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remember when

1 gezyg33, Jan 1, 2016

unkown pretty much single handily took down #affinity


TV Star # 540

18 Brawley, Dec 27, 2015

I wanted to do this before 2016 starts and before my 2nd year anniversary to this website.
I'm not really that popular and I didn't really cause a big of a drama for people to know who I am.
I made 6th in Stars (evicted by algo tie) and irrelevant 16th.
and now I guess I'm the irrelevant TV Star #539.
Thank you for friends.
SexyTex JayElVeeIsBack Simpizzle Sam_Hamwich Fighterman Sarzzas ASupreme Thumper91 and so many more
Thank you for my frat.
#Affinity #TheFam
Not really much to say.
I have been MIA for the past couple of months. I have just been playing the long term games except casting and not I will just do bets and probably gift people.
Maybe the occasional HG and Stars.
It's been a fun (2years).
goodKaren - update the TV Star list pls. tyty
Message me for the +15s


well we kinda suck at guessing

8 macken, May 15, 2015

LordJza has failed to steal the seat1 min ago
Arris has failed to steal the seat10 hours 25 min ago
SmoothStalker12 has failed to steal the seat19 hours 1 min ago
JamieAndre has failed to steal the seat1 day 3 hours ago
JayElVeeIsBack has failed to steal the seat1 day 12 hours ago
ados707 has failed to steal the seat1 day 21 hours ago
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Jimmytv has failed to steal the seat3 days 14 hours ago
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oops #affinity
oliviaxoxo its time for new members! LOL jk



4 Realchance, Apr 12, 2015

is #Affinity even a thing. They preach loyalty but them hoes aint loyal. They are one of the worst frat on the site and really should consider disbanding since all they are is bullies.
Edit: A vast majority of them whom I have encountered not all.
Additionally #GingerNation is the Most Degrading and Disappointing Frat.


We all know

7 Johneh, Apr 12, 2015

that Oliviaxoxo's frat #Affinity is full of sheep because she's from North Wales and therefore must be a sheep farmer so she's just translating her real life experience to Tengaged. :)
EDIT: To those that don't know where Wales is/that Wales only consists of sheep: this is a joke, I live in Wales too...


These Frats

2 Westyman557, Apr 11, 2015

Have been around since I joined


★14 Brandt - Brandt69

9 yoshicoolman, Apr 5, 2015

All of you have to keep up to my misery and it is all going to change. I never did a New Year’s Revise List and now that it is spring, I feel like I need to change shit up. I am seeing all the damage I have caused and I will now list this in my blog. I was banned for three days and all I did was think about what I have done and what to change. With the help of JayElveeIsBack, JamieAndre, and #Affinity, I have noticed somethings people need.
First of I need to mention sorry for DeshonBannedIsBack for saying everything I said. I said some hurtful stuff because you ruined my charity, but that is not an excuse. I am sorry for calling you dirt and everything I have said. I am also sorry to Jinxh for everything.
Next, I am sorry to hints and Shonaynay for “spamming” you out of stars. I sent no messages to anyone. I am in a chat with a bunch of people and we were talking about Stars and I said who I was evicting because you either have been mean or been rude in the past. They all evicted you and I am sorry you got some votes against you. Just letting you know #Shonaynay. I did not send MagicDuck any messages. So this is why I shouldn’t even feel bad, but I did something bad.
Next, something I need to change, is spamming. I was introduced to NEW TIPS ^_^ that made spamming easier for ME and easier to YOU! I have developed a new website that TELLS ME who I have spammed and haven’t spammed. This will limit how many times you will get my spam. I know you say “it is annoying” but you will no longer complain. Yes, it will facilitate less spam but if you get once or more, I am sorry. I am just trying to help my friends get shops and not to end up turning like mine, since everyone remembers how much of a waste of time that was.
Next, my attitude towards people. This can be thanked by EliotWhi. I feel like I am being mean and rude to my friends and everyone. This is hurtful to hear, but now I am trying to help in any way possible. If you need a charity to fill, I can help. If you need a new friend, just add my skype. I want to meet new people and rebuild friendships with baza76, FighterMan, and even jojo7784. Yes, I understand I am a horrible person in hunger to some people. It shows my bad side. But I will NEVER let a game break our friendship. Just tell me that and I will stop being mad.
I have nothing else to say but these will change my character and how people see me and not some 13 year old who is not mature and is shit. I am sorry to Zachbbs for everything, I do not cheat and if you can’t believe me, I am sorry but you just need to stop holding this grudge.
And for everyone being banned, you shouldn't cheat even though #ohhayy probably didn't cheat but... this is how it will go until Tengaged_Moderation can access his account.


