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Adding More Color Levels Would Keep Me More Engaged

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


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  1. noah_kondonYeah, I stopped playing games regularly when I got TV. 100%
  2. alexclow345very indifferent, when I was a new player back in 2010 they meant something to me but now that ive been tv star for 9 years they dnt really mean anything and if he introduced new ones i probably wouldn't buy...but I know they also give goals for players to work towards. that being said I think most of the "serious" players on this site all cheat and use multis so it will probably amplify that problem even more with people trying to get more karma
  3. SharonMaItems4. Color levels could be interesting but I personally think that levels above black are merely just for looks and not worth it at all
  4. Kiara_xoxoYes it give more of a challenge for users to join more games !!
  5. GrrrImABearI would be interested in something like a prestige mode where once you've hit TV Star, you could start at white and move against, there could be some sort of Star system on your page indicating how many times you've cycled through or something, to where there would never be an "ending" for those that want to keep going
  6. A_La_FacWhy are we asking questions with obvious answers? Let’s get randomize to actually speak up about these things before we make a million polls
  7. MarlakkStrongly agree, more color levels to get, more games people will play
  8. top20fan33Slightly, I mean I’m a blood level & refuse to be waste my T$ on tv star knowing it’ll just be one less thing to strive for
  9. Tester#2. I'm TV Star already and I don't have much to reach for anymore.
  10. paul028Yes! I know @iScotty's blog had like 3 or 4 but I think 5/6 would be better to keep more higher ranked people engaged!
  11. Washed_Ravioliyes ! Many TV Stars don't play games any more because they have nothing to work towards
  12. 3pi14159Yes, it will give higher level players something to reach for
  13. CheapCheepA simple one, this one. Would the addition of more color levels keep you coming back to Tengaged more often and playing games more often? If so, what should these color levels be? Should it be set up like a prestige mode (where you go back to white level but with some symbol indicated you ranked up)? Figured i'd have a nice softball question this week around before diving into deeper topics. Any feedback is appreciated!