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Hello, my name is khart92

Hey the name is Kyle. I love to meet new people so hit me up <3

Joined May 12, 2010

Kylie!! You sexy bitch. I love you so muchhh. Your always there for me if I want to vent. We talk like all day on skype and I love our cam sessions. ;) I'm so glad I met you and I think we've gotten really close in the short time I've known you. Your gorgeous babe. Don't ever change. :D ily.
Sent by Foxox

You are there for me when I need you the most. You Cheer me up when I am down. If i am about to cry you Make me smile. You listen to me and give me advice, advice that comes
Straight from the bottom of your precious heart.Me and you will never be apart maybe in distance but never in Heart for our friendship is way to strong to let it go of just like That. I love the time I spend with you,because you're one of those friends I always have a good time with. Even when I'm feeling down,you manage to help me feel better about things.You really listen,and it's obvious you care.I appreciate your positive attitude and the fact that no matter what I do, you always see the best in me.There's not a doubt in my mind why God put you in my life. . .He wanted me to know what a real friend is. I love you Kyle <3333 Teresa aka STOKES2009

Kyle I fucking LOVE you like id marry you given the chance your just THAT great :) your really funny and cool and sweet and just all these wonderful things to create the beautiful soul which is mister Kyle Hart :) and i want to meet you irl one day coz again your just THAT great :) i remember when you sent out your morning mails to people and they made me SO happy :) id open it and just read the randomness that was you xD love you < 3333333
Sent by vh1luvr15

Aww Kyle where do I begin... It's been over a year and a half now that I first saw your hilarious comments on blogs and commented about them!!! I think you're one of the most inventive, witty, writers I know!!! To say nothing of the sweet nature.. always upbeat.. and the amazing out look you put out there to every one you talk to!!! I find it amazing that you never complain .. or get down.. going what your going thru on a daily basis!! I find your courage and upbeat attitude truly inspirational... you're always so cheerful and non judgmental of others.... always trying to make others feel good!! You're wise beyond your years... and tbh any girl would be lucky indeed to call you her guy!! You know how much I love you Kyle... I wish for you nothing but good health and happiness cutie... and I just know some day I will be reading some thing awesome that you wrote... Mr Hart!! Your name suits you sweet friend !! ily @khart92
Sent by Gemini

I have loved getting to know you khart92. You are creative and funny and I have always enjoyed that about you! ♥♥♥
Sent by Diva1

WOW Kyle where do I start with you?.....You have comforted me from almost day one on this website, and really made me feel good about myself at such a difficult time....throughout my time on the website you have helped me not only in games, but with personal issues as well and you have become someone I could look up to :(

On the brighter side, you always kept me cheerful, and never failed to send me a 'party rock' music video to get me up and ready to go.....You always wanted to listen to what I had to say, and you made me feel welcome to come and talk to you at any time. Out of everyone on here, you have given me the most smiles, and I love you so much for that.
Sent by Millzipede

Kyle you are always so happy in-spite of everything and I really admire you for that! We have known each other for ever and I love how close we have become lately and I can hand on heart say i trust you. I love how cheeky you are but yet you remain a gent at at the same time. ;) You are also so hotttttttt and say the most sweetest and cutest things to me! Kyle I really treasure are friendship and enjoy going on calls with you! I just wish you would think more of yourself, any girl would be lucky to have you, Never forget that! I love you Loads, and if you ever left I don't know what i would do! xxxxx
Sent by MoooCoww

You are a true and attentive friend, along with being a cute and funny guy! khart92
Sent by trishytrash

you're one sweet, genuine, horny boy livin' in the boondocks <3
Sent by Emmaleigh

Kyle, not sure where to start. We have been friends on here for over a year now, we have had only good times, from playing games to gifting in my shops to me spoiling u like i should with gifts lol. But all kidding aside, ily and i enjoy all our skype convos, those mean a lot to me, ur the sweetest most real person and u r so caring, ilysm babe xoxox
Sent by seana86

khart92/Kyle/FUCK YOU YOU'RE A NY FAN/Party master, I'm not a girl, so I'm not supposed to know that much about you... LOL jkjk, you're one of my best guy friends to talk to, there is no doubt about that. I'm so glad I was able to get so many tips from the original tengaged player < 333 If there was a tengaged player award for that you would unanimously win, you're so so so nice :) You're very kind without asking anything back from anyone, it's just you. You're just an incredibly kind and silly person xD I hope we don't talk talking, broz before hoez fo life (It's funny because I'm not sure if that phrase is correct for us) But we will still talk in between ;) ;) Hope you always stay well, I have you on facebook thank God.
Sent by egaga911

kyle, very down to earth and great guy to be around (on this internet site) LOL seeing i don't know you in real life. Really funny and just a great person to talk to. hope your doing well :)
Sent by MikeRORO

