Distant Arcadia

In the year 2145, Alicia Gunn determined that life as we know it was doomed. National tension was at an all time high, with nuclear threat quickly escalating.

Being the highly revered scientist that she was, Alicia got into contact with as many illusive resources as possible in order to give humanity one more shot, one last shot. She organized an alliance consisting of the top scientist, engineers, soldiers, and any other brilliant individuals that she could get into contact with. The Extinction Circumvention Force was quickly formed, often referred to as the E.C.F.

The E.C.F's goal was to traverse the unknown and find a new home within the stars. Brilliants minds around the world brain stormed ways to make this dream a reality. Space travel was slow, and hardly developed. Mars colonization was proven to be unsuccessful multiple times in the past, and Alicia was not about to use what she believed to be humanities last chance on a false hope of a planet. She wanted a fresh start, somewhere far away were Earth and it's constant conflict would be left behind. She wanted a one way trip.

After non-stop working over several grueling months, hope became a reality. The E.C.F made huge strides in cryogenic technology, and developed ways to keep people asleep indefinitely. Astrologists set their sights on a distant Solar System within the Milky Way. The E.C.F had their target.

Shrouded in secrets, the E.C.F discreetly contacted individuals around the world. These individuals were offered a haven, a new start, on the condition that they had to leave everyone they loved behind. The willing participants were put on numerous space fleets and frozen to sleep.

Roughly 90,000 years later, and the new colonist have awoken to something they could have never prepared for. Alicia Gunn opened her eyes to see that their numerous ships were docked at an alien hub. This hub served as the home for numerous different species. The technology on this station was more advanced than any technology that was back at home. After being equipped with an intergalactic translator, Alicia was able to explain to the leaders of this hub who she was, and what the goal of her people were.

Hesitantly, humans were allowed to live on this station, but their place among these new species were quickly established. Humans were at the bottom of a highly flawed hierarchy, with many being sold into slavery and living in extreme poverty. Alicia Gunn died, never seeing the dream she hoped for.

Roughly 200 years later and the social hierarchy has not even come close to changing. Despite this sameness, something behind the scenes begins to stir. Something dark that will change everything.

Perhaps Alicia's goal of escaping destruction is another one of her dreams to die.

Olivia “Liv” Sweeney - Ajathekween
Aurora Ryans - turkeylover
Trey Beckham - bigdizzleyomama
Rowan Rastelli - Symmetry888
Husain Asrif - Kgamer2218
Ophelia Blackwood - Maya10
Amber Dragon - SeaViper
Kan Ji-Hyun - PennyTrationStan
Dex Larkin - spinfur
Japan Makiroll - camell22
Red San-Li - dawnpeacly
Aiden Greenwich - Logie56
Tarve - MudkipzFTW

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Distant Arcadia

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