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24 SmoothStalker12, Jul 6, 2018

Happy Birthday Olivia x o x o! I want to apologize for not making some sexy video like the past 2 years, times are tough after your laptop stops working, I’m sure you know the struggle of Wales being 30 years behind America’s technology. ANYWAY, I wanted to at least compile some birthday messages from the actors you pay to pretend to like you on this gay barbie site. As all the messages say below, I hope you have a wonderful birthday full of fun, love, and cheer. Before we continue on with the messages from the rest below, I want to genuinely thank you for your friendship to me. You came into my life while I was a socially awkward 16 year old who had no idea where I was going in life. You were there for me every day after school to give me constant laughs and would even text me on kik during the school day, scandalous! Looking back, I truly think you have made such a positive impact on my life. You helped me build up my confidence, helped show me that not all girls have cooties (even though you do) and really to step outside my comfort zone. You were a large factor in me studying abroad and I cannot thank you enough for demanding me to take that opportunity since it really was such a turning point in my life. And now, a few words from many str8 boiz, some flaming homos, and a few girls. Happy Bday!        ~C A L V I N
Happy birthday soul sister!!! 24 and starting your full time job?! Oh my gosh we have come a long way from shy teens to proper full grown adults now! You are and continue to be one of the most supportive, caring and kind hearted people (both online and offline) I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Oh and you’re always unintentionally funny which I love! I can’t wait to visit Wales and party your birthday away! Hope you have an amazing day! Love you lots and lots xx #LewisC
Happy birthday drunk ~ #brenla
Ollie girl, all the best on your birthday! Congrats on graduating this year, I'm really proud of you! It's been a pleasure getting to know you all of there years. I hope someone gives you a minion cake. My favorite memory of you is knowing that I could turn to you during certain hard times last year and you were always there to listen! I love you and really appreciate that! Just know i'll always be there for you as well, even if we don't get to talk that often. Happiest birthday, bro woeisme
Happy birthday Olivia! Haha you're old. Probably my favorite person on this site and one of the few reasons I probably haven't left again, very glad I've gotten to know you more and more over the past year, turns out Welsh girl = best girl! You've definitely been there for me a lot in the very rare occasions when I'm serious, and that is very much appreciated. It's been a joy watching you go through the hell of finishing school since I've already done it ha (maybe less so for..


I'm Back

38 SmoothStalker12, Jun 3, 2017

I just wanted to let all my friend know that I am back in America after being in Europe for over 4 months!!
I don't want to go into too much detail in this blog since I haven't slept in like 36 hours but studying abroad is the best decision any student could ever make in their entire life. I have never been so confident in a statement, studying abroad will give you more than any other semester could ever offer. I had the time of my life and if you have any questions or want to chat about my time, please do mail me :)
I went to 12 countries and made 32 close friends, it's sad to be back in America but I'm so happy to see my family and get back to my camp job :))
As for my activity on here, I don't intend on playing many games at all during the summer. However I do want to give competing in shops another whirl since gifting shops died and I only enjoy the business aspect of shops on here lol
Mail me to catch up!
also it's crazy i came back the day of another attack, especially since I was on London Bridge and in Borough Market just yesterday :/


2 year anniversary!!

29 Oliviaxoxo, Dec 27, 2015

lmfao i completely forgot thank you for reminding me in mails!!
Was yesterday your tengaged aniversary?
The 26th of December?
another year on here wtf time to sort ma life out! but in a year had another TG meet up with tyler93 lewisc which i never ever thought would happen same thing next year boys! and met some new people who have become ma australian bros mattholder kbeastw but I'm still having to put up with smoothstalker12 GREAT
but thank you to you lot for keeping me on this site instead of doing boring stuff like studying for exams (and seriously for being there when there have been tough times this year thank you love you):
diamondsarentforever gurus
i hope by this time next year i will have finally played the only game left to do unless the site is most likely shut down LOL


I'll see you around TG

36 SmoothStalker12, Aug 25, 2015

(this is so long, sorry)
Edit: I'll only be inactive for like a month, then I'll log in once and a while and be more active on skype. Ask #LewisC for my kik if you need me
First off, I was hesitant to even make a blog about this since my friends tend to disappear without saying anything (Austyn, Brendan, Tyler & Sam), but I figured that it's best to let people know of my future absence.
When I first joined this website I was just a 16 year old with little knowledge of what I wanted to do with my life, and I would use this site as a place to escape from reality. Along the way I have met some amazing people who have changed my life and I am very thankful to consider them my friends.
Two years later here I sit, moving into college tomorrow, starting a new chapter in my life (cliche, I know). As much as I enjoy this website, I realized I need to stop caring about the little things on here and enjoy my college experience. I understand many people go to college and still use the website, but I need to just take a break from it and live my life, as well as figure out who I am. I'm moving away from family, close irl friends and TG to grow and "seek my great perhaps."
I'm not leaving forever, you may see me on to bet in a few weeks and say hi, but for now I will be done with games and logging out tomorrow for who knows how long.
The reason I'm blogging this today instead of tomorrow is for me to be able to talk to friends and find a way to stay in contact with them without skype or tg. If you're my pal, message me and I'll give you my kik or snapchat.
Love you all, thanks for the memories and see you soon :)
sihz > Fighterman
Oysterman11 even though you're gone
#WeeWee #Affinity #TheFam #RIPtheSGA
If you ever need me or need cheered up, hit me up and I'll try my best
tl;dr: seeya later *fades to grey*


