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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

[MOD] Recorded Q&A

2ndApr 23, 2021 by brandonpinzu
Hi Tengaged!

There has been a number of hot topics that have been discussed on the blogs page over the last week or so that have prompted the moderation team to want to work towards improving transparency around our decisions. As always, transparency is one of our primary goals and I think we have been fairly strong at keeping you all updated on our rationale about bans. However, there are times where a lot will happen, proving it to be difficult to explain every detail of a decision.

Because of that, the moderation team has decided to host a recorded Q&A session. After some feedback we had received in the comments of some previous blogs, we thought this would be an efficient way to address concerns and questions rather than post them in a long blog.

Here is how it will work. This blog will serve as an opportunity for Tengaged users to propose some topics for discussion and ask specific questions about their moderation-related concerns. We will compile those into topics and answer as many as we can. However, please note, that we will not be answering every question and are far more likely to answer things that are relating to a specific decision rather than something such related to updates to the website. We will be recording this at some point tomorrow and posting it tomorrow night.

Some of the current topics of discussion that we will be sure to discuss are as follows:
- The decision around the user #obey_me and the contacting of loved ones outside of Tengaged.
- The decision around the blacklisting of PrincessaPeach and our rationale around this decision.
- The vague nature of the Terms of Service.
- The function of the Tengaged Advisory Council
- Harassment bans
- Explicit sexual content
- Design rules

Tagging some users who have made blogs/comments which we explicitly intend on discussing:

Post any topics/questions that you have below!


god we doobee loving our mod team <3
Sent by doobee,Apr 23, 2021
I am negging this blog. I am confused by moderation banning someone for something that was not a rule and then making it into a rule. As someone who is trying to become a lawyer, that is not how the legal system works. It would be a scary world if that was the case. Do better and start being fair.
Sent by Lemjam6,Apr 23, 2021
Ok when did the mod team turn into O2L with filming blogs together
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Apr 23, 2021
Gifting shops a topic randomize is interested in bringing back since not every shop owner wants to compete?
Sent by EmzThorne,Apr 23, 2021
this isnt the outside world or the law you fucking moron lol eat shit pussy
Sent by Slice,Apr 23, 2021
slice you are a racist and as someone on the council you need to stop attacking my friend for his skin color, freak.
Sent by Lemjam6,Apr 23, 2021
not racist to white people.... boo hoo you little baby go cry about it
Sent by Slice,Apr 23, 2021
Regarding the comment from LemJam, how would you react if it was your family members that were reached out to? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but there is always a person who does things that require rules to be made, I feel like this is one of those cases
Sent by Buttercup13,Apr 23, 2021
- Harassment bans

I'd like to know why user Sarah48 is still not perm banned. If #obey_me was banned for harassment #Sarah48 should receive the same treatment after showing her hate against black and LGBT people from years now.

It just feels unfair
Sent by Mrkk,Apr 23, 2021
he doesnt care buttercup hes just a loser contrarian dont engage his arguments
Sent by Slice,Apr 23, 2021
Also maybe make an updated rule list of words we can’t use and bannable offenses for future problems with unusual situations. Because I understand doxxing isn’t cool but that is something outside of tengaged, that’s like if I called a robloxian a f slur and you ban me for something that wasn’t said on the website.
Sent by EmzThorne,Apr 23, 2021
my only concern is the Tengaged ban forum being updated frequently, sometimes it feels like someone will be banned and I’ll go to the group and there’s no info on it at all
Sent by Christian_,Apr 23, 2021
What's up
Sent by Electric,Apr 23, 2021
buttercup13 Someone on this website has messaged my mom on facebook 6 years ago and someone else on this website filed a police report against me last year. I am still standing.
Sent by Lemjam6,Apr 23, 2021

