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Finals in stars 381

2ndMar 5, 2016 by oreo270
I came in as a first time stars player, who the cast saw as someone who was going to be popular.  I had to fight to stay off the block, I only went up twice.  I had to fight hard especially because people saw me as a duo with Andy, which I was, he was my closest ally.  I was in a 8 person majority at the beginning of the game, which included the blindside of Ali and Petro because we saw them as a duo, I had told Andy we needed to get them up at some point because they were both popular and a duo in the house.  I had made a solid 5 person alliance with Andy Je Anthony and Brant in which we got our way for a few day changes, then we decided some of the unnommed people needed to go up.  I worked hard to get my sets through and to stay off the block.  Going into the vote for f5 I made the choice to make the vote go 3-3-3-3 in order to keep myself off the block as well as I want Anthony to survive through that dc without being nommed as it put the target on him and not me because we couldn't let him go unnommed.  People assumed I sheeped people but I really did what I saw best for my game, and after going up with Andy I did everything I could to stay off the block.  Good luck Anthony and Ali

please vote me to win here


Sent by coreyants,Mar 5, 2016
yesss paige
Sent by smi9127,Mar 6, 2016
Thank you for the blindside hun < 3 I didn't have to count on my duo to blindside you and Andy.
Sent by CutieAmy,Mar 6, 2016

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