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All Unnommed Stars Players

2ndMar 15, 2014 by KrisStory
Yes, this is literally EVERY single player to ever go unnommed except for unnommed players who got glitched out. I know like none of you will read all of this but just skim through it!

Some info before you read the rest:
41/106 unnommed people won the game.
16 times did 2 people go unnommed in the same game.
Most times going unnommed for one player was 4 by #surstromming who only won once and #corey1 with 4 who never won going unnommed.
Most Stars wins ever was #Emmaleigh with 6 [15, 24, 33, 59, 95, 139]

When 2 people went to finals unnommed, there votes split and they both lose the game despite their phenomenal game play. This happened almost every time.
When people realized that letting people go unnommed was a dumb idea and the game play of stars evolved, it slowed down a ton.

Some stuff I found while looking through every single pollbox:
Highest win percentage was 59.1% by #jakel0vespickler
Lowest win percentage was 34.1% by #Koin
This was the closest final 3 ever. 34.2% to 33.2% to 32.7%
Lowest percentage in a stars finals was 12.8% by #Gematria
Most nominations in one game was 8 times by #xexplosive

Stars 1- #grayson1001 and #ksax00 (#grayson1001 got 1st while #ksax00 settles for 3rd)

Stars 2- #lexxu (#lexxu received 3rd falling behind the flavor #chels05 who won the game after going up 6 times)

Stars 3- #Lockie (He was also robbed and got 2nd to #Kathreya)

Stars 4- #Aarias (He received 3rd in the closest stars poll ever getting 32.7% in the final vote losing to #richpaca)

Stars 7- #Kathreya (The complete opposite of Stars 3 happened, she got 3rd and #Lockie got 1st)

Stars 10- #jrxox8 and #Maggie (2nd time for 2 people to go unnommed, received 2nd and 3rd to flavor #pogo11)

Stars 11- #Haskova and #Kathreya (#Kathreya's second time to go unnommed, they got 2nd and 3rd to the person who knocked out the flavor, #jensa2011

Stars 15- #Cosgrove and #Daniel (Both robbed as #emmaleigh steals the win from them)

Stars 16- #Surstromming (This wont be his first time going unnommed, but he still lost to #lexxu this time)

Stars 19- #Emmaleigh (Somehow, the popularity threat who wins as a flavor lost to #andyshields as a gameplayer)

Stars 20- #Alisowned (Actually won the game beating out the flavor)

Stars 21- #knixuk (I guess they respect gameplay as two people unnommed in a row win)

Stars 22- #Phanne and #Surstromming (#Phanne wins the game while #surstromming receives 3rd, 2nd time robbed going unnommed)

Stars 24- #Emmaleigh and #uskyld (#emmaleigh actually won this time going unnommed a 2nd time, while #uskyld received 3rd)

Stars 25- #Cosgrove and #2cool4school (IRL brothers make it unnommed together, both lose to #BioDork on the 2nd closest vote ever. Bio only won with 35.3%! #Cosgrove's 2nd time going unnommed and losing)

Stars 26- #Alegeeter (Loses to #EssexGirl who got 42.4% of the vote somehow)

Stars 27- #Emmaleigh and #surstromming (Both their 3rd time going unnommed, and the robs keep coming for #surstromming as he is edged out by #IAmPaxton by 1%)

Stars 29- #Genevere (Wins with 40.9% of the vote)

Stars 30- #AlphaBravo (Receives 2nd against the flavor #xxjaym)

Stars 31- #JJJJ (Wins with 39.5% of the vote, the other two tied for 2nd and 3rd with 30.3%)

Stars 34- #Maggie and #Alegeeter (#Maggie and #Alegeeter's 2nd time going unnommed each lose by a landslide to the flavor #TheGreatXL)

Stars 35- #Imxrated93 (lost to the flavor #Lilyxoxo receiving 3rd place)

Stars 36- #RObbyROb and #Vessa (Robby won while Vessa received 3rd)

Stars 37- #Karim (Beat the flavor #Skeeet in his first stars)

Stars 38- #Corey1 (Gets 3rd to #Maggie lol)

Stars 39- #Surstromming (4 TIMES UNNOMMED AND FINALLY WINS!)

