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Shops Should be Allowed to Carry More Stock

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


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Slightly Agree


Neither Agree nor Disagree


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Strongly Disagree


  1. CheapCheep90 votes
  2. gumball221520almost a year later and this poll still isn't closed!
  3. greyconverse2
  4. tonyalbrightHard 7. Otherwise we would never get new shop owners
  5. Rperduex11Hard 7. Obviously people want more for their money, but I already have way more designs than I can wear. Furthering, at the point we are at on the site, shops aren’t nearly as competitive. It used to cost over 5000T$ to open a shop. I don’t understand why we would increase stock in exchange for paying less. The shops go to the same 3 or 4 people who buy T$ every other week, so the only way to keep the site running is by making them pay. The site would inherently lose money by increasing stock. That’s an easy decision on a personal and practical level.
  6. Tester3 despite the fact that I don't really care
  7. adeleadeleclicked 4, i don't really care tbh, i never had an issue with purchasing designs.
  8. lionsden121I wish there was an IDGAF button so for now I just won't vote
  9. iYBF#1.
  10. M_Davis1998I think that we should be able to do lower stocks than 5 earlier. I think 35 is okay but it would be nice if it was higher (maybe 10 designs a week) because of how expensive the shops are. It would also make it harder to by out but also easier to catch up for competing shops.
  11. lhooper9029761