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Challenge Fantasy League Episode 2 Update..

4 Dibby1010, Jan 9, 2018

Challenge Fantasy League Episode 1 Update
Britni ~ 10 Points ~ Won Girls Round of You Got balls
Cara Maria ~ 8 Points ~ 2nd in Girls Round of You Got Balls
Kam ~ 6 Points ~ 3rd in Girls Round of You Got Balls
Johnny ~ 10 Points ~ Won Guys Round of You Got Balls
Kyle ~ 8 Points ~ 2nd in Guys Round of You Got Balls
Brad ~ 6 Points ~ 3rd in Guys Round of You Got Balls
Johnny ~ 2 Points ~ Troika
Kyle ~ 2 Points ~ Troika
Brad ~ 2 Points ~ Troika
Cory ~ -2 Points ~ Put in Inquisition
Tony ~ -2 Points ~ Put in Inquisition
Victor ~ -2 Points ~ Put in Inquisition
Kyle ~ 1 Point ~ Kiss
Cara Maria ~ 1 Point ~ Kiss
Joss ~ 2 Points ~ Week 1 T-Vote
Natalie ~ 2 Points ~ Week 1 T-Vote
Jemmye ~ 2 Points ~ Week 1 T-Vote
Marie ~ -5 Points ~ Week 1 T-Vote
Tengaged Player Rankings
1. #TheEclipse - 35 Point
2. #realjacksonwalsh - 33 Point
3. #DevinB - 23 Point
4. #mickiejames22 - 21 Point
4. #JonMcGillis - 21 Point
4. #joshprost99 - 21 Point
7. #TessaBrooks - 15 Points
8. #PoohSnap - 14 Points
9. #RasCity - 10 Points
10. #Dibby1010 - 9 Points
11. #CyclonePower - 8 Points
12. #MJFJUNE - 7 Points
12. #mrcool - 7 Points
14. #Rellizuradixion - 0 Points
14. #CrimsonEnnui - 0 Points
16. #Absol - -22 Points
If I missed any kissing just tell me!
Please copy and paste
into the comments as the voting form.
Thanks! Any questions also post in the comments!
#Casting #rookies


hey Johneh im not a fan

1 TheEclipse, Sep 19, 2015

and ive hated u since like the begging and it would be nice if u like give me a stars coupon cause i would really love to trash you in stars this week
thank you and i hate youu Johneh
your biggest h8r joe #theeclipse


A message from TheEclipse

5 TheSexiestDude990, Jul 12, 2015

"Hello, fellow gagers! It's me, #TheEclipse! I'm having my good friend Julian make this blog for me, as I trust him with it.
So, some of you may be wondering why I was banned, well, this is because of "sharing IPs with other users." It's 3 days, so I'll take what I can get, but this absolute BULLSHIT. I don't have any siblings that could've possibly used an account, and as far as I know, I've never been in the presence of any TGers irl. I've only used my phone and personal computers for tengaged.
This is absolute bullshit."
EDIT: "And if you think it's some bullshit excuse, it's not. I don't know any other user that could possibly have gotten banned for being on my IP."


I need to get this off my chest...

1 TheEclipse, Mar 22, 2015

Maxi1234 is a whore! An inside source told me she is using several "men" at the same time to get what she wants.. I feel like I NEED to speak up for them to see the light and see the vicious two faced cunt for her true colors.
Re: No title
I was just referring to her friends list! satan, #Diva1sGayBlackUncle, #Penis, #MrsPuff. I can never beat out 4 guys for 1 girl! :O
>let me guess, satan, obama, dick and bj?
>>Lmaoooo true. Maxine is the real deal. I think I share her with 4 other guys ahead of me in line though ahah


LW's Survivor - Moment #4

5 LoganWorm, Jan 30, 2015

Moment #4 - Survivor: China - Glinda flips on Long
Join the discussion: http://www.tengaged.com/group/7600/forum/topic/14897667/1
I know I might get some flack for this one, but I hope to enlighten some of you as to why this was so ridiculous! It also put some people in a majority and others in a minority until the end of the game. Also, I loved some of the characters in Survivor: China, and this moment caused quite a spark from that time until all the way to the Final Tribal Council.
Newz ( OldNewz):
Well this is going to suck.
Danny P wants Eclipse gone but i need Eclipse for the votes. So i'm trying to convince him not to but the guy is so persistent. Like, think for a second. Please.
I need a solid alliance of 5 to shine soon or else my game is over. I have a solid alliance of 3. I need 2 more people. I think i can get gaia and eclipse to join the alliance of myself, glinda and m0nkey.
Tonight, i need someone to go that no one really cares about, someone like TDA.
Conversation between Newz, Joey, Danny S, and Jette:
Joey T (#TheEclipse):
"keep the ORIGINAL xiang mao together?"
Newz (#OldNewz):
"yea i'm down with that."
Danny S ( Chantra1):
"problem is we're down in numbers"
Newz (#OldNewz):
"Hmm, i think i can get m0nkey and glinda to flip. Vote for TDA tonight and i think we're good."
Danny S (#Chantra1):
"if you say so
Guys we need to vote Trent tonight."
Jette ( JETTEJ):
"AKA Matt right?
Matt = TDATrent"
Conversation between Danny S and Glinda:
Danny S (#Chantra1):
"yo yo yo!! what up?
long time no talk :) wanna work together?"
Glinda (#Glinda):
"Hey hunny I'm with u til the bitter end"
Danny S (#Chantra1):
"Awesome :) We can work this game. Have you talked to newz?"
Glinda (#Glinda):
"Of course we can work this game Yes he wants to get out rulez"
Danny S (#Chantra1):
"who's that. you mean trent?"
Conversation between Danny S and Danny P:
Danny S (#Chantra1):
"hey we should work together in lw's survivor"
Danny P ( m0nkeymaniac):
"I could see that happening :)"
Danny S (#Chantra1):
"I mean I know how you play, and we play similar ;) ....so we could really work this game"
Danny P (#m0nkeymaniac):
"I just fear your past allegiances"
Danny S (#Chantra1):
"I haven't really gotten close with anyone tbh. And since it looks like i'm down in numbers, you 've got nothing to lose"
Danny P (#m0nkeymaniac):
"Well I'm voting off either jettej or eclipse, but I'm undecided yet"
Conversation between Danny S, Jette, Chris, and Cory:
Danny S (#Chantra1):
"So whats our next move"
Cory ( Lifer107):
"Just give me a name and I'm in"
Danny S..


