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4 PrinceVans, Dec 8, 2018

Meet Doug/#wwemrpeeps


What the fuck

2 mastropola, Nov 26, 2018

is Firewolf talking about? O.O
Idk WHO let this get ranked but yall are CRACKED if you plussed it unironically.
I'm gonna go down the list abt every "renovation" he thinks we should make.
1. Be nicer/more welcoming to new players
This isn't a completely *horrible* idea, but it's somehow the most unrealistic on the list. Nobody here is gonna be nicer & that's not me trying to write off this blog as fast as I can, it just WON'T happen. Some people are still here kicking after a decade and aren't going to change their whole demeanor/self/character or what have you just so _Mesothelioma_ can feel more welcomed on the blogs page. Additionally, I'd say like 85% of all "new" accounts made in the past like YEAR are multis so it isn't much of a stretch for us to jump to that conclusion?
2. Stop complaining about changes/appreciate the changes
You're throwing the word "good" out pretty fast and loose huh? The Stars change was not a POSITIVE change. It wasn't even in the top 75 changes the site needs, and it made the payouts even worse lmao. I can't imagine making it 3/4 of the way into what's supposed to be the most "elite" game and then getting a hot 0T$ prize. (I also cant imagine getting 2nd and not even making a profit but go off). People are complaining about multis because Admin doesn't have any tools at their disposal other than the overwhelming public lashing they get every second Wednesday of the month and overturn the ban they made for banning someone for having a copywritten gif on their profile. It's almost like thanking someone for cleaning HALF of their room?
3. Join games to get them to fill instead of complaining
I will be the FIRST one to bitch about games not filling. The FIRST. Fact of the matter is, I don't want to wait the 5 hours its STILL gonna take to officially fill when I snag the 4th of 13 spots, and then the additional 4 hours the game is going to take with the people who gave up waiting that are now inactive. Games don't fill because the formats have aged like Gagaluv over the past 10 years. *Glares immediately at Rooks*
4. Join charities instead of complaining about a lack of them
Again, the one singular decision of joining a game isn't going to REALLY make it fill faster. Nobody wants to help a stranger when they can do nothing and make 60T$ off of the game lol. This one wasn't a very thought out idea was it? The only people who would make the utilitarian choice to join charities so the rest of the site can benefit are GoodKaren and #Wwemrpeeps but he *allegedly* likes to flirt with minors so I guess we'll just be poor.
5. Don't bully/complain about bullying/be a hypocrite
I don't think anyone other than Purple levels actually complain about bullying, and I don't think anyone other than those on the same..


whats in common with

2 PrinceVans, Oct 13, 2018

#wwemrpeeps and the tortoise?


Who’s multi is this?

18 Kelly2722, Aug 26, 2018

I’m guessing it’s somebody who was banned so like my initial thought is #wwemrpeeps Bc he’s a designer and had a terrible reputation. He had this to say:
I haven't told anyone who I was and I'm certainly not going to tell you
I started over for a reason I didn't want to be known as my old profile.
Sent by GoldBlooded,Aug 26, 2018
Soooooo thoughts?


Every 1 point

2 Geazybeast21, Aug 7, 2018

Ill explain why Maturo should be banned again.
1 - he's the reason why #WweMrPeeps likes kids
2 - he just made a nice blog about
3 - He is bitter that Admin didn't rig any stars for him
4 - He liked a slut named anthousai
5 - He told the kid that 9 + 10 was 21
6 - He wants EliOrtiz1234 shipped back to Puerto Rico
7 - Hes the reason jucie wrld see's shadows in his room


Im so sorry

1 Geazybeast21, Aug 7, 2018

Eliortiz1234 im cheating on you with #WweMrpeeps


LMFAO *3 days later*

1 PrinceVans, Aug 3, 2018

I have been friends with peeps
Aug 1, 2018 by C00LDUDE1000         
Since I was fucking ELEVEN and nothing illegal has happened?
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Honestly, Doug

