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TV Star Sep 10, 2021
When I joined this site over 6 years ago I never thought I would make it to TV star.  But here we are, a little over a month ago I came back to this site having less than 10 T$ to my name, I bet and I bet some more, so thanks to everyone who has had charities and helped in charities, and I finally saved up to 1000T$.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to make this blog as I'm not really sure what to say but here we are.  I want to say thank you to all the friends I have had over the years and who helped me get to this point.  If you have read this far I want to thank you.  I am going to copy hamburgerbunzz so if you comment I will give you an opinion/share one of my favorite memories with you.

ParvatiS - Callia I just recently got to know you, well in the last month or two.  I enjoyed competing with you in Matt's server on who was ranked #1.  Though that died a little bit ago and we don't really talk outside of there, so I hope you are well.
Hunty - thanks for your comment, I wish you good luck in stars.
cheritaisdelicious - thank you for the comment about my avatar I am never sure how to make them look good.  But anyways we have some mutual friends but I haven't talked to you much outside of a charity and a few words in a server.
pinkiepie512 - Grace, we haven't talked much lately or ever really been close, but you always bring so much energy to everything, that is a great quality, when you are in games you always give it your all, even when your back is up against a wall you continue to fight until the very end.  Don't let people get to you and stay true to yourself.
abstractjay - Jay we had a bunch of mutual friends and we have gotten close since I came back, I am glad to be able to call you one of my friends.  I feel like no matter how much time goes by we can message and pick up where it left off.  You are always super supportive of me and I'm so proud you were able to win that stars.  Stay awesome.
Pekka - unfortunately I don't think we have really talked before but I have seen you around and wish all the best for you.
konohavillage1 - Ken!!! I would say since coming back you are the person I have met and gotten closest to.  When you played stars 666 I had a mutual friend who said good things about you so I decided I wanted to try to be friends with you and I would say comments to you in the tg discord server and finally we started messaging and I'm so glad we did.  I know you are someone I can talk to and who will support me.  You work hard in anything and everything you do and anyone would be lucky to call you a friend.
Thnksfrthmmrs - Julian thank you for letting me get top 5 in your charity to make this possible.  We have had our ups and downs throughout our friendship but I know you care about me and will be there if I need someone
Kindred7 - I don't know you very well but everything I have heard about you has been positive and that you are very nice, I hope one day we can talk more.
malachite05 - I don't know you and I'm not a man :( but anyways thank you and maybe sometime I will meet you.
hamburgerbunzz - Rachael you are someone I have seen around a lot lately in orgs and have wanted to get to meet.  we talked for the first time after this last season of 1984 and I hope we can start talking more because it seems like we have a lot in common, plus you are Caleb's other bestie so that means something.
LowKi - Ben thank you, we have a lot of mutual friends but haven't talked outside of discord servers on a personal level.  You have been in a few of the same charities so I have gotten to play a little with you.
mrkkkkyle - Kyle, we don't talk much but I love you and you will always hold a spot in my heart.  we have never played an ORG together but you hosted me in your org. We haven't talked much lately so I hope everything is well with you.
Booyahhayoob - Andy one day we will finally meet in person, but I have known you for years and if things happen in real life I feel like I can talk to you about them, we unfortunately haven't talked much lately since probably your charity, but I know I can message you whenever
_Adidas_ - Luis you will always hold a special place in my heart, you were my ride or die in my second stars game, we were both very robbed in that game due to multis and spamming :(  we really need to catch up because it has been way too long :(
skyler1822 - Skyler, we were close back in the day, you are one of the nicest people I know and I miss when we used to talk more
SmoothStalker12 - Calvin you will always be fam to me, the first frat I met you in was fam, you are a great guy who cares deeply about your friends, also when you set your mind to something there is no stopping you.
ItsAlexia - Tyler, we have had out ups and downs over the years but my favorite memories are just talking about Taylor Swift with you.
Washed_Ravioli - Zach I didn't know you before you played 1984, but then you won and I saw some of my friends were big supporters of you so I figured there must be a reason.  when the TG discord was made you and I talked a little more, you are a good mod, and you are someone who has made me feel like I can come to you if I need to about anything.
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My thoughts on stars (plus picture with Michael) Nov 8, 2019
imageI know I didn't make a blog or vlog at my nomination and that may have been my downfall but I was at work.  Anyways this week started crazy as many of you probably read M_Davis1998 blog we were together at the enrollment of stars and we were saying bye to zinger and he enrolled me in stars after me having said for the like 15 minutes before I didn't want to play and that it would hurt Michael's game.  Well it did but we will get to that.  So the first night of the game Michael and I were in a hotel and we were talking and didn't like any of the nom sets, I refused to do Zach he didn't want to do Bryce and so we basically crossed out each other's noms.  After that we got better footing as everyone wanted us to stay safe, we were a seen duo but they wanted us or if someone would counter is they would turn it down.  But then things exploded as someone we were working with leaked stuff.  Causing Michael to go up and be multied out.  After that people pretty much wouldn't work to get the multi users out instead they decided to just let one be and leave the other unnommed.  This cast was probably some of the stupidest players I have ever played with.  I reconnected with an old friend in this game and that was probably the best part ( zachbbs ).  Greg or Justin deserve to win of who is left but between Wade spamming and Corsi and Semnome having multis I don't think either will.  Paigescavo is in the middle as he hasn't really done much from my perspective but at least is playing fair.  Good luck to those still in.

Here is a different picture of my and Michael than the one he posted, but our meetup was great and it was cool getting to talk about 1984 in person which the cast reveal is tomorrow and I'm so pumped for so be sure to follow
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I was reflecting over today Apr 4, 2019
So bamold1999 got voted out of survivor and told me we are no longer friends and bloged about me.  Well I started thinking cuz he kept saying that I was fake and picked someone I hadn't known as long.  Well first off I didn't vote him out so... But second a couple weeks ago in 1984 he was actively trying to get me evicted and voted me out over someone he hasn't known for long, as long as I have known bluejay7622 .  But anyways after a couple days I got comes over it and was friends and worked with him.  I never had threatened him never was mean even though he picked someone new over me.  But when I pick someone else he threaten and attacks me as well as ending the friendship.  I don't get why he can do it and it's fine but I can't not vote and it's the end of the world
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Snapchat streaks Mar 30, 2019
16/17 are are from tengaged

Arris 269
M_davis1998 177
caleb9211 61
moneyshot 61
maturo 58
daulton7996 57
bluejay7622 55
j2999 48
thumper91 40
mudndawilderness 33
dustin24688642 27
rainbowking 26
s73100 25
iybf 25
bamold1999 14
Sam_Hamwich 8
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My First Hunger Win! Feb 24, 2019
Big thanks to shawnpat7 and thumper91 for suiciding to me at the end I love you both. Thank you to everyone else who helped me out along the way, I loved getting to play with my friends as well as people I didn't know and I am sorry for the people I hurt in the process :( bigbrotherlover7 littlemix and anyone else.  I loved being able to reconnect with Shawn after a couple of years of not talking :( and shout out to all the haters who thought we would backstab each other cuz we didn't <3

Love you caleb9211 delete2544 andalarew_2231 zinger bluejay7622 koolness234 thank you for being there to help out during the game

With this I have officially won every game on here
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ICONIQUES Feb 22, 2019
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