Stars 41- #TheGreatXL (After being the flavor in his last stars, he became the gameplayer and won again)

Stars 42- #Maggie and #Corey1 (His 3rd time going unnommed and finally wins, while #Corey1 gets 3rd after going unnommmed, again)

Stars 43- #BlueLagoon506 (Receives 3rd losing to #Jazz)

Stars 44- #Frozen (Receives 3rd to the flavor #Lonlee)

Stars 45- #andychuck08 and #crazy342 (BOTH lose after the biggest flavor in history #xexplosive is nommed 8 times lol)

Stars 46- #Uskyld (His 2nd time going unnommed was the charm winning with 42%)

Stars 47- #DarkKnight (Loses to #WillyEx big time)

Stars 48- #Jm101 (Receives 3rd to the guy who was nommed 4 times in a row, #skeeet)

Stars 54- #Uskyld (After his 3rd time going unnommed, he loses a 2nd time to a flavor. This time it was #BlackWidow)

Stars 55- #Kaffreya (Wins with 35.7%, one of the closest votes ever!)

Stars 60- #Charming2010 and #Corey1 (#Corey1 gets 3rd again after 3 times unnommed, while #Charming gets 2nd to #Cheznahuf)

Stars 69- #Richpaca and #Skeeet (From flavors to gameplayers, although #skeeet won this game while #richpaca settled for 3rd)

Stars 70- #Lonlee (Also went from flavor to gameplayer, but she won with 35.8%)

Stars 74- #Ryatur20 (Receives 3rd to the flavor #Clayton)

Stars 80- #MoreBeastThanYou (Time and time again he is robbed, this was also the case as he got 2nd to the flavor #MarkiePoo)

Stars 82- #Fiona89 and #Hoodieboy7449 (Receiving 2nd and 3rd to the flavor #ZEEnon, can't say I'm surprised. But they were robbed)

Stars 83- #Holder (Wins with 37.5% in his first stars)

Stars 87- #randomkid22 (Wins with 43.7%, most for any unnommed person I think at this point)

Stars 92- #PinaColada (Wins with 44.2% of the vote)

Stars 93- #MinsiKid (Wins with 39.7% of the vote)

Stars 99- #BbDamian (Wins with 38.2% of the vote)

Stars 102- #Bradd156 (Another close final 3, although he got 2nd to #wwemrpeeps who got 35.2% of the vote... how did this happen lol)

Stars 106- #DiNoM (Wins with 49.1% of the vote)

Stars 108- #TheRealMessiah (Claims he didn't deserve the win so everyone voted for #Bella777 instead)

Stars 113- #jakelovespicklerr (On his previous account he was flavored twice and won both times, this time he took a dose of his own medicine and received 3rd to the flavor #Yoki)

Stars 117- #Austin (Receives 3rd to #Phenomanimal in the first 17 person glitched stars)

Stars 118- #JordanLloydFan (Receives 2nd to the unlikely flavor #someguy123)

Stars 119- #aquamarine (Receives 2nd to the once robbed #Bluelagoon506)

Stars 120- #joe1110 (Doing as he usually does, he logs off for like half the game. But he went all the way this time and still got 3rd to #ZEEnon)

Stars 121- #ronron313 and @TinaBeena (In the 20 person stars, they received 1st and 2nd with #ronron313 getting 39.6% while #TinaBeena lost by only .7%)

Stars 122- #JesseM (Received 3rd to #Etienne who got 37.1% of the vote)

Stars 123- #Pattieilikefun (Wins with 44.4% of the vote)

Stars 125- #DorkishBarbi (Wins with 37.6% of the vote)

Stars 126- #Questionable (Received 2nd place after creating the flavor of #Survivor8)

Stars 128- #ianfitz0012 (Wins with 42.8% of the vote)

Stars 144- #ladylizard (Wins with 35.9% of the vote)

Stars 154- #princesskk (Wins with 40.2% of the vote after many finals, this time unnommed)

Stars 155- #Rockon_88 (Wins with 46.5% of the vote)

Stars 161- #Markb101 (Receives 2nd to #Snoofle who was nommed 4 times)

Stars 162- #aquamarine (2nd time going unnommed was the charm as he won with 45.5%)

Stars 184- #Splozojames50 (2nd place to the flavor #Seal in his first stars)

Stars 188- meduncan (Wins with 43.8% in Partner Stars!)