Hate blogs made by #Sarah48 that got deleted by herself. She still didnt
Sent by Mrkk,Apr 23, 2021
Tengaged has turned into the court of public opinion. You moderators are starting to ban/punish people (Obey_Me and PrincessaPeach) because of backlash. That's not how it works. You should not be punishing people for things that are not bannable / blacklistable. You don't make rules on the go, don't you think that's stupid?
Sent by Lemjam6,Apr 23, 2021
*She still didn't change her attitude and keeps on harassing anyone
Sent by Mrkk,Apr 23, 2021
When are you banning electric for being gay
Sent by Paige54,Apr 23, 2021
Sent by Jenii_Valenta,Apr 23, 2021
Can you bring back Tengaged Court
Sent by MmabatlokoaMolefe,Apr 23, 2021
You’re doing a great job man! Only improvement I can think of is like keep that personal touch with users and be friendly message people and stuff as you would
Sent by connorthomson,Apr 23, 2021
why have @insandeh and i not received our 25 t$ yet
Sent by sosyomomma,Apr 23, 2021
why have I need received my 16 T$ from the egg hunt!?!?! but seriously jk you guys are doing amazing hugs
Sent by smi9127,Apr 23, 2021
If it's a suggestion box can we plus/neg suggestions and the top ones of all time stay on a separate tab
Sent by Aquamarine,Apr 23, 2021
can we get a shops revert? this new shops system sucks.

also ban aquamarine.
Sent by Akeria,Apr 23, 2021
This is a completely unironic request to replace SurvivorFan37 as the 7th member of TAC.
Sent by Absol,Apr 23, 2021
What will you guys do to delete blogs that contain severe misinformation like Tammy2144 has been doing?
Sent by Times_Places,Apr 23, 2021
Frookies Updates like HOH Voting Tiebreaker, Day One Deal POV, and playing out F4
Sent by colehausman271,Apr 23, 2021
This is great! I'm super excited to hear ab ur decision with PrincessaPeach and the vague TOS cuz those definitely need to be addressed. Ty for all your hard work as mods ♥
Sent by peace123,Apr 23, 2021
not too important of a question but:
has there been any possible talk of removing casting from rotations or removing rotations altogether? Many people have talked about how they think the problem was the bad payouts, and now it´s free and better payouts.
Sent by Yawnha,Apr 23, 2021
Can we talk about the users who hacked inactive user accounts to spend all the account T’s on designs for them and their friends? And then locking the OG users out of their account and holding the account for ransom.

Several users who did this are very active on this website.

I think there should be some forum where people who have had their accounts stolen, if they can provide sufficient proof, should be able to get their accounts back, as well as the assailants being permanently banned.

No room for people who steal people’s personal property and accounts, especially when real life currency can and is used on this website.
Sent by austino15fffan,Apr 23, 2021
It seems to me like the baseline for racism on this site is saying the n-word. Why do you ban black users for using it and allow people to say subtly or jokingly racist comments without a ban just because they didn't use a slur?

Happy w the work y'all are doing and even happier that you guys are taking in critiques! This is the first mod team to do this sort of thing and be this transparent, I'm surprised it took over a decade for a team like this to come together :)

Bonus question would y'all ever consider appointing a secret mod who would share the work with you but not be public knowledge? Or do you think that it's unfair for someone to have the power to ban people without us knowing who they are?
Bonus question 2 do Mod Points still exist LMAO
Sent by etaco75,Apr 24, 2021
Oh and TEA austino15fffan fucking Timberlie tried to do that to me and locked me out for over a year
Sent by etaco75,Apr 24, 2021
one last question would you ever consider making a T_Mod 2.0 account for people to send reports to one user and not the 3 of yall? Or are you worried about it getting hacked again
Sent by etaco75,Apr 24, 2021
opinion on me?
Sent by NicoleF,Apr 24, 2021
slice you are a racist and as someone on the council you need to stop attacking my friend for his skin color, freak.
Sent by Lemjam6,Apr 23, 2021
not racist to white people.... boo hoo you little baby go cry about it
Sent by Slice,Apr 23, 2021

Is laughing about being racist allowed when the "victims" are caucasian?? Asking for a friend.
Sent by FMLWhyAmIBack,Apr 24, 2021
En español x favor soy nuevo aqio y no tengo ni puta idea de ingled
Sent by pulpul,Apr 24, 2021
Whos yall fave tdi character
Sent by TheGoodMan,Apr 24, 2021
Love this.  You guys are doing great!  The site hasn't been this fun in a long time !
Sent by quackattack817,Apr 24, 2021
Lemjam6 I understand where you’re coming from but don’t you think contacting someone’s family would fall under extreme harassment which is against the rules?
Sent by JustMe,Apr 24, 2021
Also, to the mod team. Can we discuss making blog content and game comments only visible to users that are logged on? I know this is an issue for randomize but that would help prevent formerly banned predators from seeing people give contact information in games like hunger and stars.
Sent by JustMe,Apr 24, 2021
Why in survivor when there's 60 food and you eat 6 food it says that you ate 6% of stored food and not 10%? Can you discuss this topic and potentially update it because it's keeping me from wanting to join survivor more
Sent by Natepresnell,Apr 24, 2021
Hi. I live in a state that just made legal the marijuana.