ik this is like 2 weeks old

0 RasCity, Mar 31, 2015

but isnt the #affinity frat/cult accusations or w.e the same claims that #TheRebels or #Chaos frat/cult thing only with higher levels and relevant people and whatnot


A Top Blog would be nice

33 JayElVeeIsBack, Mar 23, 2015

For health so I will do
For every 20 points I will say something I believe about tengaged or a user on tengaged
20 - DanielleDonato is a man
40 - Gagaluv smokes a lot of weed thats why she is so creative
60 - #Affinity is proclaimed a cult because we develop relationships that other people get jealous of
80 - 70% of the site is atheist
100 - 90% of tengagers don't appreciate or even listen to rock music
120 - Sprtsgy1989 knows nothing about sports because he likes the Eagles
140 - A lot of users are under 14
160 - PurpleCows has slept with 3 tengagers LOL jk but there has been atleast 100+ tengaged meet ups and I bet atleast 75% of them were awkward
180 - A majority of tengaged never watched the show Breaking Bad
200 - There is less then 100 straight guys on tengaged
220 - 25% of tengagers take this site way to seriously
240 - Cromatique has done over 100 Random.ORG Stars
260 - Yoshicoolman spams each tengagers each spam that he spams a minimum of 3 times
280 - Atleast 50% of tengagers have some kind of social disorder
300 - There is only 2 straight guys in the HOF
320 - If a user has “their” name in their username and its a girls name theres an 80% chance its really a guy
340 - Johneh is in the tengaged illuminati
360 - BBLover96 is addicted to frookies
380 - #Gaiaphage is back as GaiaphageJr or some other form of Gaiaphage
400 - All the top mergers together spent 5 years total merging in survivor
420 - MikeRORO is actually only 17 but is lying to make people think he is older
440 - Thumper91 is secretly a devious person in real life and feels like she has to make up for it on tengaged
460 - There is over 300 active TV Stars on tengaged (on a weekly basis)
480 - The average bamold hunger lasts 3 days always considerably the longest cycle
500 - Lucinda didn't care about losing his shop in fact he celebrated that he didnt have to gift back all the people he owed
520 - The Average usage of tengaged per user is 10 months
540 - There is only 20 max Bad Ass Stoner Boys on tengaged
560 - Only about 20 tengagers live within reasonable driving distance of each other
580 - 85% of tengagers are virgins
600 - Over dramatically Owlb0ned said I bullied her off tengaged when in reality the last time I spoke with her I was praising her for shooting a certain person out of hunger


♛ Affinity ♛

24 JasonXtreme, Mar 22, 2015

Neg me but idc
I'm a Proud member of #Affinity and will always be.
Affinity has never done anything to you so I dont see why you guys are hating on our frat and Oliviaxoxo. She is probably the nicest person on this site, and I stand by that. I respect and am grateful for her to welcome me into her amazing frat. Have you guys ever wondered why she is so respected by us? Well shes a great person and shes treats each of us as family just like we do the same for her. Affinity is like my tengaged family so if your hating on my frat then your hating directly towards me. You might think its sad to have an online family? Well I can proudly say they are cause we talk to frat mates everyday in skype chats, and theres always a positive atmosphere there! :) But then again this is my opinion, but this is also from my experience cause I was welcomed into the frat almost half a year ago and I have never looked back since! I have enjoyed talking to my frat mates regularly and having a lot of fun! I get why you guys might hate, but like I find this frat as a great place to be and theres no frat Id rather be :) #Affinity
Lastly this is frat is not a cult, this is a frat where everyone respects each other and nothing but respect. But in a family there may be disagreements, but we got no place for hate in this frat. Disrespect to a frat you know nothing about is ridiculous, so I'm just gonna say as a frat member no matter what HATE you send to us it will not go anywhere near or heads, BECAUSE we know who we are. And EVERY SINGLE Affinity member I consider a bro or sis to me on this site, and if you think that's ridiculous, I might've as well before I joined Affinity, but the quality and personality of each one of them is special and we are just one big FAMILY :)
JasonXtreme has failed to steal the seat3 hours 14 min ago
JasonXtreme has failed to steal the seat27 min ago
JasonXtreme has failed to steal the seat4 days 22 hours ago
[6:18:05 PM] jamie andre: we’re in frat seat game! and jason guesses wrong...
[7:40:51 PM] Johnny: JasonXtreme has failed to steal the seat1 hour 25 min ago
[7:40:52 PM] Johnny: typical
[6:00:01 PM] Christos (Χρήστος): jason
[6:00:03 PM] Christos (Χρήστος): being useless
[6:00:06 PM] Christos (Χρήστος): like usual
[5:50:53 PM] Julian: Let Jason guess
[5:50:56 PM] Julian: What's the worst that could happen?
[5:50:58 PM] Julian: ...oh wait
[5:51:01 PM] Jason Hates the Habs: Im so bad
[5:51:07 PM] Jason Hates the Habs: at guessing (wasntme)
[5:51:09 PM] Alex (Miracle Monroe): I could do it lol
[5:51:14 PM] Julian: Ye Jason we all know that
[5:51:15 PM] Alex (Miracle Monroe): want me to do it if I am still on :P
[5:51:22 PM] Julian: Well Alex you certainly can't be worse than jason
[6:02:03 PM] Jason Hates the Habs: or CYA?
[6:02:09 PM] Jason Hates the Habs: what do you think about CYA
[6:02:17 PM] Johnny ̿'..