Stars 192- jm101 (Wins with 39.4% after being robbed countless times after going unnommed, he did it this time)

Stars 215- meduncan (His 2nd time going unnommed didn't get him the win, #SamSam14 won while #meduncan sat in 3rd place)

Stars 225- #jessebruenger (He's never been THAT popular or well known, and getting to finals with #TheSexiestDude990 was the death of him! He took 2nd while Julian walked away with a smile on his face)

Stars 227- Manda17_xoxo and Bradd156 (Once again, when 2 people go unnommed in the same game their votes split. So #bradd156's 2nd time going unnommed still didn't pay off as he took 3rd, #manda17_xoxo took 2nd, and #Dools won)

Stars 234- joey96 (Won with 38.5%)

Stars 236- charming2010 (2nd time was the charm for him! Won with 44.2%)

Stars 237- jakel0vespicklerr (His 2nd time going unnommed on his 2nd account where he became a gameplayer instead of a flavor paid off as he won with 45.2%)

Stars 242- robinhood99 (In his 1st stars, he was triumphed by the old school player #frozen who finally got his stars win. Although #robinhood99 was robbed taking 2nd place, #frozen had the same thing happen to him once, but he won as a flavor!)

Stars 251- simplyobsessed (Received 2nd place to the vloging goddess #Jenzie)

Stars 257- SilentSwordsman (The noob who shocked everyone.... won with 41.1% of the vote breaking the unnommed person losing streak)

Stars 258- #alireza1373 (I'm sorry but how THE FUCK did they let this guy go unnommed? One of the most well loved users of 2013, one of the best strategists, and they let him go unnommed. He Won with 48.3% of the vote)

Stars 268- Shawnpat7 (Won with 35.2% of the vote. Should have been much more as this guy is truly a top tier strategist on this site, and they didn't even see him coming)

Stars 272- Lexxxy (Won with 38.8% of the vote just barely beating out the 2nd place person by .4%)

Stars 273- NexusCain (A no bull shit kinda guy who won with 46.1% of the vote. An amazing game player on the site, not surprised he did it.

Stars 279- #Corey1 (4th time going unnommed was NOT the charm. In the first 18 person stars he went unnommed and surprisingly took 2nd with 22.4% after the smart move of bringing both #Thumper91 and #cfff to finals so that #cfff's and #thumper91's votes would split. Although, #Thumper91 still killed it with 58.4% of the vote.)

Stars 280- asz9191 (after going unnommed, he loses to #BbDamian)

Stars 286- Sweet_Susan (Although not being on much in the beginning, he against all odds made it unnommed in like his 20th stars. He won with 42.0%, beating out the flavor #Meduncan and #Maxi1234)
Who will be next?

Stars 288- vixanu (#Vixanu is robbed of a stars win after playing a spectacular game once again. He loses to the flavor #Bridgette77 who got 42.1% while he settled for 2nd place with 33.8%)

Stars 291- phenomanimal (#Phenomanimal, despite his popularity AND #Thumper91's popularity, he against all odds went unnommed and beat out the most popular person on tengaged with more than 10% getting 47.1% of the vote.)

Stars 298- bb5lover (Being countered 8 times total starting day 1, he controlled the game and had a tight alliance of people who were loyal to him. Every time someone tried to get him out, he got rid of them. This was the best stars player I ever met, nuff said. He finally got his deserved win after going unnommed with 39.6%)

Stars 299- sahmosean (Amazing gameplay, pushing through the game with a tight alliance. At Final 5, 3 people were unnominated, and HE was the one who was able to go unnominated. In the end, he got his deserved win with 40.0%.)

