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Daily rewards for logging in would entice me to keep coming back

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  1. CheapCheep#1 - 49. #2 - 19. #3 - 15. #4 - 10. #5 - 0. #6 - 2. #7 - 6.
  2. _Adidas_eh neutral, this doesnt help the issue of activity in games it just makes us richer
  3. Gay_Horse_#1 strongly agree because that would bring in more people to this sight.
  4. RoseMariaclearly we all log in every day anyways
  5. adeleadele1, of course! Or even joining a new game each day for rewards would make the games a bit more active!
  6. ybbobThe other Z Site has it! Why can't we? You spin that wheel!
  7. brandonpinzuIf randomize was strictly looking at how to make the site more active, this could help. However, as long as I can remember, he has simply cared about how best to profit from little effort. This would involve effort on his part and also allow people to get T$ for simply logging in which would not allow him to profit from people purchasing T$. It'd be cool, but... not realistic.
  8. iYBF#1.
  9. heatherlummake it like a lottery of sorts
  10. countrysavageI love this <3 #1 strongly agree
  11. unkownmake us watch a dumb 30 second ad a day and give us 5-10 ts. Randomize would get an extra income and we get a little extra ts.
  12. Rperduex11The rewards would be counterproductive. If you did T$ you would hyperinflate the virtual currency, and no one would have to buy T$ anymore. If it was karma, you would be ranking players literally by the amount of days they logged on. It sounds good in theory, but I don’t see it as helpful.
  13. RaverKidThree, I enjoy the system Smite has on their game, there's a very small reward for logging in, which increases daily to for a week. With weekly goals with much higher rewards.
  14. EyooMarcusDisagree. This isn’t zwooper.
  15. Wolven6974low-key annoyed at the typo in what i said "major pain in the ass having TO* wait"
  16. Wolven6974No duh i agree. It can be a major pain in the ass having the wait for bets to come in as my only actual source of $T's, besides the tiny amount I get from blogs. As someone who is honestly complete and utter trash at things like fastings, frooks, etc, being able to get rewards just by logging in would be very rewarding in my eyes.
  17. SharonMaItems4. I definitely agree with Connor's statement and I feel like daily goals is better than a daily reward.
  18. boicam77YES I NEED T$!
  19. RedFabFoxyAgree, since there are many things that would keep one out of this site at this point
  20. Tester2
  21. scooby00001 would be pretty cool
  22. TheSexiestDude990People would just log on for the daily reward and log right back out. I feel like in a way this would actually make the site LESS active.
  23. peace1234, It wouldn't keep me playing or active on tengaged. I would just log in for whatever reward it is and then log out unless i plan to do something like blog or play a game. I think a better option would be daily goals instead of rewards, like "Make a blog" earns you 1T, "Enroll in a game" earns you 1T, etc. It would make the site more lively (or at least feel more lively) as there are actually hundreds of "active" users on tengaged who play group games/lower levels that don't enroll in games or post on the blogs page that makes the site feel very dead.
  24. YogscastBigbrother211. It would give sense of reward which would be nice considering half the games are extremely repetitive.
  25. Novamax2433. I think that this wouldn't matter at all for most people on this site since we're all logging in practically daily already, it would do a lot to increase the activity of users who aren't as enamored by the site and could potentially lead to a larger number of active members on the site.
  27. RealJacksonWalsh2. If not me who's enticed, then new members would be. Imagine not having to win games to get $Ts. That would keep new players on the site and make it so that people who stay on the site longer get better stuff faster. Only issue I could see is if someone accidentally can't come on for a day and gets screwed, but... that's the point?
  28. ItsAlexiaStrongly Disagree
  29. CheapCheepWould daily rewards keep you coming back to Tengaged? If so, what should those rewards be? Maybe extra T's? Should the rewards get bigger the longer your streak is? Let me know what you think in the comments below!