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Payouts for Games are Worth the Time Invested

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


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Slightly Agree


Neither Agree nor Disagree


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Strongly Disagree


  1. KevsssInDaHouse6
  2. KevsssInDaHouseno
  3. SeaViperSurvivor is quite overpowered, but everything else just isn't worth it in my opinion- especially not fasting. Casting is only worth it when the game is short tbh
  4. Paige54All of them are too low tbh except for survivor
  5. A_La_FacI feel like you are asking a pretty obvious question. Less poll making and mroe action xx
  6. Tester#6. Fastings: not worth playing. Castings: not worth playing. Frookies: not worth playing. Rookies: worth playing. Hunger: idk. Stars: idk.
  7. joneduardoYeah 2
  8. Marlakkfastings - not worth play castings - not worth the time effort for 6+ days in length frookies - final 4 needs insentive crookies - fair survivor - far stars - should be fixed hunger - could be more arranged for a final 6-8 idk about hunger honestly
  9. Marlakkthere needs to be some kind of modification. first of all 7 options are way too many. agree, neither and disagree. there is no knowing what someones opinion of a slightly disagree without a comment option to explain your answer
  10. _Adidas_these need to be modified
  11. AquamarineSurvivor is way too high, frooks is too low.
  12. Aquamarinedepends on the game
  13. alexclow345disagree, Ts are fine but karma should be lowered for first and higher for everyone else, fast games are legit a waste of time since nobody outside the finals gets anything lol
  14. Rperduex11From an economical standpoint, randomize should have no interest in raising payouts. Buying T$ funds the website. If they’re too easy to get, we don’t have a website. Frookies payouts are fair for the finalists imo. They’ve been the same since 2013 since I joined... I wouldn’t mind a slight raise for 4th and 3rd though.
  15. BryanXxI would probably play more frookies if the frookies payouts were better...SAME WITH FASTINGS, ON THE OTHER SITES THERE WERE WAY HIGHER PAYOUTS FOR THESE GAMES ....
  16. RedFabFoxyDisagree - fastings payouts are unbelievably low and pretty much useless. Frooks payouts should also have a slight adjustment in the top 5
  17. J2999The frookies payouts definitely need to be higher. I think that more users would play more frequently if the payouts (specifically karma) was greater as then it doesn't ruin KPG or anything, as such. Casting and Rooks are chill, fastings could be slightly higher, I suppose same with Hunger. Bump up the stars ones a bit too. All round bar the 'long games', increase in karma would be useful though.
  18. Washed_Raviolifrookies & stars & crookies are not ok.
  19. 3pi14159fastings: 2nd and 3rd need to be more ----- castings: good ----- frookies: top 5 need to get sum karma ----- rookies: good ----- survivor: maybe less karma, more T$? ----- hunger: more gradual, like castings or rookies ----- stars: 200T$ for 2nd and 3rd
  20. top20fan33Frooks & stars are cracked
  21. Kiara_xoxoIt is not! Frookies are broken I feel you should get at least 1 or 2 karma for top 5! Also I feel other games like castings/ survivor are great with karma payouts but not really on ts! Without Charity games many of us be broke because playing games are not good for earning ts
  22. danyyboy67This is def not true when it comes to frooks
  23. CheapCheepThis one goes hand in hand with our last question. Do you believe the payout system is fair as it is right now? If there's room for improvement (either for T's or karma), which games are the biggest offenders? Do you believe you would play more if payouts were increased? Why or why not? All that and more will be asked and answered within the next 10 days. Let me know your thoughts as always, as the more feedback I can get, the better a job Randomize can do to fix these criticisms. :)