Stars 303- eyoomarcus (Took 2nd place with 36.3% to #clueliz who got 44.9%, the flavor)

Stars 305- mikespike (Won his FIRST stars unnommed with 39.3%)

Stars 306- funnehliner (Underdog unnommed win with 43.6% against one of the most popular people on the site)

Stars 309- kentuckyy (Lost to #Gagaluv instead of winning for the 2nd time 39.1% to 35.0%)

Stars 314- mcbenjamin and ticofernandez (They got what happens to almost everyone who goes unnommed with two people, 2nd and 3rd from votes splitting. #monique90210 got 52.2% of the vote while Tico and Ben settled with 25.1% and 22.7%)

Stars 319- SurvivorFreak13 (Lost to #Carlisle, who lost to #funnehliner the last time someone went unnommed in a Stars he was in finals. Dylan was robbed and got 36.7% of the vote while Carlisle got 39.2%. After running the game and playing great socially and strategically, he still came up short.)

Stars 322- Coreyants (Yeah, that's right fucking Corey won stars before me UNNOMMED with 40.8% of the vote.)

Stars 327- jojo7784 (Biggest fluke Stars win ever, only reason he went unnommed is because everyone thought he was getting algoed but the #randomize added the update. This win shouldn't even be on this list lol. Sorry Jojo but its true :x your win is extremely controversial and you should've gotten 4th-7th place, not an unnommed stars win)


there i am!
Sent by meduncan,Mar 15, 2014
this will never be me :(
Sent by NotAfraid,Mar 15, 2014
Sent by BBlover96,Mar 15, 2014
Sent by LeXXXy,Mar 15, 2014
Stars 227- Manda17_xoxo and Bradd156 (Once again, when 2 people go unnommed in the same game their votes split. So #bradd156's 2nd time going unnommed still didn't pay off as he took 3rd, #manda17_xoxo took 2nd, and #Dools won)

Sent by BBlover96,Mar 15, 2014
i heard Reza is going to turn gay for me, stay tuned TG!
Sent by CutieAmy,Mar 15, 2014
SilentSwordsman is #I_PulldaStrings I hope you know

But wow how did you have the time to do all this, someone's dedicated! (or obsessed idk)
Sent by chrisw756,Mar 15, 2014
Excuse me... I went unnommed :S... With JesseBruenger (my bff)
Sent by JetsRock12,Mar 15, 2014
Going unnommed is soooo hard. Top respect to everyone that does it. :)
Sent by tinabeena,Mar 15, 2014
I remember most of those stars games. And I sure won't ever go unnominated. I suck.
Sent by Megan,Mar 15, 2014
lmao what a loser #surstromming going unnommed 4 times to only win once

he must have been HATED

right, frontierpsychiatrist?
Sent by lemonface,Mar 15, 2014
lemonface emmaleigh went unnommed like 3 times and lost 2 times when she went unnommed. So I think what happened is he kept going unnommed with another person (like 2 or 3 times) and the votes just kept splitting and he kept losing. This just shows that popularity has always been over game play.
Sent by KrisStory,Mar 15, 2014
Me making a special appearance on this list
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Mar 15, 2014
I thought my unnommed victory was forgotten, but it lives on! < 3
Sent by princesskk,Mar 15, 2014
Yes love it !
Sent by shawnpat7,Mar 15, 2014
lol i am actually on this list! Hate going unnommed
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Mar 15, 2014
OMG. I read all of it. Idk why. .-. Grats unnominated ppl
Sent by MileyTwerk,Mar 15, 2014
Stars 31- #JJJJ (Wins with 39.5% of the vote, the other two tied for 2nd and 3rd with 30.3%)
That adds up to 100.1%
Sent by muffinman,Mar 15, 2014
muffinman lots of stars finals add up to 100.1% and even 99.9%. Go back and check out some stars and you'll see what I'm talking about.

mileytwerk I'm happy you enjoyed the blog.
Sent by KrisStory,Mar 15, 2014
Nice job Krisstory
Sent by pens87,Mar 15, 2014
I almost went un-nommed! :(
Sent by SexyBanana,Mar 15, 2014
There I am :P

I made sure I was only one unnommed by nomming william3 for 5th ( srry bud ;()
and he trusted me
Sent by Robinhood99,Mar 15, 2014
Stars 33, Emmaleigh's 3rd win, I got 2nd. ^_^
Sent by Yoshitomi,Mar 15, 2014
Stars 122- JesseM (Received 3rd to #Etienne who got 37.1% of the vote)

