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The Most Interesting Addition for a Game on Tengaged Would be...

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


Something inspired by MTV's "The Challenge"


Sole Survivor (Closer format to CBS's "Survivor")


Something inspired by CBS's "The Amazing Race"


Something inspired by Tengaged's "The Duel"


Something inspired by Discovery's "Endurance"


  1. CheapCheep228 votes. #1 - 57 votes. #2 - 84 votes. #3 - 54 votes. #4 - 23 votes. #5 - 10 votes.
  2. KevsssInDaHouse3
  3. Paige542
  4. Brad135354
  5. RedFabFoxyAmazing Race - we need a game where a duo wins together, and there's the "race" aspect in it too!
  6. Tbart3 Amazing Race
  7. 3pi14159nobody would play sole survivor after like 3 weeks mark my words
  8. DBoneesole survivor 1 then TAR 2 i want more votes
  9. Skarsgardthe challengeee
  10. Washed_Raviolidancing with the stars
  11. lemonfacevoted the amazing race because it sounds like the most likely one to MAYBE not include these fucking horrible challenges
  12. Rperduex11If it doesn’t involve the old challenges, idgaf.
  13. M_Davis1998I want The Circle
  14. Escapethenight13ThE fUcKiNg ChAlLeNgE
  15. FlickgamecolinThe challenge
  16. Kandee_The challenge
  17. SabrinaRayexxxGet rid of Survivor merges and make all game end with a sole survivor. And add TAR
  18. joneduardo1
  19. Tester#2 and #3 but if I have to pick one then it would be #3.
  20. adamx#3
  21. scooby0000I am fine with anything but sole survivor sounds cool
  22. RaverKidInspired by "The Challenge", but include a randomizer between different formats, teams, duos, etc.
  23. KmarttThere is enough Survivor blog/skype games at this point
  24. KmarttAmazing Race
  25. OutRAGEsole survivor
  26. 3pi14159Amazing Race for the newbies
  27. KrissteaThe Challenge
  28. Natepresnellchallenge
  29. Kiara_xoxoWe need sole survivor I’m down for the amazing race too tho it be totally new
  30. Petrothe due lhonestly
  31. tonyalbrightThe Challenge!
  32. adeleadele3
  33. CromatiqueThe Amazing Race
  34. gagaluvThe Challenge
  35. mysterygame2#1
  36. pizzawithcookirsAmazing race
  37. hellocatThe challenge
  38. colehausman271SOLE SURVIVOR BAY BEE
  39. Lemjam61
  40. danyyboy67Sole survivor
  41. joshprost99All are amazing shows but The Challenge is the one that sounds most interesting to me
  42. SeaViperVoted TAR even though I know I'd probably be awful at it
  43. CheapCheepThis one's to see what reality show addition would intrigue users most if it were offered on Tengaged. While format/rules would need to be worked out, I'd like to see which of these topics people would find the most interesting and desirable to be added on Tengaged. If you have any questions regarding the shows, please don't hesitate to ask!