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Hello, my name is Jake from State Farm and yes I wear khakis :)

hi my name is Jake as MoneyShot (๐Ÿ’ฒ๐Ÿ”ซ)
Zwooper name: Jmoney
SC: jakethesnakejib
if you want my skype you'll need to ask. I only give it to ppl I know that is decent
My name is Jake but full name is Jakob. yes it's with a K. Too cool to be spelled with a C. I am adopted. my name use to be Joshua Ridlon before the adoption. I don't give my last name out to anyone unless I really trust you. I'm "Straight" into girls. gotta love my jokes tho lol and I do have a sense of humor if you didn't realize until now. it's hard not to notice haha. I love racing, American Muscle Cars. I love running, Mountain Biking, Hiking. Music, born in the Country. so first Genre I heard was country music. most of you know I'm HUGE into rap but some might not know that Rock or alternative use to be my biggest Genre before I became serious with rapping. and Eminem was the only rapper I was interested in back then.
Joined a Pool League this year in June (First Season). I am 22 and yes I do drink socially. My favorite beer is Michelob's Ultra and Corona Extra atm. still exploring more beers so it could change. I'm really friendly. and like to help others out if their feeling down, attack and if they were abuse say like I see someone being physically abuse like rape on the street. I would get involve and help the victim. I'm really against rape and judgement people make. like I will even stick up for Gays. cuz thats who they are. so you have to accept that. and they are being real with themselves which I highly respect them a lot for doing that. I'm that nice of a guy. I get along with females more. 'Cause every situation I'm in, like going shopping or any activity I'm always the only guy. if that makes sense to you. going thru health problems since September 2016-Present. but I think things about to get cleared soon. but if you notice I get outta control sometimes that's because I feel so sick that I can't think clearly. so don't take it personally. I'm trying my best to keep a straight decent mind. and keeping things professional. so that's me could be more but don't wanna keep going cause honestly I might bore you all to death. don't want that now do you? lol
Joined: November 14, 2015
Would of never discover this site without my bro (AwesomeWill30) Ty man you got me hooked
My old Frats
Current Frat
My Jmoney Personas
There in order of oldest to newest
Cain La Lo (Producer Persona)
The Jibster (is the actual me)
Brothercub (My twin Persona)
Relissa Clyde (My old bitch I use to be with Persona)
LMG09 (The Lambo Guy Persona)
Dawn Sho Faro (The black hoe of the group Persona)
Mikey Strike (The craziest messed up mind dude Persona)
Bruiser Flim (The OG Gangster Persona)
irl TG Friend:
Lionel (AwesomeWill30)

My TG girl:
Karen (GoodKaren)

My flirt buddie/drinking buddie:
Tara (TaraG)

My Sass partner and also my frat boss:
Kara (k4r4k)

My writing and creative pal:
Mark (Icarus_Mark)

My secret admirer ;):
Madi (Maddog16)

Best Friends:
Karen, Tara, Madi, Kara, Mark, Lionel
"Roadside" (Cover) (old video when I was 18)

"Reason For Living" (Original Music Video) (I was 21)

"I've Tried Everything"

"Wrong Man"

"Thoughts Of Destruction"

5. Livin' The Life ft. Quis

"Rapping Session" (Me killing it without any beat)

"I don't need no Frauds"
My girl Nicki still looks banging. I'm so in love with her. Lil Wayne I would love to hang with. He seems like a cool guy to chill with. and Drake stop hitting on my girl. he always does that every song collab with her smh

I'm from the Country but act like I'm from the city. What does that make me a "Country Gangsta" this song's da bomb look at all of those hot country babes. I think I'm in love!

"Exception" by Token

what ppl said about me

ParvatiS 2 min ago
Nobody wants to hug a king wannabe

from spikedcurley
Hehe that's true bub
But really we're just a deadly foursome
a show of respect for GoodKaren
|โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ..| Put this on your
|โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ..| page if you have
|โ€ฆโ€ฆ.O.| ever pushed a
|โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ..| door that said pull!

My bucket list irl:
Kiss a black girl ()
Perform my raps on stage ()
Learn how to produce music ()
Find a decent chick who loves me for who I am ()
Get my license ()
Get all gaming systems that I want ()
Be more in control ()
Work on to trust females again ()
Find new friends ()
Get my diet in check ()

Tengaged Bucket List
Join a Castings (X)
Join a Fastings (X)
Join a Crooks (X)
Join a Frooks (X)
Join a Survivor (X)
Join a Hunger ()
Join Stars ()
Win a Frookies ()
Win a Casting (X)
Win a Fasting (X)
Win a Rookies (X)
Merge in Survivor at least once ()
Win Hunger Games ()
Win Stars ()
Join a Charity (X)
Win a Charity Game (X)
Get a gift (X)
Have a full avi (X)
Make New Friends (X)
Get a top blog (X)
Own a shop ()
Get a design to auctions ()
Get a hater (X)
Have a total of 100 T$ or more at one moment in time (X)
Get yellow level (X)
Get orange level (X)
Get Light Green (X)
Green (X)
Blue (X)
Red (X)
Brown (X)
Black ()
Sky ()
Gold ()
Silver ()
Blood ()
TV Star ()
Get 1000 Karma (X)

How to win Castings without even trying ;)

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