15 JasonXtreme, Feb 20, 2015

THANKS 54.1%! Algo got me!
So love ya Algo
But yeah I wanna say thanks for
an Amazing journey I just want to take a moment and say thanks :)
Hey guys I just wanted to send my thanks to all you guys in #Affinity :) its been amazing that you guys had my back this entire week :) Stars has been sure hella ride! This might be the end of this wonderful tengaged changing experience so I just wanna say thanks to all you guys! I think of everyone of you as a brother and a sister to me on tengaged! You guys really make my day everyday, and you guys are the reason im on Tengaged :) I love all of you guys (no homo) as good friends and family! Honestly without you guys I dont know where I would be. Probably chilling with a 17th place haha! :) Just know I really appreciated everything you guys have done this week, because there was a lot of tough things to surpass :) But at the end of this week I can say I did it all :) Stars was great and I wanna say A HUGE THANK YOU :) BECAUSE THIS MIGHT BE THE END OF MY JOURNEY IN STARS 327! :)
Also Im very thankful of being apart of this AMAZING CAST :) This is a game I will never forget! As a noob I've always dreamed of playing stars! and it finally happened! :') This game has been crazy! From the start to now! I might have not talked to everyone in this cast but it has been fun playing with you guys! :) I really enjoyed the experience! And to all my fallen friends, I really wish you were here cause you guys really gave me a bag full of memories to take with me :)
LASTLY I wanna SAY A HUGE THANKS to the people that have supported me this week! You dont know how crazy and amazing your support has been! Im sorry to disappoint you guys by getting nommed this many times :'( but yeah I wanna thank each and everyone of you that said "GL in Stars" in mails or "saved"  or any other positive message :) You guys really made this game something to remember and opened my eyes to how welcoming this community is! :) Im really thankful god bless you all :)
But as of now this note is if I do leave I wanna say Thank you everyone for a great week :) I might say thanks one more time to the people that saved me but besides that Thank you :) Love ya guys GL I'll go out in class night guys :)
Tagging some people that I really appreciated support from
#Affinity - You guys are great :) I dont think id rather call any other frat my frat.
And All my other friends and..


Bye tg

43 likevines20, Feb 17, 2015

When I joined this site I was bored. I just moved to this town. The things that have happened over the year and a half has been amazing.
I met the love of my life
I met friends on here
But it is my time to say goodbye. I know many people are going to be sad by this but many will be happy. The reasons I joined this site are no longer true and it is time for me to work on my real life.
My kik is likevines20
And my snapchat is likevines21
I will be on here till my crooks ends
Tagging some people but if I don't tag you, it means I have a bad memory.



3 Delete2544, Feb 14, 2015



Frat Seat!

19 Rocker917, Feb 7, 2015

I'll been selected as the Affinity representative for this week's Stars! This has been the game I was most excited to play in since I joined Tengaged in 2010 and dreamed of playing it the few years I took off. Thank you so much Tyler93 Oliviaxoxo and all of the #Affinity frat :) Let's see if I can bring home the win for you guys! I pray I will at least last a little while in this game and I even planned my day around being around for stars enrollment :P
Good luck to everyone trying to join tonight! And for all of tengaged, expect to see Vlogs and bad rapping this week ;)


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