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4thJul 29, 2018 by Absol
ill rank you (actually) based on your profile and give a bit of reasoning as to why i like it/don't like it
GoodKaren - the ezgif loadcat ALONE kinda just won you the top spot, but ur profile is full of gems. doesn't overstay its welcome while also selling the goodkaren brand very well
#SurvivorFan37 - Now, I don't have to be a psychiatrist (and I'm not) to tell you that this is an anger fueled profile, but it also illustrates something interesting. Given how he only views importance in his group game records and hate comments, and immediately dismisses mine upon statement, I can only assume that Will is a pathological narcissist who has never felt love in his life and is sub-consciously very sad.
mastropola - this is another high-quality profile. i like the text-only format and how the entire profile is just a bunch of jumps from one topic to another about your tengaged career. very iconic and brings back a lot of memories
BengalBoy - a bonafide profile artist. i'm a big fan of this much simpler profile (although your old profile was lovely too) with a cute gif and a few silly quotes. keep up the good work mate
#Halloween - your profile is an exercise in minimalism. loving the short and sweet info that also conveys a lot. kiss?
#C00LDUDE1000 - king of finally realizing his profile was too long but also saving all the iconic things from his profile while not sacrificing too much in terms of personality on his NEW profile... ugh you did snap
Blingbae - this profile is very cute. its a pretty comfortable length and your self description made me laugh cuz i relate. love the rest of the way the profile is arranged, too. i have a thing for lowercase typing. no idea what the gifs are but they're cool looking.
JonMcGillis - the only-text profile is a very nice look. makes it very simple & clean. i love how on-brand everything feels and i really might have to take a look at that tengaged discord
GrrrImABear - minimalist chic. loving it. i like the simple & quick statistics as well as the liberal use of emojis. also we love a ghetto but eloquent winner of rpdr 11
allieboballie - iconic gif, iconic user. nothing more needs to be said
Burgerman2929292 - very aesthetically intact. the choice to lead in with the christian copypasta is a fun one, i usually just see that buried into huge profiles with 80 copypastes on them and this is just a better execution of using that copypaste. otherwise im a fan of all the info/music/burger gifs. lookin foine.
mathboy9 - i like your profile because the song is good and loona is also good. everything else looks nice but your profile's gif to text ratio is kinda off
QueenOfFierce - ugh yes! glad ur back and expressing ur sexuality and royalty again. the tengaged popularity tournament was rigged against you and you deserved your win :(
Maxi1234 - simple and aesthetically pleasing. no lies detected either. buy number 1 angel on itunes.
Guigi - a really long profile, but for some reason you get away with it. i feel like everything goes well together and even the more mundane stuff is nice to look at because of all the little notes and fun trivia you add. you kinda just carry the entire profile with such a personal flair.
#Java9044 - Your profile is loaded with fierce gifs/vines but it does get a little long :/
Pokepat - I like the way everything is arranged, it feels really natural and is just nice to look at. The gifs at the bottom are fun and I get a good idea of who you are based on your profile, which is always nice.
#paige54 - wasnt a huge fan of ari during the dangerous woman era but now i am lmao. i love a good amount of skype logs on profiles too, i like the banter between friends. makes me wish i had some friends
Cyrus - 7/10 needs more loona
marieeve - very cute/concise profile. just based off ur profile i feel like there should be more people like you in the world
koolness234 - this profile has a lot of good tidbits and gifs but it's pretty all over the place. the block of text at the end is iconic tho. stan sharapova.
xxLoveWakizaxx - cute, but theres a lot of stuff that could be cut down. my favorite part is the first little bit and the rest is very organized, even if its a lot to read thru.
admir im ctfu at the gifs, but it could use a little more too.
brandt69 - new romantics is probably one of my favorite songs off of 1989 even if i do hate that album. another brief and consumable profile and i like the unironic use of the Check my blog: feature its very you
bigbrotherlover7 - not super into khalid but i like the song. otherwise ur profile is pretty simple and to the point, and i can appreciate that. i think adding a little more could do a lot tho.
#rellizuraddixion - LMAO why do i have a feeling that "i love Rachel Reilly she was on big brother 12 and 13. she won big brother 13 and all my games will have something to do with racheal." is a little old!! i still respect it tho, thats a legend. otherwise the rest of your profile is a pretty good look, probably exactly 1 too many copypastas
ghrocky100 - not bad, could probably use a little cutting down. idk, i dont hate anything about it in particular but the flow of reading through the entire profile is a little off
chillum - love the content of the profile, both songs, the quote, the group game stuff, but it just kinda looks ugly in the way it's all arranged
arcaninemaster - michelle is underrated. i like looking at your profile but im not really sure why. every individual tidbit is trivial but i just like the way its arranged and the feeling it gives me.
rawr25 - your profile layout is alright but im not a huge fan of the song and its a little... empty.
PureEssence - i like the gif and the song but it could use more
LaFierceBrittany2 - well... you didnt lie
adeleadele - not a huge adele fan so you kinda lose me for the first half... i dont really understand anythign the second half is saying but i guess grats on TSC 293: 1st/20 (96 Points)- 100% (Current Highest Placement) :( sorry for cyberbullying
potatosalad although i love the high-concept choice of leaving the name field blank, this profile doesn't do much for me otherwise. i love the song but thats all it is rupaul x:
#ashszoke - josh martinez is, in fact, a king
batya - bret aint all that
#Blitszims - A little boring, but very functional. I'm a fan.
C_Shizz96 - somewhat basic. you have good faves tho.
#Christian_ - (ty first of all i love that gif and that character so much) i like the "Huh" and the shoutout to lavaworks and... whoever smallest of cats is. the rest is zzzz
#bigdizzleyomama - bring back ur RP relationships to ur main profile or i boycott 😡😡😡


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Oh now this will be interesting
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I don’t rly care tbh but
makes your profile 10/10 and anyone who disagrees is WRONG
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Paige :)
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Karen :)
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tea my profile is boring af I had to make it relate to me somehow altho I’m shocked I’m not dead last
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15 p
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drag me
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Hey me
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달콤한 그 맛 Ice Cream Cake
특별해질 오늘에 어울리는 맛으로
입가에 묻은 Ice Cream에
네 가슴 두근거려 내게 다가 오겠죠
It’s so tasty Come and chase me
못 참겠어 I Scream, You Scream
Gimme that, Gimme That Ice Cream
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hello me
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mine is a bit of a mess
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Cyrus Oh vanilla chocolate honey with a cherry on top
매일 다양하게 보여줄게 너에게만
무지갤 그려대는 저 분수대 보다 난
사랑을 그려내는 네게 좀 더 끌릴 거야
넌 나를 데리고 떠나 어서 떠나
조그만 스쿠터에 태워봐 oh 날
Uh 네 허릴 감싸는 내 손에 오늘이
다 가도 맘이 두근두근 거리지
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I wonder what made it be time
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do me
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do mine
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