Kyle! I'm so glad you randomly emailed me one day. You're such a nice, caring, genuine guy. You're such a good listener and have always been there for me through my tough times. You always try to cheer people up no matter what kind of day you're having. Keep being the great guy that you are! ily ♥
Sent by Jenika

Kylleee (:
I love you! You are so kind and caring and honestly, always happy! Your positive attitude makes me happy and I like how you basically like everybody and are friends with them too! Don't change because all of those things will get you far in life and you'll be a very happy guy < 3
Sent by LaFierceBrittany2

Kyleee! Tbh I fucking love you, but I don't get why you are so afraid of my boobs :/ Makes me kinda sad. Also makes me thinks you are gay LOL ily < 3
Sent by Druhhbby

Kyle you're a sweetheart and I'm glad I've gotten a chance to get to know you in my time on this site. You've always been a great friend of mine and very supporting. I want you to know no matter what you have going on I'm always here to talk to :)
Sent by JohnTheRevelator

I haven't really known you that long, but you have been really nice and helpful to me and I appreciate it and I hope we can become better friends in the near future :)
Sent by PaulaDeen

You're one of the sweetest people I've met on here. Talking to you always cheers me up. I love placing bets with you and predicting awards shows (and you being wrong about everything :P) You're one of the strongest people on here, and I admire you for pulling through all that you've had to deal with recently. When you or I part ways from this website and Skype, I hope we can find a way to keep in touch because you're great < 3 I love you! :)
Sent by chelss

kyleeeeeeeeee <33333 so glad i joined that group and met u! best thing i did cuz i wouldnt have met such an amazing person. uv been a friend since i was a lil noob and u helped me a lot. i dnt think i would have stayed on this site if u didnt. ur awesome and truely one of the most genuinist guys on here. anyone would be grateful to have u as a friend. love u millions :)
Sent by Carlab1

Kyle- You are so nice and funny :P everytime I talk to you you always make me laugh, even if you are making fun of me :D you have a really sexy accent and im glad we got to be friends even thou I don't remember how we met <3
Sent by MintCokeify

Kyle- You are such an amazing guy. You have such a pasion for life, friends and those who are around you. You are a sweet spirit that encourages others to live their life with love, laughter and fun! I love all the encouraging blogs u write about friends and the emails you send to just say "hi." I miss all your party emails... never change... you are perfect just the way u are and I love you for being YOU :P
Sent by Clueliz

Kyle- You are by far one of the nicest, most caring people on this site. I remember when we first met. Right off the bat you were so helpful to me, a complete stranger, with my essay and it really showed me the kind of person you are. I look up to you because you always seem to be random and wild with your personas despite what you've been through. I love your good morning messages and questions and I love the fun you put into things. Thanks for being SUCH a good friend to me. I love you.
Sent by Chameleoneyes

Khart92; Kyle, you are like the life of the party, we were once quite close but both soon lost interest on Tengaged at a point. You're a cool dude to talk to at any time and I won't lie you're a handsome little ladies' man; keep it together through your concunsion [however you spell that LOL] you'll make it well in the end! :D -V.
Sent by iGoddess

Kyle is one of the coolest people I've ever met on this site. I can always count on him to start a party at any time even when I least expect it. Whether he's jumping in the Big Brother pool naked or sending me random movie quotes or talking about fantasy football, he is always doing something fun and crazy whenever I talk to him and I luv him for that.
Sent by Ev32

Kyle i love you so much, you are one of the most amazing guys I have ever met on this site. You really know how to make a girl happy! You are one of my bestest friends and I will never forget you! Ilysm <3
Sent by Sexybanana

Kyle, i know i suck at replying to mails (LOL) but I love you to bits and you are such a genuinely nice and amazing guy. It sucks that you're leaving because I'll really miss your cute mails and blogs/comments. Gl in life because you totally deserve to do well in everything you do and i hope you come back to see us all soon.. lots of love.. <33
Sent by Jenii_Valenta

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Kyle, you are truly the greatest person i have ever met on this site. I know that a lot of tough things are going on right now for you, but day by day things are improving and i'm getting closer and closer to coming to live near you!! You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me cry. Smile because you are a genuine human being, laugh because your THE NAKED MAN, and cry because i would give anything to switch shoes with you. I love you, and thank you for being someone who is always here for me no matter what. I love how we understand each other, and know how it feels to go through what we do. Your always here for me and i will always be here for you. Tengaged, Facebook, Texting, or even right next to each other i will never leave you. ILL SEE YOU SOON BUDDY!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Sent by Taylorrain123

