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My thoughts on stars (plus picture with Michael)

4thNov 8, 2019 by oreo270
imageI know I didn't make a blog or vlog at my nomination and that may have been my downfall but I was at work.  Anyways this week started crazy as many of you probably read M_Davis1998 blog we were together at the enrollment of stars and we were saying bye to zinger and he enrolled me in stars after me having said for the like 15 minutes before I didn't want to play and that it would hurt Michael's game.  Well it did but we will get to that.  So the first night of the game Michael and I were in a hotel and we were talking and didn't like any of the nom sets, I refused to do Zach he didn't want to do Bryce and so we basically crossed out each other's noms.  After that we got better footing as everyone wanted us to stay safe, we were a seen duo but they wanted us or if someone would counter is they would turn it down.  But then things exploded as someone we were working with leaked stuff.  Causing Michael to go up and be multied out.  After that people pretty much wouldn't work to get the multi users out instead they decided to just let one be and leave the other unnommed.  This cast was probably some of the stupidest players I have ever played with.  I reconnected with an old friend in this game and that was probably the best part ( zachbbs ).  Greg or Justin deserve to win of who is left but between Wade spamming and Corsi and Semnome having multis I don't think either will.  Paigescavo is in the middle as he hasn't really done much from my perspective but at least is playing fair.  Good luck to those still in.

Here is a different picture of my and Michael than the one he posted, but our meetup was great and it was cool getting to talk about 1984 in person which the cast reveal is tomorrow and I'm so pumped for so be sure to follow


" This cast was probably some of the stupidest players I have ever played with "

If that isn't the 100% truth.

Sent by zachbbs,Nov 8, 2019

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