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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Nommed again~4th

2ndMay 11, 2018 by oreo270
Thank you to the 58.3% that saved me last time, hope you will again

well I made this vlog at 2am after a few drinks and I think it lagged so sorry.

But I am a fighter and apparently these people are more threatened by me than letting someone go unnomminated.  Ofelia says she was shut out by the cast and that we hate her; however, I tried reaching out to her multiple times and she just ignored me.  Throughout the game I made the moves to get me farther and to keep myself off the block.  RJ may use that he was unnomminated but that's only because every time his name came up he just complained enough about how he was hated and people should want to go up against him.  Where as I made moves when I was a counter and made sure I had the numbers without complaining about being hated.  Any questions about anything, don't be afraid to ask me. 

If anyone wants a shout out or anything let me know I will thank my savers from today before dc

And make sure you vote here:


Sent by Oliviaxoxo,May 11, 2018
Please don’t let danger go unnominated thanks
Sent by maturo,May 11, 2018
Maturo You’re always leaving hate comments about me when I genuinely have no idea who you even are LOL. Just another bandwagon Danger hater ;( so unoriginal.
Sent by Danger,May 11, 2018
R u ok...
Sent by maturo,May 11, 2018
oliviaxoxo for some reason that’s what my computer named the video and I did t have time to change it as I was out the door lol, but i guess my computer wants me to win
Sent by oreo270,May 11, 2018
oh LOL i didnt even notice that Oreo270 i just wanted you to win
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,May 11, 2018
OH thank you <3
Sent by oreo270,May 11, 2018
Paige is my favorite
Sent by coolKat,May 11, 2018
paige54? omg yes queen!
Sent by Allison,May 11, 2018
you seem really sweet! :) i saved you ! good luck hope you make finals
Sent by DanceyNancy,May 11, 2018
she literally seems like she epnds 24/7 on this site gl
Sent by JSBReality,May 11, 2018
JSBReality nah i just leave it open but i was gone for over 2 years but i really dont spend 24/7 here
Sent by oreo270,May 11, 2018
yesss Paige x < 3
Sent by yoshicoolman,May 12, 2018
saved <3
Sent by Storres19,May 12, 2018

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