Kyleeeeeeee <3 OK so i dont like writing these as IDK what to write :P But Kyle you have been my friend on here for ages. We first met in a castings I'm pretty sure. You are a great friend to have as you are always there for your friends and you always message just to say hi which is so cute, because a lot of people don't do that :) Oh and you are probably the biggest flirt on tengaged.
Sent by Blitszims

Kyle - One of the sweetest guys Ive talked with. He always writes to me and asks how I feel even tho sometimes I have not deserved it. A guy with a pure and sweet heart that cares alot about other people. If you dont know Kyle.. then you have missed something HUGE!
Sent by Vanili

kyle kyle kyle, what do i say ? you're an amazing guy. you're so genuine and nice and you have soooo much patience when it comes to me (i know i suck sometimes ;P ) you have a heart of gold sweetie and nothing will ever replace that. you need to know & understand that you're a gem of a person and i'm privileged to know someone like you and call you my best friend. just like how i know you will always be here for me, you should know that i'm always here for you (even tho i suck sometimes ;P) ilysm kyle lainhart :*
Ok now naked party timeeeee!! (party)
Sent by Chicaaaa

Kyle man you are awesome. We have so much in common. We're cool guys who love sports and are good with the ladies. I loved those times we're we discussed who were the hottest chicks on tengaged. It was fun to see everyone's reaction when we actually posted the list. You're just a great guy man. Always there for his friends, always real, not afraid to stand up for himself. Respect dude. Respect. Swag Brothers all day. Hope to see you in august even tho its probably unlikely lol..
Sent by DCSooner

kylez!! i am so grateful to have met you on here. i loved watching you pimp yourself out, and get naked at all the best parties. for real though, you are a total sweetheart and I wish the best for you. I hope you keep taking good care of yourself, and don't ever give up. love you lots!
Sent by LarissaFL

My favourite ex-nudist on Tengaged! You are so sweet, you always take the time to send a nice message, or song, or just a hello to cheer me up :)
You have your problems with health and such, but always manage to keep your chin up and keep smiling...and always manage to put a smile on other peoples' faces too!! :)
I hope you don't have too big a break cos I will miss you! < 33
Sent by Meowcat

I just wanted to say that you are one of the nicest players on this site. <3 Your messages always make my day so much better and i'm glad to call you a friend <3
Sent by Supergoten

Kyle, you are pretty much an awesome lil party rocker that loves to walk around naked. We dont talk TOO much but I love that we show each other love through mails and that every now and then I can expect to see your sweet mails in my inbox along with all the random spam I get. I'm really glad you have such a positive and caring and wild n' out nature as I know you got a lot of health stuff going on....your personality and positive outlook is def gonna serve you well thru your recovery and have you party rockin' it forreal before you know it. Keep doing you :*
Sent by 2008Girl

You are always there for me when I need someone to vent to. You are selfless and caring. I am thankful we have been able to reconnect. It means a lot that you are there for me, when it feels like no one else is. You understand about my back and the pain I am in more than anyone else and I am grateful for that. Thanks for being there. Khart92
Sent by Illyriaa

Khart92! One of my first friends on this site. We are a kick-ass duo when it comes to games. When we had TheRazz and Zach32 or whatever his name was, we'd always make final 4. He's a amazing guy and I am so glad we are still connected on here. We both took lenthly breaks but were both back and I'm glad were still friends!:D
Sent by Dustin24688642

Kyle, you are one of the few people I have met online that I would actually hang out with irl. You are an awesome friend who coerces my competitive side! You can have a toke of what I smoke! :P
Sent by Markuskaus

Khart <3
You were in my first ever rookies 2 and a half years ago, you stole my heart with your kindness and you've kept it ever since. You are one of the most genuine people on this website and Im so beyond glad that I met you. You will always be my go to guy and I cant thank you enough for everything.
Love ya! <3
Sent by Honalulue

Kyle (18) -
I am so glad that we met and have gotten as close as we have. We have had a lot of fun on call with others and I hope we stay in touch. Having friends like you on this sight makes me come back everyday! Love ya Sandy
Sent by sdriver999

kyle, you are one of the only people on here that i trust 100%, even though we don't talk everyday, even though you don't go on call with me all the time, you're just so sweet and a genuine person and i hope you never change. you're funny and you make me laugh so much when we talk, and i love that. you have such a great personality and i hope you never change. love you <3
Sent by jenniibabyx

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