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Friends are a treasure in my heart

40 zachboy967, Mar 3, 2016

I've just bought gold & I'm so happy for all the friendship I've made old and new. I'm thankful for everyone putting up with me & being there me. I appreciate everyone helping along the way & giving me what I needed to achieve Gold.
PYN & I'll give you a very much detailed opinion.
Tagging some close friends;
#Willie_ [I tagged you cause why not]
Anyone else I missed please comment below. I'm grateful for all the help I've received
#Delete2544: I always see you on the blog page, and you seem pretty straight forward as you speak your mind which isn't a bad thing, and you seem nice also. Hope you had a great day
#Icarus_Mark: You're one of my favorites on this websites. Such a amazing person all around, and you really helped me through a rough patch. Thank you for everything you do.
#Hayden1: I don't really know well except we played a frookies together, but hope you're doing well!
#Typhlosion37: It honestly breaks my hear when you're sad. You're such an amazing person and you deserve the best that comes to come. Don't let anyone tell you what you aren't. They often judge you because they are insecure about their own self. Stay you because you're one of the nicest on here. I'm always here
#Willie_: Well I joined the survivor for you & your fellow castaways because I didn't want to see you lose your streak. I helped Kez before and I'll do it again. You're a really chill guy and one of the nicest on here. Thank you for talking to me again, hope you had an awesome day!
#Daniel123456,: You seem like a great person & I like talking to you so far.You're very interesting & a new friend I hope. I'm always here if you need to talk!
#PSULucky: You're such a chill guy and you make me laugh when we talk sometimes. You're a beast at survivor and bery nice guy. I'm glad I messaged you
again, you better skype me tonight :p
#blazer44: I just met you in a fasting long ago and we automatically clicked. Your blog games are very fun and keep me entertained. Glad I am your friend!
#DryIceBros: You're a funny dude for one, and you are really nice. Always tried to help me when I needed it and I'm grateful for that. Thank you!
#Tyler93: I can admit sometimes I get jealous about certain things but all in all you're a great friend and you should know that. You're always there to make me laugh, cheer me up, or jusst have a casual conversation. Tengaged needs more of you. Thank you Tyler!
#MitchTheMachine: You're one of my favorite on this site along with Tyler. You helped in my charity and I'm extremely grateful for that and I owe you back. Thank you always being there and helping me out.
#alyssaB: Awh you're the sweetest person ever, I love you. I remember you messaging when I got my top blog. We found we..



50 ghrocky100, May 2, 2015

And I'll give you a flat out opinion. No lies.
#tyler93 we haven't talked but you seem like a pretty cool dude :) mail me sometime
#oliviaxoxo you're a very sweet person and we should talk more
#justme sue! I'm glad I met you on here and thanks for trying to help my charity. Glad we're in tnna together! You're awesome
#rohanchaubey you were a bit weird the first time I met you, but you seem pretty chill after that
#bigbrotherdonny again another very nice person just walking around tengaged :) you act very much like Donny
#thumper91 Lauren! One of the sweetest people here. We should talk more
#jasonxtreme I know the username but not you. Let's talk sometimes :)
#skyler1822 same as jason
#tetsuya you're nice from what we can tell
#kyledile I know the name but we've never talked. We should :)
#getsomecoldcuts I know you very little
#marwane very nice guy. Like super nice
#westyman557 Ethan! My best bud! You're awesome and even though I sometimes get pissed at you we still get a barrel of laughs
#coolkat Natalie, like I said before, you're an angel. don't change plz
carlisle another very nice person. You're awesome to be around and very funny
calebjustleft I've seen you around but we've never talked. We should sometimes
prada I don't know you but id love to get to know you sometime
darriusdabest thanks for being a great friend :)
wannabeefriends you're an awesome person and a respectable friend :) my mississippi buddy
harrywasnak a very cool dude who I haven't talked to in a while. Talk to me sometime
amylou8251 amy my roleplay Buddy! Thanks for talking to me in fitn and thanks for being a great and hilarious person. We should talk out of game sometime :)
davidftw123 kinda like Harry. Talk to me sometime :)
typhlosion37 a pokemon guy like me, we've talk a couple times and id like to get to know ya more
smoothstalker12 Calvin! Haven't talked to you too much recently. You should message me on skype sometime :)
goodkaren like I said last night, my favorite yellow level. You're just so sweet to everyone
Danielledonato we've talked once and you're very nice and I wanna talk to you again :)
pureessence I've seen you around but haven't talked to you. We should talk some :)
amnesia_ The host of one of my favorite group games ever. thanks
forevermissprice Probably the nicest person on this site (unless its someone I cant remember) hmu sometime
Etienne We were friends a while back but I haven't talk to you in ages. :) (send giraffez in stars)
jessem Seen you around but haven't talked to you
danielleloves2000 same as jesse
#jermin119 you ruined my charity :/
survivorofthetocans a great friends who helps all my charities :)..

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