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stars allies and not so much allies

8 damo1990, Jan 29, 2015

OK so i stole this idea from thesexiestdude990 . I wanna mention the top 5 allies i played with during all my stars games and the top 5 people who were difficult for me to play with or against. Hope no one takes offence :)
Top 5 allies
Honorable mentions : monique90210
5: jetsrock12: http://www.tengaged.com/game/123100
4: #beautifulbones http://www.tengaged.com/game/104589
3: meyaar http://www.tengaged.com/game/108703
2: thesexiestdude990 http://www.tengaged.com/game/111041
1 k4r4k http://www.tengaged.com/game/108703
Top 5 difficult people to play with
Honorable mentions theace , #gaiaphaige
5: meduncan http://www.tengaged.com/game/104589
4: sweet_susan http://www.tengaged.com/game/123100
3: dannyjr0587 http://www.tengaged.com/game/108703
2: brandonpinzu http://www.tengaged.com/game/108703
1: bradyman7 http://www.tengaged.com/game/123100


For every 10 points this gets

5 jeriber, Dec 27, 2013

I'll post a tengaged user I'd fuck. HARD.
GingerPowder because knees weak arms goochetti
Halloween even though he gay DAMN
tinabeena ugh ily you're one of my faves
MichelleObama can i deflower u
KittyTheEmolga because everyone's a lil bicurious
BlakeIsBack because I wanna lick ur gooch
TheGoodMan because who doesn't want a good man???????
jenzie is the queen hail
Olympia because if he writes that hot fanfic, he gotta be gud
GirlLover101 because u so cute < 3
#beautifulbones because she's perfff
#Yaxha because I HATE YOU DADDY
#Mahogany because I'm ya momma AND ya daddy
#donaam because < 3 < 3
#TaylorStLouis because she's so great ugh < 3 < 3
#Florina he's a boss ass booob


Another One Bites The Dust

0 Lights, Dec 6, 2013

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Random Stars #25

5 lnfiniti, Apr 22, 2013

Cozedo (raffle winner)
Meyaar (stars seat winner - The Little Monsters Frat)
Day 1: Noms - #beautifulbones and #Jenii_Valenta
Evicted - #beautifulbones (55.0%)
Day 2: Noms - #sjsoccer88 and #Jenika
Evicted - #sjsoccer88 (51.9%)
Day 3: Noms - #supergoten and #Jenii_Valenta
Evicted - #supergoten (62.1%)
Day 4: Noms - #Meyaar and #Diva1
Evicted - #Diva1 (57.1%)
Day 5: Noms - #miya and #Danielvk
Evicted - #Danielvk (62.7%)
Day 6: Noms - #Trust and #Clayton
Evicted - #Clayton (58.2%)
Day 7: Noms - #miya and #Cozedo
Evicted - #Cozedo (50.1%)
Day 8: Noms - #Trust and #miya
Evicted - #miya (58.0%)
Day 9: Noms - #Jenika and #Meyaar
Evicted - #Jenika (50.1%)
Day 10: Noms - #Austin and #Jenii_Valenta
Evicted - #Austin (52.4%)
Day 11: Noms - #Trust and #tonym101101
Evicted - #tonym101101 (54.1%)
Day 12: Noms - #Jenii_Valenta and #tycoon1234
Evicted - #tycoon1234 (59.6%)
Day 13: Noms - #Trust and #Meyaar
Evicted - #Trust (51.1%)
3rd - Sass21
2nd - Jenii_Valenta
1st - Meyaar


My 30 favorite players...