Conspiracy = Confirmed

6 SmoothStalker12, Dec 31, 2014

1. Coffeybean94 stars with a C
2. LewisC ends in a C
3. The C in #LewisC stands for Coffey
4. #LewisCoffey and #Coffeybean94 have the same last name
5. They are long lost brothers



29 TheSexiestDude990, Nov 30, 2014

and I'll tell you who I like the most on the front page of your friend list (generic ik)
Delete2544 - ElectraViv
Lennon - LewisC
lexibear - Carsonl
#LewisC - Oliviaxoxo
TheBlackDog - Lachie227
dayum - It's really tough since I love all 5 of them but imma say turney1805
C00LDUDE1000 - damo1990
TheEclipse - I'm not gonna be that asshole that says myself, so SomebodyAwesome
likevines20 - Still not saying myself. Boots22
JonMcGillis - sahmosean
Tetsuya - Thumper91
#oliviaxoxo - #likevines20
Funnehliner - Myself jkjkjk ZIMY
SmoothStalker12 - Carlab1 it was close af
rawr121 - Wow there I am again hey umm Aesop
tommarkoliver - #MoooCoww
mminervini219 - #likevines20 is this even a question


TV STAR #421.5

42 Tyler93, Sep 30, 2014

**thanks to all the nice! supporting comments. I've read them all and appreciate each and every one of them** :)
TV Star eh? Finally! After about 1 year and 6 months, I’ve finally reached the milestone goal of achieving tv star. This is something I never expected to accomplish, and quite frankly, never something I even wanted to. I didn’t see the need in colouring up when I could already play almost all games being a red coloured tengager. But as time went on, I began to colour up for the sole purpose of earning more T$. All of which, would go towards gifting my countless friends that I owe my awesome experiences to :) Everyone that knows me knows that I had enough karma for TV Star when I was a red level. However, my phase of staying at red for about 6 months is what prolonged my tv star adventure. Now that I am finally ready, I am ready to click that button and make my final colour level purchase!
Lewisc and I decided to take this final step together. Lewis is my boy and has been one of my best friends since my early days on tengaged. That is why we decided that buying TV Star together would be a great way to celebrate how far we have come on this site, as well as how far we come as friends :) Be sure to check out Lewis' TV Star blog as well:
TV Stars 421 and 422!
Unfortunately, I am not going to write tributes about all of my friends that I have made on tengaged. However, I am going to tag those that have become my BEST of friends! Friends who I appreciate more than my time on here itself, friends who make my time enjoyable, friends who I know will always have my back regardless. A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone and all my supporters throughout my time on this website thus far :)
oliviaxoxo < 333
brenla < 3
#lewisc < 3
ados707  < 3
And to all my other friends who I haven’t tagged, but might possibly tag thereafter. TV Star here we come!!!! :)


Successful 200 games tributes!

16 Oliviaxoxo, Sep 1, 2014

Okay so better late than never what with getting distracted by family parties and going to see the baby but here they are!! I'm glad I could double all bets aaaaand have a fun game with some of my closest friends!:)
AstuteKestrel - Aweee we met in the game and you were really friendly! It was lovely to meet you but you didn’t speak much after which was a shame! Im glad you joined the frat and hopefully that’ll mean many more chances to get to know each other! ♥
Tommeh208 - you’re such a cutie!! You’ve got a really gentle personality and always seem really calm! Youre a funny person who is lovely to talk to especially when drunken tommy comes out!! ;) You have been sooo helpful to me with the frat, like writing that stars forum for people who have never been in the stars seat before! I really appreciated that kind effort Tommy and im so happy to have you with us in the frat since the very beginning! There is always fun to have when you’re around, like habbo!!:p you always watch out for friends in games and offer advice to others in their games!  You are an awesome friend who deserves nothing but the best, love you lots!!♥
JasonXtreme - We’ve only met really recently when you came back from you’re TG break and you are such a lovely person! Youre soo easy to talk to and I enjoy talking to you in mails!:) it was so kind of you to be so willing to help in a charity for someone you only just met but im sooo glad you did, despite you making us wish we were all in Hawaii too!!;) I hope it gave you a chance to meet new people and it was a great way to get to know you better! I hope we continue to talk because I can see us becoming really good friends, ily!:) ♥
solinne64 - Omg it was such a lovely surprise when you joined because i still thought you were living the wild life in Spain!! ;) it was sooo great to have you back with us because i missed you lots while you were gone! you're like my lil sister on here and I love our chats! youre a lovely friendly and beautiful girl Chloe and i love you lots!! I know you’ve been getting bored of TG recently but I really hope you don’t leave!:( I hope having this little break will make it back to how it was for you when you get back! You will be missed so much if you ever do leave and there will no longer be a French girl on TG (as far as i know of!!) ;o ♥
smoothstalker12 - Calvin you’re one of the funniest people ive come across! Youre sense of humour is amazing and I don’t even think you try hard!! Last night on habbo you were actually making me laugh out loooud with your comments, I feel sorry for the people on call that had to suffer hearing my laugh!!:p your sense of humour is only one of the many things I love about you! Youre such a kind person who is soo caring and always there when I need advice and to cheer me up! Our chats are soo weird and random lol I love it and I..

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