Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Jake from State Farm and yes I wear khakis :)

I'm Jake and I am 17 years old and I hope you all welcome me in all arms. Im positive and love to help ppl. :)

I'm a Masculinist! I feel Men don't get treated fairly. Like getting judged by our gender for example. And I fight for equalities cuz I believe in fairness too so femininst should be in the same understandment cuz we are on the same side fighting for equalities.

Facts: us men need to be careful nowadays cuz theres so much messed up ppl in this world so we have to watch out. So know the girl before going more intimate cuz you could get screwed over by the girl "crying out rape" :( what has this world came to.
Im scared to be a man I feel like it isnt safe out there so its good that I stay home a lot. Lot safer

I wish everyone treat everyone the same and respect one another :(

"Being a jerk makes me a bad person, but being nice makes me a creep? so how am I suppose to act around you females cuz I feel so stuck."



My problem with my health and body and admit I wanted to attack everyone because I'm so pissed at myself cuz i'm not able to function as I use to be
"Lost In Thought"

Beautiful Cover (Audio)

Believe Cover (Audio)

My Duo Acting Performance with Elizabeth, Man I wish I had her number tho ;)

My most saltiest video on my Wizard101 Walkthrough so far lol

First Ep to my Toontown Walkthrough Series :)

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