Life After

📓My name is Rose Zavala.
On October 23, 2017 a nuclear bomb was launched and successfully hit near Los Angles, California. My abuelito Jose, my older brother Joey, and I all survived the attacked in my abuelito’s bunker. We are also in here with a group of strangers we found along the way and helped out.
We have been in here for two and a half weeks. I’m scared and I know everyone in here is as well. Most won’t admit it to out loud. Supplies are running low and in turn tensions are running high. My abuelito says it should be safe to leave the bunker without fear of being exposed to fallout or radiation.
We have no idea what we are going to find when we get out of here. What new world we will have to adapt to? Will we even be able to survive? Are we all just postponing are inevitable deaths or will we be able to salvage any part of what used to be our old familiar and comfortable lives? I guess we are about to find out.

This is our story. This is a group of strangers who endured through what was meant to a catastrophic attack and are heading into what might be an uninhabitable environment.
This is our life after.

Joey Zavala |Kenu67| {23}
Jose Zavala |Kenu67| {62}
Dakota Lake |dvs194| {20}
Korey Brentwood |KOKidd| {26}
Natasha Sparrow |_ivyyy_445| {25}
Sherry Lee Nixon |Finnick| {36}
Kody Hathaway |WestTemp| {10}
Jhin Faulton |Tizian| {25}
Ana Sofia Reyes |CrazyExGirlfriend| {10}
“Mary” |Missalice3| {30}
JJ Lawrence |BrainJak| {23}
Laverne Sylvestre |Cyrus| {29}
Breanna Lorgen |aria_grande| {26}
Rose Zavala |Kenu67| {20}
Axel Jagger |IceBear| {40}
Elijah Richmond |RyanAndrews| {24}
Robert Murphy |CHAEL| {47}
Jennifer Queen |Kenu67| {37}

X Dead X
Regina Lam |bigdizzleyomama| {22}
Tracy Young |MaggieWong| {66}
Jayson Oliver |coolkat| {15}
Wario Warui |pikaplayer| {44}
Lio Alvarez |TykerV| {26}
Charlotte O’Hara |Mitsuki| {27}
Dennis Wales |coolexchangestudent| {26}
Ellie Britschgi |JennaValentina| {16}
Dave Wyatt |cjphoenix| {23}

:Episode 1: [“Life Before the Bang”]
:Episode 2: [“Eighteen Days Under”]
:Episode 3: [“Savage Road”]
:Episode 4: [“Sin City”]
:Episode 5: [?]

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Gleeks S1-4, Dark Days S1-3, S7-9, Detention Squad
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