I'm just wondering if it's ok to "go to tokyo" and join a castings?
Sent by Jujubee,Apr 24, 2021
Sent by Admir,Apr 24, 2021
Will people punishments get higher if they keep getting banned for the same things? I don’t think it’s fair for the same people to say a slur just to “take a break” all the time
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Apr 24, 2021
Update on marlakk.
Sent by jdog,Apr 24, 2021
do you like ME! by taylor swift and if not when will you go to therapy to fix that issue?
Sent by paul028,Apr 24, 2021
least favorite tengaged game?
Sent by Singsongers,Apr 24, 2021
Sent by levonini,Apr 24, 2021
When will there be a new game
Sent by Hisoka,Apr 24, 2021
There is a runaway trolley barreling down the railway tracks. Ahead, on the tracks, there are five people tied up and unable to move. The trolley is headed straight for them. You are standing some distance off in the train yard, next to a lever. If you pull this lever, the trolley will switch to a different set of tracks. However, you notice that there is one person on the side track. You have two options:

Do nothing and allow the trolley to kill the five people on the main track.
Pull the lever, diverting the trolley onto the side track where it will kill one person
Sent by Slice,Apr 24, 2021
Discuss the belief that great literature of the twentieth century lacks protagonists who qualify as heroes. (Among the works you discuss, include at least two by the following authors: Anton Chekhov, Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Amy Tan, Chinua Achebe.)
Sent by Kelly0412,Apr 24, 2021
Opinion hehe
Sent by Bluejay7622,Apr 24, 2021
I’d like you to address the whole situation with TAGGING!!! I don’t care about in-blog limits but is there any hope in the world that tag restrictions get some relief?
Also thoughts on Legally Blonde
Sent by Kindred7,Apr 24, 2021
White hate is racist when it comes from the mouth of someone not white
Sent by Crayadian,Apr 24, 2021
Why any spanish or brazilian user is in the tengaged advirsory council?
Sent by David2560,Apr 24, 2021
And u can’t really police who is what around here so it should be unacceptable all together
Sent by Crayadian,Apr 24, 2021
Sent by DaddyDev,Apr 24, 2021
oh yeh kinda agree with Kindred. Are there able to be any restrictions of seeing certain people´s blogs/certain people cant tag you. Just so the filter system is stronger and harassment would be harder.
Sent by Yawnha,Apr 24, 2021
This is a completely unironic request to replace SurvivorFan37 as the 7th member of TAC.
Sent by iSandeh,Apr 24, 2021
My account was made with a very old email address that I no longer have access to. Is there a way I can change it just in case I need to get back into my account?
Sent by cwmoon,Apr 24, 2021
Rank coffee with friends members !
Sent by melindaMrskk,Apr 24, 2021
fave poptart flavor
Sent by BengalBoy,Apr 24, 2021
Has PFL improved or ruined frookies?
Sent by 3pi14159,Apr 24, 2021
Does jaxon deserve the title as the "big dog" of tengaged
Sent by rowjone,Apr 24, 2021
will there ever be an option to change your username on Tengaged. I know I, as well as others, made their accounts when they were younger of age. Is there anyway that y'all can make an update so I can change this name
Sent by cbasscordero,Apr 24, 2021
Some other questions

For groups, will there ever be the chance to know the people who voted in the polls since you only know how many people voted?

When will we receive our "Easter Egg Hunt" T$?

When will Sole Survivor special games return?

Thank you 😁
Sent by Mrkk,Apr 24, 2021
will there be a new game mode soon?
Sent by iiCreazyGX,Apr 24, 2021
gay son or thot daughter?
Sent by KingGeek,Apr 24, 2021

Sent by Jaxon,Apr 24, 2021
-------------------- This has been recorded already --------------------
Sent by brandonpinzu,Apr 24, 2021
Re record it and give me an opinion you thick cunt
Sent by AmandaBynes,Apr 24, 2021
Sent by Machu,Apr 24, 2021
Please end rotations, these ppl are hogging all the frooks games
Sent by Russell11,Apr 25, 2021

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