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There should be more color levels.

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


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  1. CheapCheep#1 - 43. #2 - 9. #3 - 9. #4 - 11. #5 - 7. #6 - 14. #7 - 13.
  2. joneduardo6
  3. Saftronbtr9996.
  4. astone929Yeah honestly once youve reached tv star there’s nothing else left really to accomplish on the site other then winning every game which a lot of tv stars have already done
  5. Jasoiidc
  6. MagixGay
  7. jjvawesomeness0511strongly agree, just one or two, to separate the good from the great, because people are slowly getting to higher color levels and they are plenty of tv stars
  8. Minniemaxstrongly agree cause i think the highest level is not very pretty lmaooo im thinking a higher purple call it heaven :)
  9. Amnesia_Disagree
  10. varltoStrong disagree. What are we gonna have, people betting and getting like 500ts from one charity? No thanks!
  11. TesterIt's too hard to level up in the current state. #5
  12. Gay_Horse_Hard #6. I'm a white level and do you know how hard it is for me to even try and get to yellow? Payouts are crap and nobody goes onto my blogs, so no.
  13. EmzThorneNo. Color Levels are boring, simply anyone who has more than 3,000 karma in like over a year, it just simply obsessed. I think we should have Icons next to our Colour Level for like breaking records, or just something that isn't color levels. Something else to achieve rather than just Karma, Karma, Karma. There should be other goals and achievements to add to our profiles.
  14. iYBF#1.
  15. Rperduex11It’s been proposed plenty of times, but I think it would be simple to do the prestige system. So after TV star level, you would go back to white, but you’d get an emblem of some type (perhaps a star) that signifies that the user has passed TV Star.
  16. jacksonjoseph996 lol, color levels are the last thing people care about in 2019 tengaged
  17. M_Davis1998Yes please! My only reason to be here now is ranks
  18. boicam771 because I know MANY TV stars that literally have nothing to do on Tengaged because they reached the maximum level and they really don’t need to move forward on here so they leave the site. Maybe if there were more colour levels tengagers would stay on here.
  19. Bvance12127, people like me who are "smaller" levels would find these higher levels possibly daunting and the people at the top would have so much power that we wouldn't even consider reaching there, idk just an opinion
  20. RedFabFoxy#3, in a way yes because this would spice up the "competition" for levels, and it would make TV stars aim for higher levels. At the same time, it would be giving too much power to these higher levels with +16 and even +20.
  21. adeleadele6 Disagree, i think the way the system now is fine, i think the people that have been here for awhile would want new colour levels, but i'm not really bothered. TV Star is meant to be the top level, and it would be kinda dumb if their were levels above it ya know. Also tv star costs 1000 ts, so if you want more colour levels you essentially want colour levels to be over 1000 ts which is ridicilous. Keep the colour levels as they are.
  22. FireXConsidering people have surpassed the 2000 and have have 20000 close to getting to 30000 i think it would def seperate PEOPLE which is needed cause being the same level as #1 ranked should not be the case. Plus it really could motivate people to work harder and do more games