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Punishments for rule offenders should...

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


Be more severe (longer bans).


Be less severe (shorter bans).


Remain the same as now.


  1. CheapCheep#1 - 64 votes. #2 - 20 votes. #3 - 16 votes.
  2. scooby0000More severe
  3. zachbbsLess severe.
  4. EmzThorneBe less severe and unban my long lost sisters #KatherinePierce, #EmilyThorne, #KateMoss, and #Moxanna. They were innocent.
  5. greyconverseLonger bans with multiple people moderating Red noses should be permanent I bet people would cheat a lot less then.
  6. Lemjam6creepy
  7. Lemjam6why did peace talk about me? I hardly ever get banned like lol what
  8. CheapCheepI can/have sent clarification messages to those users who feel like the question is too vague. If anyone is uncertain about what the question means, please just shoot me a message.
  9. ItsAlexianot voting because you dont know how to make a poll that makes sense.
  10. Caddentoo vague
  11. Akeria++ back? luv ya <3
  12. ShaneDawson12345This is hard to decide yes people deserve punishment but like ooh im a admin but there not should be less
  13. Brad135351
  14. Birks44441
  15. mbarnish11
  16. Tester#1
  17. jacksonjoseph99this is hella vague and i think it very much depends on the rule broken lmaooo so i guess im putting 3
  18. MudkipzFTW#1
  19. C00LDUDE1000#1. The longer the band are, the less likely people are to do stupid stuff. It’s that simple
  20. peace123(2/2) this would be lots of work for Carlos which we know he isn't a big fan of doing but, I can dream u know.
  21. peace1232, Lower bans with repeat offenders like Kelly Lemjam etc getting a three strike you're PERMED rule. It's pretty obvious banning a user does nothing as Kelly has gotten banned 500 times with no real penalty but users who literally did nothing sit permed. If it was up to me, A perm ban from this would be the equivalent of a porn ban, having to wait 3 months before creating another account. If a user has 3 accounts that get permed then they get IP banned from the site. 3 months without a ban will clear a strike from the person's account, as a reward for good behavior. The only rule this wouldn't apply to is posting porn, everything else would fall under this 3 strike rule. And everything would be cumulative, so doxxing/cheating/death threats would get you permed, not 1 strike for each.
  22. SharonMaItems#3 I could not care less about bans. From people trying to make it longer and shorter, I think it's just fine now
  23. adeleadeleLonger bans tbh, i've heard users all the time saying "idc if i get banned it will be for like a day", if they were longer less people would break the rules and the less work admin would have to do
  24. iYBF#1.
  25. Bvance1212Longer bans, people will still be doing the same thing with the stupid 1-2 day bans it’s just dumb that we can’t do like month bans because people need to realize what they are doing is wrong
  26. JourdanBabyXoXoLonger bans
  27. Lemjam6Be less severe (shorter bans)
  28. CheapCheepAre there ways to get the point across with less ban-time? Or is strict enforcement the only way to get a point across? Let me know what you think!