thank you so much for supporting me in stars. I really appreciate it. I do not know your previous account. You are nice to me and I just think you need more time to grow as a person and you will be great :)
#amf7410 Andy! You always ignore me, but whatever. I beat you at every group game we played so HA. Hope to talk to you more :)
#pizzawithcookirs yeah sorry, you're right. I don't know you well or at all!
#survivorworld33 Um Charity ruiner! I don't really remember if we spent any time together at all sorry.
#GrrrImABear Yeah I don't really know you either... Did we play LoganWorms together or nah?
#ManniBoi I don't know you that well either or have any opinion lol.
#iYBF You are rude AF to me. Glad you got evicted over me for 13th in Stars xoxo
#AlaskanFiredragon Mark! You seem like a cocky SOB. I don't know if you really care for anyone. You seem a bit self centered, but I guess you might care a little about me. :) Love you though.
#deshonBANNEDISBACK I don't you very well!
#Delete2544 I think we were against each other in a game in the past. I don't think we liked each other much lol
#TheEclipse Joe!!! We had our ups and downs. We were kind of friends, I even made you a star sign. Then you went bananas at me during a group game and things turned sour. But after playing stars with you and talking to you more. I think you grew up or something! You're so much more chill and a great guy. Love you :)
con66 We recently just started talking. You seem really nice and a great person. Of course you would be since you are a Hufflepuff just like me :)
Orlando652 Orlando!!! You always support me and open my eyes when I get tunnel vision. You have been a good friend to me and I appreciate it! Hope all is well :)
Z3US Stop trying to corrupt me!
Arris You are such a great guy :) The only thing that bothers me is the amount of duck lip selfies you take.
chillum Sorry don't know you that well!
underwzc Zachy :) You're fun to talk to and someone who is really smart. Thanks for being my friend. You need to calm down with the games doe.
Typhlosion37 I don't remember how old you are. We have a decent friendship, but nothing much. I think you voice your opinions a lot and don't really care what anyone else thinks.
Dane_Williams I don't know you well at all! You seem nice. We played hunger together for a bit. Sorry I was such a useless ally hehe
brandonpinzu I don't know you well at all, but I know you're very popular on the site! Why is that?
Phenomanimal GASTON! I forgot how we became friends, that's how memorable you are to me. xoxo
LoveLife WOW I'm SHOOK that you would even put your name Nathan. The way you spoke to me in stars was disgusting. I doubt we can ever be friends and I was literally screaming when you got evicted. Have a great life though :)
TaraG I don't know you very well either. Thanks for supporting me in stars this week!
Steel Dave :) We played a group game together where you REFUSED to sheep me. You were a waste of space. You're only popular on this site because you are a straight white male that is mildly attractive. Good luck with real life, you'll need it xoxo.
Minie I remember I met you in a frookies and we came for each other! I think we only got closer by playing League. You got really mad at me and we didn't talk after that. But you were nice to me this week so let's play more league together hehe :)
LunaPark Did you quit league?? We always had to carry Piddu's lame ass. You are funny and hilarious hehe :)
BengalBoy When I first got on call with you, I felt like I was meeting a celebrity I couldn't stop giggling. But you are just Dru, although you picked on me like everyone else. RUDE
Darriusdabest We played stars together, and you played a pretty good game. Thanks for being my first opponent in a poll and letting me survive my first poll ever with an amazing %. xoxo
dinosaurdan I don't know you at all sorry! But Anthony and Alex mentioned their stars with you lol.
finklestein123 A lot of people I talk to think you are cute. I don't know you though xoxo
Streamx You are a crazy kid. I think you blew up on so many people including me. I don't know if you grew up yet :p
GoodKaren Karen!! We used to play castings together a lot. Now you have full designs so proud of you. Thanks for being my friend. It is your turn to win Stars :)
seapoose Thanks for voting for me to win Stars hehe. I don't think we ever became friends or anything. I just know you have your own catch phrase, like punch me in the sea poose or something like that lol.
_Tanner Tanner, you were one of the first people that betrayed me in this game... In a fastings. I was so heart broken, but I knew it was part of this site's nature. I became a ruthless player in the future and you were part of one of the mistakes I learned from :)


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roast me
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ur fake outside and inside stars
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:D me
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i dont think u know me well but +14
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I don't think you know me that well but we'll see ;) [+14x]
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lmao so true
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sup doc
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me aka james1990 imu
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LOL sorry mate
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what group game?
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