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ok here's my take May 31, 2020
crime is fun and you should do it
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reading this blogs page May 28, 2020
maybe black lives... do matter

crazy how a couple blogs about racism changed my mind completely. i used to be an alt-righter who enjoyed watching the deaths of minorities on liveleak, but now i start every day with a glass of soy milk and kissing my lovely non-gender-conforming partner
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my future nostalgia takes May 11, 2020
here it is: the long-awaited, not-really-expected future nostalgia review blog. i usually post music related stuff on tg but i like making long blogs like these once in a while about albums that i think tengaged engages with because it's fun to see what people think of my opinions and what i think of theirs! if you have issues with anything i say in this blog, that sucks! my opinion probably won't change but i'd love to discuss why i should quit the site because i didn't give your favorite song a good enough score.

i've done some of these before, but i think for this ~review~ i'm gonna add scores and just go track by track. this is an album i'm pretty excited to talk about, hence the massive blog for it.

TRACK 1 - FUTURE NOSTALGIA - so, this album starts off with the title track, which i think is a good choice and a good mood-setter. miss lipa sounds very confident, i love the beat, the hi-hats and the really punchy synths sound lovely. the build-up to the chorus is really solid. i love the hook too, she sounds so amazing when she hops into her higher register all soft and sexy. i like the bridge of like "i can't teach a man how to wear his pants" like get them. there's a LOT to love on this song in my opinion, the entire theme of the song of her bridging these older sounds with the more futuristic hyper-pop that we've been seeing lately just really sells the album for me. 10/10

TRACK 2 - DON'T START NOW - DID A FULL 180... CRAZY... amazing start and i love the melody to start off the song with the bassline in the back. the instrumental builds up very well to the chorus without feeling like a cop-out. speaking of the chorus, like... woah. lyrically it's amazing and the performance is again really solid. i love the piano/synth line it fits very well. it all comes together really well. the bridge is kind of a moment for me with all the little vocal edits and the change-up, but i wish it kind of went a little harder in any area. either way super cute song super cute concept. 8/10

TRACK 3 - COOL - now THIS is a synth line, honey. whoever produced this album (i could check but i'm too lazy to) was in their fucking bag. i LOVE the instrumental here so much that i don't really pay much attention to anything else, but dua's voice again really hits right here. i especially love the hook because it's like oh i'm like CRAZY for this guy but i'm still confident and know what i'm doing, and i like it. and i like that for her. very pretty song, again love love love the synths and all-around very lovely to listen to. 9/10

TRACK 4 - PHYSICAL - honestly this is one of the first like very "nostalgic" moments for me on future nostalgia, kind of flipping the iconic olivia newton-john song of the same name. i'm not like a super old music fan so the comparison isn't like HUGE for me but i can still get into it. anyways this is like one of my fave choruses on the album, the synth line like SOARING but not taking away from dua's performance because she's singing her heart out... like wow. i also like how the lyrics get a little futuristic to kind of bring that element to the forefront. anyways yeah still never gonna get over the chorus, love the verses, etc. also the bridge??? she ate that shit right up. let's get physical! 10/10

TRACK 5 - LEVITATING - i'm a very big levitating fan, it is probably the most futuristic song for me, i love the way the synths bump and the rhythm she sings over it in the verses is like... i would go so far as to consider them "bars". dua rap album when? anyways yeah continuing on i'm all about this song, this is 1 million percent my favorite hook/pre-chorus. i feel like there is a lot more i could say but it's hard for me to explain when i REALLY like something as compared to when i like something. omg also the bridge??? the bridge, hello??? what is the accent and why do i love it? also the change-up on the 3rd prechorus... that bass. wow woah wow. i love how the original melody carries on but there's a new synth that works just as well but it's not as bouncy. she's got some legs. just everything is perfect and amazing and we love dua lipa. omg we stan. we stan. 10/10 would be an 11 if that existed

TRACK 6 - PRETTY PLEASE - honestly... i LIKE this song a lot but i think i give it a lot of credit for doing things i like and i don't mind the parts that i don't care for because they don't ruin the song for me. first off, the performance is amazing. super sexy super confident etc. very on brand for the duanator. that being said, i think this is one of the moments where the instrumental doesn't hook me as much. i love the bassline but there's like a plucky guitar-y synthy line in there that... could do more for me. also the breakdown in the bridge is alright, but it just reads more as like "see? future!" than it feeling like it fits in the song well. that's just me tho, and i still like the song overall, just a few stumbles. 7/10