8 dannyjr0587, Feb 5, 2013

I've played stars with.
Note: 30-21 is listed in this blog.
30. Stars 151 diva1 we all knew it was a disadvantage to us when we saw diva, however that didnt stop me from going on calls with her every night. I knew if I stayed close to her I'd make finals, I made my first finals and scored a second place. My favorite moment with Vicki was when she nommed me, she apologized so much for it. Usually I'm the one to blow a gasket when I get nommed however with her, I just felt like it was ok.
29. Stars 201 phenomanimal I always wanted to play stars with Gaston. I love routing for him when he plays and felt like he would be an amazing ally. I'm sure he is a great ally, however we were close at the beginning but I took a different approach in that game. I nommed Gaston early in the game making the plan to get him some momentum to go against #beautifulbones and take her out, and it worked. Toward the end of the game we reconnected and made finals together and took home the top two spots. Regardless of not playing on the same side I will always cherish our stars together because I finally got to play with someone I have looked up to for years.
28. Stars 214 itznessa we got along amazing in stars. It's funny because I've always watched who saves me and evicts me in pollboxes and nessa has saved me everytime I've been nommed and voted for me to win every time I've been in finals. So as soon as I saw her in this game I said "oh my gosh, I'm so excited I can help her out in her first stars!" It started out with her being nommed for 16th, followed by me volunteering to go up against Xavier for 15, neither of us made it deep into the game she got 10th and I followed her out 9th, however from the time I played with her I see a lot of fight and potential in her. Next time she's in stars keep your eye out for that girl. Much love:)
27. Stars 214 thegoodman another player I was pumped about playing with. The thing I've learned about stars is you have to trust people. I trusted James fully and he kinda threw that away by nomming me vs Ryan. If I played stars with him again, I'd give him my full trust again, because he is someone I enjoy working with. However if this cast would've nommed me vs sparky like I told a few of them to do... Sparky probably wouldn't have won. I may seem selfish in things I do, however I am someone, who yes I would love to win, but I do try helping others out as much as I possibly can, and I felt like if people (Ryan/James/Chris) would've listened to my idea that game would've been completely different, but all is well.
26. Stars 120 & Stars 157 biodork first off I miss you butthead. Secondly in our first stars together (my first stars) I quickly lost majority with my allies getting crushed in the pollbox. I did whatever I could to fight after my nom with sagar and tried breaking into the main group. That alliance had a core 4 which I..



110 STOKES2009, Jul 10, 2012

If you like me and I will say something nice about you,But if you are a hater don't bother posting cause I wont write about anything you ! xoxo
je7467: I think you are a really nice guy, really don't know you well
best : You really seem like a sweet guy
owee13 : I probably have known you longer than most on here, We use to be close now we never talk anymore, but you were always so nice and sweet :)
AlexRyder: I don't know you but you seem nice
kimmal8 : ILY you are one of the sweetest people on this site , you are so kind, I  don"t think I have ever heard you say anything bad about anyone..
MISSimogen: you seem really nice but I don't know you
finklestein123: You have always been nice to me, you are a sweetie
CocoaBean:  Don't know you well yet
Robinhood99: Don't know you but you seem really nice
horrorite: I think you are nice
khart92:  IFLY you are so sweet and I love talking to you and love your videos and notes thru email you send to me :)
Joee323:  I don't know you well
aguidavi: I don't know you but you seem really nice and I would like to get to know you better
sjsoccer88: You are really nice and sweet to me, I love and miss  your brother and wish he would come back to tengaged lol I would like to know you better also :)
dmann: You are always nice to me you are very sweet
Lucinda:  ILY  you are so sweet and I would love to get to know you better
Borealis: I don't know you at all
MScofield:  ILY ILY ILY on this and your other account lol Love talking to you ,you are so awesome and sweet! :)
BlackPants: faygo  ILY ILY ILY you are my best friend on tengaged and I don't know what I would do without you here , Love talking to you about everything.:)
o_Elle_o:  I think you are nice and would like to get to know you better :)
brookie_cookie : I think you are really nice but I don't know you well but I would also like to get to know you better :)
davidfisher: ILY ILY You were my real old friend and things went south and we didn't talk for a long time but now we are again and I am so glad we are , because I missed you and missed being your friend , I will add you to my friends list and will never ever take you off again hehee , You are really a sweet guy but I don't like you taking tartra's time up  hehee
tycoon1234:ILY You are so sweet and nice and you are really a loyal person I love calling you my friend :)
Wadester20001:ILY  lol You are a character , You are so nice and sweet to me and I love going on calls with you at night and playing swapples when we get a group call up. :)
ThePotatoMan : ILY  You are so sweet, I love..

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