3 _Adidas_, Aug 2, 2018

It doesn't hurt me to call you out on these allegations
You yourself never addressed it, yet time after time they were being brought up. You did this to yourself knowing what you said and continued to do so after being called out for it. I don't give a fuck if you're my friend/have been a good ally, if you do something that goes against my morals I will call you out on it. #wwemrpeeps



3 bamold1999, Aug 2, 2018




16 CORNACIA, Aug 1, 2018

I wasn’t going to say anything about the whole #wwemrpeeps thing, butttttt I have some... tea. A while ago, I joined a castings and made friends with a “girl” named @Sofie who seemed pretty nice. I continued talking with “her” until one day “she” made a blog saying she was leaving tg. A lil bit of time passes, and I receive a message from none other than peeps himself. I was confused. Eventually, he sent a message saying “you know me” which confused the hell out of me. I replied, asking who he was, and he said Sofie. I looked back today at “Sofie” and HIS ACCOUNT IS ACTIVE AGAIN. Right after peeps got banned. I’ll show the receipts soon, but for now I’ve gotta go do something irl lol. Long story short, HE IS STILL ON THE SITE. I don’t know what else to do lol
EDIT: proof
http://imgur.com/6nG6I0K “sofie” messaging me after this blog
http://imgur.com/rWMVtBY the original message of peeps saying he’s sofie
OH he’s banned now woo



60 TaraG, May 19, 2018

and I will tell you if you have ever disappointed me!
EDIT- if you are filtered, you disappointed me more then you will ever know
#wwemrpeeps yes you did when you deleted me from skype for no reason
#Ethan000 , hmm, I don't remember, but I am sure you have, I mean, look at ur #1 friend
#jackyboy you know you have, but I have forgiven you
#Kandee_ no! I love you!
#gagaluv nope, you never disappointed me either <3
#HUNTERBC88 nope, I don't think you have ever given me a reason too
#2388 Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
JesseM never ever, good luck in stars xox
#Arris no, I don't think so
BengalBoy sometimes yes, sometimes no :P
Matte no, you do the opposite all the time <3
#MarieEve you have never disappointed me  :D
WpwSers196 no! I love you !
#Birks4444 no you never have :)
#Burgerman2929292 yes, you have disappointed me terribly! Ever since you told me how thunder cunt controls your mind, I dont even want to try with you
#Sameed27 no you haven't<3
#JSBReality you are another who does the complete opposite of disappointing <3
#woeisme actually... ur pms have been disappointing me for awhile!
#purplebb4 no you have never :)
#Spicoli yes, when you had removed me as a friend! But you put me back, so all is good <3
#ILoveLarry never, ever :)
#FireWolf not on this account, but on ur other yes, when you and niko were going at each other
spikedcurley ugh, when it comes to you I just disappoint myself..
#JonMcGillis I don't think so, I don't even think we have ever talked
#Lazeric no ily
#Philip13 you had disappointed me, but lets hope you don't again!
astone929 in our 1st ever game together you disappointed me soo much!!! But you made up for it <333
#Zofia no way :)
iamremedy you are such a sweetie jeddiepooh, how could you disappoint anyone?!
#Amnesia_ yes during frooks
adamgrant YES! everytime I join a casting and you aren't in it!  I <3 you!
#RedFabFoxy you know you did in hunger
#Dukeyy no I dont think you ever have
#GoodKaren absolutely not, you are good karen! <3
#mario23 no you never have
damo1990 your name seems familiar, but I don't remember from where
MJFJUNE no, because I don't think we ever talked
Minie I don't think so.
Silver09 no you never have
ASBO_Mummy No, I miss you and red!
TJ2807 yes you have, the 1st frooks we played after I found out you were from montreal. I thought we would work together, but you didn't think so
FireX  yes, when you share ur password after telling me you don't :P
Christian37 no you never have
LucasToledo_15 no you never have :)
ParvatiS nope
Katherinee_ no I don't think so
RobbX2 You never disappointed me, I never expected more from you..


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