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Removing Incentives for Multi Creation will Reduce Multi Use (see comments)

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  1. CheapCheep177 votes. #1 - 66 votes. #2 - 37 votes. #3 - 28 votes. #4 - 13 votes. #5 - 8 votes. #6 - 11 votes. #7 - 14 votes.
  2. Dcha369Im for anything that can get rid of multis
  3. Tester#2. It's sadly too easy to get yellow for all of the multis though :/
  4. tonyalbrightAnything helps, but it’s not hard to get yellow unfortunately
  5. CheapCheepWith randomize's most recent blog, I wanted to get Tengaged's feedback on the ways multi use can be limited or reduced. According to a blog earlier posted by Randomize, he wanted to remove certain incentives, specifically targeting white levels, that would ideally make it more difficult for multis to be used. Limitations included returning the full negative counts for designs, no stars voting for white levels, no negative voting for white levels, and no image posting for white levels. Do you believe these steps will hinder the multi epidemic? Or do you believe multi owners will not be slowed down by these obstacles? Let me know in the comments!