1 Year Anniversary PYN

47 SmoothStalker12, Jun 16, 2014

So yeah, it's been a full year since I joined this site, and a year probably doesn't seem very long, but oh well. I've really enjoyed the past year here, and I'm really thankful for all the amazing friends I've met on here :)
So to "celebrate" this anniversary, I decided to do a pyn because I'm not very creative. So put your name for a 100% honest opinion from myself, and let's hope I'm not too irrelevant for this to do well.
Sorry this isn't very long, I don't have any sob stories or inspirational moments to include, so that's that.
Shout out to #TheEclipse and #AlaskanFireDragon for being my friend since my first game ^.^
#BengalBoy - We've never talked, but I'm a big fan of your blogs, you're one of the few bloggers that frequently check up on, especially for your vlog watches. Very creative and original
#Minie - Ever since our first casting together I knew you were a wonderful person :) I was really impressed with all your knowledge on capitals of countries too. We don't talk as much now, but you're very sweet and have been very helpful recently :)
#Florina - I see you around the blogs some what often, but we haven't really talked :p However you do plus my spam which makes me instantly like you :) I like your avatar too, so that's a plus :)
#SeemlyRough - Brendan :D You're extremely nice to me and so many other people, and you clearly know how to do well in Stars ;) You have my full support this week by the way, hopefully you get that well deserved win :) I'm sure we'll run into each other in a charity sooner or later, if not we should talk more!
#jadennator1 - We were in like a group chat for a charity once, for BigJoe possibly, and you seemed really nice in it :) I also remember supporting you in your first stars, and I see you in the blogs pretty often. You're a real girl too, which is pretty rare on here :p
#yoshicoolman - In my opinion, it was a shame you didn't get into the new frat since the voting system takes forever :/ Anyways, you're really nice and I enjoyed joining a few charities with you since you helped carry on the conversations.
#zachboy967 - No matter what you think, you don't annoy or bother me, I think you're a good guy :) Also, I can finally make you that ad for your group game if you'd still like now that I'm done with spamming.
#LewisC - Ever since I found out your skype name was LewisDelRey, I became literally obsessed with it :p You're such a sweet and caring guy, and I'm always happy to see when I'm in a game with you. Olivia also has nothing but nice things to say about you, and I just learned that you 2 are actually identical twins :o We need to talk more :)
#DaveLooney - We've been friends for quite some time now, and you were really helpful when I first started spamming for my shop and was freaking out about my design expiring :p You're really fun to talk with, and very helpful overall.
#Carlisle - David you are such..


♐ Day 8 Calvin's Hunger Games ♐

11 SmoothStalker12, Jun 10, 2014

➵ Only 10 people may comment, anyone is allowed to comment
➵ Only one comment per person
➵ Please comment HEALTH or ATTACK following the tribute's name
Day 7 Events
A puddle of quicksand #TheEclipse traps #Deanooo, causing -55
the lion #boots22 attacks #k4r4k, causing -79 *Killing her*
A mutt hawk #Carlisle swoops down and attacks #k4r4k, causing -0
#mastropola finds a health pack buried, +25
#bowkane swims to a health pack +25
trackerjackers #LordJza sting #k4r4k's body -0
#Rawr121 attacks #thetrumpetman423, causing -69 *Killing Him*
Gamemaker #DanielKennedy111 shoots a fireball at #k4r4k, causing -0
#SomebodyAwesome once again finds a health pack +25
#OldNewz finds a health pack in a ditch +25
Remaining Tributes (19)
District 1
1 Deanooo *45*
2 Maxi1234 *150*
District 3
5 ILoveSurvivor23 *125*
6 brosky17 *100*
District 4
7 mastropola *100*
8 MariahAnn *100*
District 5
10 Lynette *125*
District 6
11 RoughNightBro *69*
12 jdog *125*
District 8
15 SomebodyAwesome *175*
District 9
17 OldNewz *150*
18 rawr121 *125*
District 11
21 Rocker917 *100*
22 magge555550101 *100*
District 13
23 useamint *100*
24 bowkane *40*
24th - tvdude01 (D10) killed by #rawr121 with a trident
23rd- darriusdabest (D10) killed by #ILoveSurvivor with an axe
22nd - ghrocky100 (D8) killed by the lion #Boots22
21st - NJKoda1998 (D7) killed by #Maxi1234 with a sword
20th - blakejenkins14  killed by #OldNews with throwing knives
19th - JourdanBabyXoXo (D2) killed by the bear #woollybear98
18th - k4r4k (D7) killed by the lion #Boots22
17th - thetrumpetman423 (D3) killed by #Rawr121 with a trident


