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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Adam

Joined Tengaged on February 18, 2013


❤️ Christos
❤️ John

I am fluent in three languages: English, Sarcasm, and Profanity.


"Adam you have become one of if not my best friend on this and you are one of my favorite people, even though it took 2 times meeting you for you to like me (asshole) you are literally the same person as me in our mutual hatred for people you are so much fun to talk to and you're one of the only people on here that always has my back no matter what and I will always be there for you as well :) you may be a bitch but you're my bitch <3" -#Coffeybean94

"I love you so much, you're such a great person and I'm so lucky to have you as one of my best friends on this site, that has kept their promise of staying with me through everything. And honestly I can't thank you enough for always being here for me having my back. You're such a strong person and I really look up to that because you inspire me that I can get through whatever gets thrown at me. I just wanted to show you a little apperciation because I'm truly thankful for such amazing loyal best friend like you in my life. I love you. P.s you're hot BFF." -#Kaylabby

"Oreo man you're the BOMB! We cuddled, we laughed, we backstabbed, we won. If I had to call the winners, it would be me and you! You're a great player and an awesome guy."- #ZachRanceEgo

"Adam: I cannot thank you enough for being an awesome person! :) We for sure will have to meet up in real life! I <3 you bro!" -#MonkeyBoy94

"~Adam- Hey! Your a really good and nice frat mate that recently joined! Im happy you SNAGGED A SPOT in our frat cause your a very welcoming and lively guy! Also your really nice and fun to talk to :) and your EXTREMELY cool and your
dog and my dog should hooke up."-#SmoothStalker12

"adam <3 youre absolutely adorable and we need to talk more! youre a total sweetie with a heart of gold and your humor is perf bb (p.s. ur hot ;))" -#PureEssence

"My main hoe adam < 3333 You are a great dude and VERY entertaining so yea love you man and stay in touch :*" -#christossss

"Adaaaam bae i think youre absolutely lovely and like full of energy, youre always so positive:P"-#Oliviaxoxo

"Adam! You are such a good guy, you always bring a great vibe to chats and you always just can't stop the partyyyy, bro your like a chat party animal! You a very nice and I love chatting with you in Affinity and you are just an overall top guy." -#JasonXtreme

Seitter's Survivor: Paraguay- CANCELLED
KidA's Survivor: Wild West- 15th place
BHD's Survivor: Maldives- 15th place
BHD's Survivor: Micronesia (Fans v.s. Favorites)- 4th place
Suitman's Survivor: Great Britain- Runner Up
Suitman's Survivor: New Zealand- 16th place
Avatar's Survivor: Madagascar- 9th place
Chill's Survivor: Pearl Islands- Runner Up
Survivor's Survivor: Canada- 3rd place
Survivor's Survivor: Jiuzhaigou Valley- 15th place
Survivor's Survivor: All-Stars- 15th place
Karo's Survivor: Miami- 14th place
Ryan's Survivor: Fiji- 11th place
Ryan's Survivor: China- 7th place
Wangy's Survivor: The Canadian Wilderness- 11th place
Wangy's Big Brother: Power Trip- 4th place
LS Survivor: Gambia- 7th place
Cole's Survivor: Dominica- 3rd place
Nick9811's Survivor: Blood v.s. Water- 10th place
EddieDee's Survivor: Exile Island- 6th place
Ryan_Jambe's Survivor: Bora Bora- 5th place
Fowler's Survivor: Tahiti- 9th place
Spatt's Survivor: Hawaii- 13th place
Janelle's Survivor: Finland- 18th place
DW's Survivor: Italy- 18th place
Ismail's Survivor: Cagayan- 9th place
Survivor: Island of Champions- 35th place
Drago's Survivor: Oman- 18th place
LoganWorm's Survivor: Costa Rica- 9th place
Toppei's Survivor: Gemini- 6th place
Nat's Survivor: Japan- 14th place
Nathan's Survivor: Greenland- 5th place
Leli's Survivor: Socotra (Trial of Trust)- 14th place
Leli's Survivor: Grenada (Anarchy Island)- 13th place
NJ's Survivor: Blood vs. Water- 19th place
Tuter's Survivor: Yemen- 6th place
Link's Survivor: Peru- 8th place
Bingo's Survivor: Tuvalu- 12th place
Josh's Big Brother 1- 6th place
Immaxyman's Big Brother: UK- 3rd place
Kpnna's Big Brother 11: A Big Brother Christmas- 9th place
Kpnna's Big Brother 12: The Puppet Master- 3rd place
Kpnna's Big Brother 14: Redemption- 21st place
Kpnna's Big Brother 15: All-Stars 3- 10th place
Big Brother: New York- 16th place
Laurenjade's Platinum Big Brother 7- 16th place
Euro's Big Brother 2- 13th place
Andie's Big Brother 1: 15th place
Talian's Big Brother 4: World Tour- 5th place
Ramanik's Big Brother 6: Cold War- Winner
JJ's Big Brother 5: High School- 15th place
WitZ's Big Brother 4: 10th place
Coco's Big Brother 1: Meet and Greet- 8th place
Lyon's Big Brother 2: In the Mix- 5th place
MunkeyBoy's Hunger Games (District 3): 5th place
TTRS 17 The Hunger Games (District 5): 20th place
TTRS 34 The Challenge: Free Agents- 12th place
Blatastic's 46th Annual Hunger Games (District 6): 11th place
Blatastic's 63rd Annual Hunger Games (District 7): 14th place
Blatastic's 76th Annual Hunger Games (Capitol): 2nd place
Stun's 16th Annual Hunger Games (District 1): 11th place
Janelle's X-Factor Season 10: Eliminated
Zach's The Chamber: CANCELLED


"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." -AG

My Games 362 games played

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