TRACK 7 - HALLUCINATE - this is kind of the conversation. this is probably the most high-energy song on the album, and it definitely works. the bassline/drums have a nice kick and the synth is a little muted but i think it's more of a benefit than a drawback. i kind of dig the string samples that come out later into the song. otherwise i also am in love w/ the chorus here, ava max is like shaking rn at the mi-mi-mi-mind melody. that final chorus ALWAYS like takes me the fuck out because it comes out of nowhere. all really solid, definitely another huge highlight on the record. i wish it was a little more post-poppy because im a pc music incel but it is still really lovely. 9/10

TRACK 8 - LOVE AGAIN - this intro is something fierce. i am a slut for a string section, and like... the song only really improves for me. i like how this song really FEELS like future nostalgia, there isn't really a character break but it gives me the vibe of an older song that was kind of brought into this time. the performance is fucking everything, the way she sings "god damn, you got me in love again..." i have to replay it constantly because i just... something like clicks within me it's not even explainable. everything really works here for me, i'd like a little more intensity from the performance as the song builds, since the instrumental definitely starts going off. but yeah everything just clicks with this song in a way that some of the other nostalgic songs don't really achieve, and the song concept is mega cute. 9/10

TRACK 9 - BREAK MY HEART - don't even know where to start with this song because i love everything here. i like how the instrumental slowly fades in as she starts singing, the little hi-hats are so cute i love them. the pre-chorus really gets me in the zone, and then the chorus just hits with that like amazing rhythm and the little explosions of synths? strings? (no idea) that actually remind me a little of the last song... i want more. and then she gives us more with the second verse and pre-chorus. like how did she work that??>? how did i already think the song was perfect and then watch it get better? bridge is amazing too since i didn't mention it. anyways the song concept is just amazing and i could go on and on about all the little bells and whistles in the instrumental that i love but i think the point has been made. 10/10

TRACK 10 - GOOD IN BED - oh... this is kind of where i hop off the future nostalgia express. i don't mind the instrumental it sounds okay, but the performance on this song is kinda uggo, except for the pre-chorus. the actual chorus just sucks so much you can't get over it. i don't know what possessed her to pull the dumbass "rhyme the words mad bad and sad" trick as if she had a good take on it. also this song is like... about an abusive relationship that just subsists on them having good sex? kind of sours the last track for me too, but that's an aside. i just think the song concept really turns me off. there's SOME moments in this song i like but it's dragged down by the glaring potholes. i was hoping she would stick the landing but she did such fucking insane gymnastics through the first 9 track that i'm not shocked she broke like 7 bones here. 4/10

TRACK 11 - BOYS WILL BE BOYS - hmm. this is probably the biggest question mark on the album for me. like i've already said, the inclusion of like a "feminist" song was an ok choice until i heard good in bed. there's some like really weird talking points in the song (the "incase you need it mansplained" line comes to mind), but also some good ones (mostly the first verse). anyways i don't really wanna be like "omg this song doesn't appeal to my ideology so i don't like it!!!" or whatever because that's retarded and i can enjoy a song i disagree with. anyways instrumentally/melodically i don't find it half bad. i think the start is cute and the harmonies at the end are pretty lovely, but the song doesn't really do that much for me once the chorus hits. anyways it's a good attempt at making a "feminist" song but i think it misses the mark for me personally, both sonically and argumentatively. 7/10

overall i think the album is really good, actually! many more hits than misses for me, and there's only one song i really feel the desire to skip. looking forward to whatever she releases next and hope that she takes this sound and concept even further, but maybe from a different angle! yay

thanks for joining the future nostalgia review program. the gift shop is to your left, and if you have any questions, comments, or strongly-worded opinions, please post them below! i love arguing over music so i might reply. hee. might make more of these too, i was thinking maybe sawayama next! :3

@others idk pyn if you want to be tagged in future blogs
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۞ May 9, 2020
im like reblogs a popular opinion for plusses

anyone else think we should be nice to each other online? :) + if you agree :)
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۞ Mar 31, 2020
stop spoiler tagging your shitty opinions. you aren't fucking spoiling anything. shut up. fuck you.
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۞ Mar 1, 2020
cis people who put their pronouns in their bio

like not to be a cunt but what??? are you scared that someone on the internet will misgender you??? omg is it gonna trigger the dysphoria you dont have????
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