Sent by Etienne,Mar 15, 2014
I love that I was around for da old stars
Sent by andychuck08,Mar 15, 2014
not to discredit them but it just seems like going unnommed was a lot more common in the earlier era ... for example since stars 200 13 ppl have done it while 59 ppl were unnommed in the first 100 (which is an avg of more than one per game) and only 23 people in the second 100 game portion ..
Sent by alireza1373,Mar 15, 2014
alireza1373 I remember stars games back in the day having so many more strategic players.   A lot more than you see in stars games today.  So that may also be a factor.
Sent by andychuck08,Mar 15, 2014
Stars 69- #Richpaca and #Skeeet (From flavors to gameplayers, although they both lost to the flavor #konohavillage1)

pssssssst skeeet won that one
Sent by konohavillage1,Mar 15, 2014
This blog is more than a bit presumptuous, going unnommed DOES mean amazing gameplay in some circumstances but not always. to really say that each of these people were "robbed" would be to say that knowing the mechanics of the particular game (which you don't know) and the public opinions of that specific time on tengaged (which, unless you're a multi, you have no way of knowing pre-2010), their strategy to go un-nommed was superior and therefore more deserving of a win.
But then we get into the territory of the conversation: Can it really make sense to SAY that someone who did not win deserved it? The "robbed" people who went unnominated lost their games because they did not acquire enough votes; they weren't deprived of their win by a fluke or a trick, but by failing to measure up on the scale that determines who wins DIRECTLY.
Therefore, I hold that none of these people deserved it, and therefore none were "robbed". Agree with other comments saying going unnommed meant something different in earlier stars. Personally, I feel that going un-nommed is a bit overinflated in current importance. Stars is, at the core, a popularity contest, but many people overcomplicate their votes more now by making assumptions on the game based on very little evidence (the nominations are all we can see) and deeming a person as having played a better game. In this context, going un-nominated is smart, but not infallible; a strong public game is always necessary.
So good on you for collecting on this data, but it annoys that you have the nerve to judge who deserved to win.
Sent by mahogany,Mar 15, 2014
mahogany many times going unnominated means the best gameplay, but I agree that quite often it's not (very rare nowadays for someone to go unnommed anyway).  The most difficult Stars I ever played was going from 16th to unnominated for the rest of the game.
Sent by Sebbers,Mar 15, 2014
@alireza1372 andychuck08 i think its cuz the evicted nominations didn't count until about stars 50 (i think)
Sent by BengalBoy,Mar 15, 2014
That early list is full of people who helped shape me as a player on Tengaged when you look at it as a whole though that is a list of strong players
Sent by NexusCain,Mar 15, 2014
Sent by ianfitz0012,Mar 15, 2014
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Mar 15, 2014
I was in stars 227 where Those two players went unommed and Dools won. if i'm going to be honest, it wouldn't have mattered if only one of them made it unommed because Dools was going to win no matter what, he was THAT popular! :P
Sent by aimers,Mar 15, 2014
mahogany, yes I understand that. Not ALL of them were robbed but I'm am sure at least some were robbed.
Sent by KrisStory,Mar 15, 2014
#skeeet won stars 69 btw KrisStory not konohavillage1 :p
Sent by lonlee,Mar 15, 2014
lonlee konohavillage1 thanks lol
Sent by KrisStory,Mar 15, 2014
highest % of eviction??
Sent by coreyants,Mar 15, 2014


^That's the highest.  Not sure what Stars # it is though.
Sent by Sebbers,Mar 15, 2014
KrisStory how many months did it take you to obtain all that data? i couldn't even get past reading the first paragraph.
Sent by LittleBrother123,Mar 15, 2014
littlebrother123 I did it all last night :)

sebbers it was stars 18
Sent by KrisStory,Mar 15, 2014
I miss #Holder
Sent by capguy1,Mar 15, 2014
wow :)
Sent by k4r4k,Mar 16, 2014
Sent by GoodPlay,Mar 16, 2014
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Sep 29, 2016

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