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Tengaged has the potential to be huge

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


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  1. CheapCheep#1- 25. #2 - 26. #3 - 16. #4 - 7. #5 - 7. #6 - 7. #7 - 10.
  2. Absolcool concept but cult culture, voted #5
  3. iYBF#1.
  4. EmzThorneIt could, if it became Randomize's #1 focus/career. Run advertisements, do big updates, etc etc. But personally, no one would like it to go to big. I think it's a fun community where we basically know 50-75% of the website. If it became like Roblox it would just be difficult.
  5. JasoiIt has the potenial.It does not.We have to make it have potential.Its to be or not to be that is the question.Its our decision.The things that we do will deicde if this site does go huge.For Example WIldboy12 said something about shooting up a school and how a masterly planned it.He got arrested and the fbi are probs checking this site rn.Its our choice
  6. boicam77FUCK NAH
  7. jacksonjoseph992, it's a niche target audience but with more moderation this website could attract a wider audience
  8. me2013lol no way in hell
  9. _Adidas_As someone who has repeatedly logged on since I was 9 years (2010) I find it so disappointing how the creator is so unbothered by something he created, knowing there's a plethora of active people who want more updates, and even more who left due to the lack of care and the turndown of this site since 2015.
  10. PoohSnapIt could but there's no marketing. If randomize get a SHIT there would be even a tiny amount of marketing.
  11. thefox111disagree but it has had history and its better than zwooper 100%
  12. RoboZoestrongly disagree it’s been a website for 10 years and still nobody’s heard of it
  13. andalarew_2231i am gonna go with a four, for the main reason that people arnt the nicest on here and aren't the most accepting of new people.
  14. Gay_Horse_I'm #3 because if more people had interest in stuff like this it would, but it just doesn't come through these days.
  15. scooby0000Number 3 and could he number 1 if randomize is more active
  16. Rperduex11Gonna go with #2. There’s nothing else like this website in existence. People say there’s zwooper, but I really think the games aren’t nearly as entertaining. I found this site because I wanted to play big brother games, and even though the formatting is pretty off, I still believe these games take the cake compared to zwooper. Frookies is as close to the real game as you can get. Something I would like to see happen is for the old competitions to come back possibly concurrently with the new ones. There’d be a diverse range of challenges that way.
  17. Brad135351. I strongly agree. If we can get moderation back and then Rando is able to make tweaks, QOL updates and maintenance t can be what it once was back in 2011 when I first joined.
  18. Tester#2
  19. peace123#2 for the same reasons as pinzu. If Rando made the site look fresh it would be really good and advertising on platforms like YouTube (the most popular survivor youtubers bring in like 200k views+, if half the people who watched the video signed up for tg this site would multiple by literally 100). However it is pretty obvious Carlos has a job he's making a good living off of and that tengaged is only open for the losers who pour T$ into it. His only changes over the past year have been adding administration so his site isn't a breeding ground for pedophiles who show porn to minors.
  20. brandonpinzuI put #2. It has a lot of potential, if randomize put effort in. The site is really outdated looks-wise. We haven't had any new updates in a long while and obviously there is the moderation issue. The summer is the perfect time to do this, but it's unlikely to happen.
  21. FireWolf5. I won't call it impossible but it's already so far gone that even if the effort was put in, it would be nearly impossible
  22. adeleadele2, with better moderation and more publicity than of corse!
  23. RaverKidHoly hell does tengaged have potential. The only thing stopping it in my opinion, is the lack of care from Rando, lack of moderation, and the culture we have created on tengaged.
  24. ybbobSlightly Agree! It has potential! What is stopping it 1. No care from owner. 2. Bullies who are internet gangsters. 3. Premades are VERY BAD and reason why newcomers leave so fast. 4. The DRAMA is HIGH SCHOO LEVEL. Are we not all grown? At least 13+ right? 5. It just simply isn't the same it use to be.
  25. Bvance12122. the site needs ti crack down the on the things that keep making people want to leave this site. examples include porn, racism etc. we need rando back
  26. zachbbsI think if @Randomize decided to actually put some work into the website, there could be potential. Theres always a spike in popularity every season of Big Brother. But, nobody is going to sign up for a website that looks this dated. He needs to change things up a bit. Make the site more modern.
  27. M_Davis1998Potential... YES, but not at its current state
  28. jjvawesomeness0511#2 it used to, but tengaged kinda dug itself in a hole that it might now be able to come out of. But i still believe in tengaged. There is really nothing like it anywhere else and i stilll love being on here, despite the drama, multis,etc
  29. livnglavidaloca1. It has a lot of potential, but there needs to be a lot of tlc given to it and a lot of stuff gotten under control. We do honestly need Randomize to be more active and I do believe that this question will help him get a start to see how many people truly believe in this site still.
  30. Novamax2432. Tengaged does honestly have potential but without randomize showing this site the love that it needs to flourish, I doubt that the potential will ever actually come to fruition.
  31. CheapCheepDoes Tengaged have potential? Or is it a lost cause at this point? Let me know what you think in the comments!