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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

PYN for an opinion

13thOct 22, 2018 by oreo270
Or just comment I don’t care, but I’m bored

BengalBoy hey Dru you are cool and we used to be pretty close when I was good friends with Sue and some of those other people, but i took a break and we never really talked after :( we should talk again sometime
LittleMix Jake! hey we were pretty close for a while before Julian's discord died, we worked well in that hunger and then we went into the stars game pretty soon after.  And to answer your question Julian is just taking a break from all social media and tengaged/survivor games
EliOrtiz1234 Oh Eli where to start? you have probably been the person I have been friends with the longest on here, even when I took that break we came back to talking after like I hadn't been gone.  We don't always talk like we used to but I know you will be there if I need you
Thumper91 Hey Lauren I remember when I first started and everyone compared me to you.  You are such a nice person and I'm sure if you weren't so busy with work and I wasn't so busy with work we would talk a lot more
ShanteYouSlay well I'm not sure I know you so I don't really have anything to say, but just fyi people don't normally do castings as charities
RainbowKing Blakey!!!! my fellow ginger ily I have enjoyed getting to know you over the past what 4 or 5 months, I wish we both weren't so busy because I miss talking with you like we did over the summer
Kaylabby hmm what to say about you? I remember when you used to be close with Alex and you didn't overly like it when he tried to bring me into your friend group but that's old history so nothing of recent to say
MarieEve Marie you are so nice I have enjoyed being in the frat with you and the Castings game we played together was fun.  I look forward to getting to know you more
MoneyShot Oh Jake the Snake.... since joining the skype frat chat we have talked a lot more and you are a really cool guy, I have enjoyed our conversations even if I don't always say much, I'm sorry I can be so quiet at times
smuguy2012 hey Matt we haven't been overly close but if i remember correctly we were f2 in my first hunger and went far and tried to work together in my second one.  You seem cool and we should talk outside of a game
woeisme hey we haven't talked much but you seem like a great guy and we used to be in the same frat we should talk more sometime
MrBird I don't think I really know you but we should talk sometime
coreyants oh hi there Corey, once upon a time we were pretty close when I was also friends with Skyler, we also played skype games together but of late we haven't really been working well together in skype games
Zinger Hi there Danny hope school is going well but anyways I wouldn't be on this site if it weren't for you.  I am thankful for you giving me irl game show experience both in playing and helping host.We have had our ups and downs through school but I miss freshman year when we used to hang out all the time :(


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where is julian
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Pick me pick me 🙃
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Sure also welcome back to tengaged/
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