If you could perm one person

2 Conjow, Apr 29, 2014

who would it be? COMMENT BELOW
mine would be #theeclipse


Jared's Gift Game Week 2

22 Jared242, Jan 25, 2014

In the last Week #TheEclipse won HOH and nominated #ticofernandez and #bowkane. But when #bowkan won POV he took himself off and forced #TheEclipse to nom a replacement Nominee. He nominated #dustbuster ! By a vote of of 7-1 #dustbuster you have been evicted!
1. TheEclipse (1 HOH)
2. laurenjade121
3. dinosaurdan
4. Trollingpenguin
5. bowkane (1 POV)
6. Brenla
7. Scotton215
8. Ireland
9. temponeptune
10. Clauddore
11. useamint
12. woollybear98
13. mminervini219
14. DaBOMB
15. Flash310
16. TheACF12
17. Murly
18. coffeybean94
19. PSULucky
20. colombiano
21. Alpha123
22. Absol
24. drewangel
25. Delete2544
26. ticofernandez (1 Time Nominated)
27. qcumber
28. Alissarose428
29. mattfreeds132
Pre Noms:#DaBOMB #Scotton215
Post Noms: #DaBOMB #Scotton215
Vote to evict! You can vote till midnight tonight EST!! Good Luck!


Jared's Gift Game Week 1

9 Jared242, Jan 25, 2014

Welcome everybody! Here is the cast!
1. TheEclipse
2. laurenjade121
3. dinosaurdan
4. Trollingpenguin
5. bowkane
6. Brenla
7. Scotton215
8. Ireland
9. temponeptune
10. Clauddore
11. useamint
12. woollybear98
13. mminervini219
14. DaBOMB
15. Flash310
16. TheACF12
17. Murly
18. coffeybean94
19. PSULucky
20. colombiano
21. Alpha123
22. Absol
23. dustbuster
24. drewangel
25. Delete2544
26. ticofernandez
27. ava_adore84
28. qcumber
29. Alissarose428
30. mattfreeds132
Pre Noms:#bowkane #ticofernandez
Post Noms: #ticofernandez #dustbuster
Now the power is in your hands TG! Plz vote for who you want to EVICT! Votes count till 7:00 PM EST Tonight!


Tengaged Disaster Episode 1

6 tennister, Oct 30, 2013

"Those Pesky Forks"
10 strangers woke up in mcdonalds and decided to become friends. TheEclipse brought his trusty fork with him to eat his french fries. Sadly, he missed his mouth and stabbed himself in the left eye, bleeding out to death. RIP TheEclipse



0 tonyj, Aug 21, 2013

And now who's banned? #theeclipse karmas a bitch!


Girllover101 Stars!

11 Girllover101, Jul 26, 2013

I need 16 players!!!
1. AlanDuncan (7th)
2. RileyCotter (8th)
3. Illana (4th)
4. NatilieCopter (5th)
5. Miss_GabbieBlue (6th)
6. TheEclipse (3rd)
7. XoXu (11th)
8. jdog (10th)
9. Britt444 (9th)
10. NadiaSmith33 (1st)
11. Gay101 (13th)
12. XRachel (2nd)
13. Girllover101 (12th)
I need 13 people to play!
13th: #TheEclipse vs #Gay101
Evicted: #Gay101
12th: #Girllover101 vs #NadiaSmith33
Evicted: #Girllover101
11th: #XoXu vs #Illana
Evicted: #XoXu
10th:  #Illana vs #jdog
Evicted: #jdog
9th: #Britt444 vs #NadiaSmith33
Evicted: #Britt444
8th: #AlanDuncan vs #RileyCotter
Evicted: #RileyCotter
7th: #AlanDuncan vs #NadiaSmith33
Evicted: #AlanDuncan
6th: #NadiaSmith vs #Miss_Gabbieblue
Evicted #Miss_Gabbieblue
5th:  #Illana vs #NatilieCopter
Evicted #NatilieCopter
4th: #XRachel vs #Illana
Evicted #Illana
1st: #NadiaSmith33
2nd: #XRachel
3rd: #TheEclipe
(Winner gets gift)
(Also I am doing a random.org so it will be quick!!)
Edit: Put your name down and your signed up
Also I random.org who goes home.. so this will be quick
Congrats #NadiaSmith33

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